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NX-OS Emulator Titanium Build 5.1(2) VMware Image

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  1. NX-OS Emulator Titanium Build 5.1(2) VMware Image
  3. NX-OS Emulator Titanium Build 5 1(2) VMware Image| Size : 95.20MB
  4.  Description
  5. NX-OS is a network operating system designed by Cisco Systems for their own Nexus-series Ethernet switches and MDS-series Fibre Channel storage area network switches. NX-OS is designed to support high performance, high reliability server access switches used in the data center. NX-OS evolved from the Cisco MDS operating system, SAN-OS. SAN-OS was originally developed for the MDS line of switches.[1]
  6. _http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NX-OS
  7. Just a quick one today. VMware Workstation has the ability to attach serial ports to virtual machines and guest operating systems such as Vyatta use the /dev/ttyS0 serial port as a console port, allowing you to simulate administering the system “headless”. One situation you may want to use this in is when you’re trying to copy screen text output for a blog :P . (more...)
  8.   ===== extabit =====
  9. http://extabit.com/file/28ck9rb2nz34o/2012211261619_52638.zip.rar
  10.  ===== rapidgator =====
  11. http://rapidgator.net/file/64573809/2012211261619_52638.zip.rar.html
  12.  ===== netload =====
  13. https://netload.in/dateinDQkAmXt11/2012211261619_52638.zip.rar.htm
  15. Download Links are Availabe at http://www.tactools.org/nx-os-emulator-titanium-build-5-12-vmware-image/
  16.  www.tactools.org
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