Making Patterns & Designing Clothes

Jun 28th, 2015
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  17. WITH the aid OF gerber AccuMark pattern design, grading AND typesetting software, can you model AND layout OF the chart TO the storage OF electronic documents, AS far AS possible TO reduce losses during a disaster.
  18. Speed up the typesetting, save money. FOR easy code. Improve collaboration WITH colleagues AND suppliers.
  20. AccuMark pattern design, grading, AND typesetting software
  21. Used IN the clothing AND fashion industry design, grading, AND the example OF intelligent software SYSTEM OF the format/layout.
  26. USE the AccuMark typesetting FUNCTION, users can CREATE NEW typesetting figure OR edit existing typesetting figure TO deal WITH design change OR the change OF the fabric width. AS the discharging figure progress TO CHECK the utilization rate OF fabric. WITH the help OF the powerful typesetting software, you can get ALL the information needed TO follow-up activities, including how many fabrics, typesetting figure LONG TO discharge, waste material quantity, AND so ON. IF you want more simplified layout WORK, need TO ADD the AccuNest gerber? Software, it can be 24 hours a DAY, automatically typesetting, analysis OF multiple layout options AND SELECT the most effective layout diagram.
  28. WITH AccuMark software, template designer TO interactively OR automatically generated FROM measurement specification template. AccuMark software NOT only accelerate the typesetting process AND save material, it can also reduce labor costs. BY referencing the existing grading rule base, simplify the grading process. BY grading FOR the multiple samples TO speed up the process. AccuMark template design software allows you TO internal colleagues AND global supplier OF the local language WITH details about the model AND layout diagram. USING AccuMark, you can also TO supply the model WITH pictures, sketches AND specific SIZE AND other details.
  29. TO CREATE the most effective layout diagram.
  31. FOR those who have just started USING the computer aided design (CAD) model OF the USER, you can USE GERBERdigitizer XLd manual read automatic SYSTEM OR AccuScan figure SYSTEM IN AccuMark read easily existing physical model IN the SYSTEM.
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