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  1. In the lookout the Guardian was talking with his Assistant
  2. Dende was thinking about the fate of Earth and how he failed in protecting the saiayns from the first  Guardian, he had to find another way to protect Earth.
  3. Dende felt a Disturbance in the force, the worst crisis in years is coming to earth,
  4. His Assistant suggested training Humans, but  Dende refused knowing that even the strongest saiyan failed at defeating the evil one.
  5. Dende thought fast and decided to use a forbidden skill,
  6. Earth's last hope.
  8. He left the room with his Assistant after making a shenron model
  9. Dende  Powers up and Screams "ARISE SHENRON!!!" a lightning struck Dende as  the sky got dark, Dende`s Assistant brought shenron model. seven magical orbs were created around the  globe.
  12. ", You have to collect the seven magical orbs" "Said Dende,  "Why are you still here? Get going"
  15. Dende's Assistant leaves the floating lookout in quest for power after helping in the creation of  the seven magical orbs known as the "Dragon Balls"
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