Agano's Admiral Diary [Typeset]

Feb 28th, 2016
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  1. Agano's Admiral Diary translation
  2. From
  4. >Really now!! | Agano-nee just dropped her rigging equipment again.
  5. >How many times have I told her!
  6. >Snore--
  7. >S... | she's already fallen sleep...
  8. >[Admiral Diary <3]
  9. >[Agano] >Admiral dairy....?
  10. >..... | N.... Nono....
  11. >I can't look at this kind of thing.
  12. >Well, even though peeking isn't right...
  13. >[Badump badump...]
  14. >Sorry, Agano-nee...
  16. >November 20th | My first time being the Admiral-san's secretary ship!
  17. >Agano has decided to give it her all in order to do her part for the Admiral! | From here on out, I will start taking down a diary!
  18. >Salute!
  19. >...As mentioned above, I was so excited that i couldn't fall asleep, and as a result,
  20. >I overslept on day one.... | by about two hours.
  21. >Though the Admiral forgave me, laughing after I apologized profusely.
  22. >[Sorry!!]
  23. >Eh?! She got off so easy!! (noshiro)
  24. >I won't discuss this any further!
  25. >He seems to be treating Agano like a bit of an idiot!
  26. >....a bit?
  27. >Well....I understand. | IT's not like there's anything pressing going on at the moment.
  28. >I have to protest against this!
  29. >I must make him know the power of his newest elite warship!
  30. >[Clench x2...]
  31. >It's nothing. It's nothing.
  33. >Truly, the first impression is the most important, whether in work or in meetings! | In accordance to that, I immediately gave the Admiral a sound lecture!
  34. >Thanks in no small part to my hard work, the Admiral was made to realize Agano's excellence. | As the Commander, that's only to be expected!
  35. >................ | The Admiral doesn't have it easy either.
  36. >But after this, Admiral-san
  37. >Treated me to Anmitsu at Mamiya's.
  38. >So I forgave him!
  39. >[Ahhhhhhh~]
  40. >Truly, food tastes the best after hard work!
  41. >The Admiral sure is clever! | Forced into a corner, he could only bribe me with Anmitsu!
  42. >[Haha...]
  43. >Because of this, | I'm going to sleep extra early for the Admiral-san's sakes!
  44. >I am the secretary ship, after all!
  46. >November 25th | In the morning, I went to Admiral=san's office to take a look.
  47. >I figured she'd be late again...
  48. >And I ran into Yahagi, reporting for her first time!
  49. >The third sister of the of the new, elite Agano-class Light Cruisers!
  50. >So you are Agano-nee?
  51. >That is to say, she's Agano's sister.
  52. >She gives offa reliable aura. | As her older sister, I truly feel proud!
  53. >[Ohhhhh!]
  54. >Pleased to meet you!
  55. >But, I still kind of feel
  56. >that we have met before, even if this is our first meeting.
  57. >Why is this...
  58. >As expected of myself, to have noticed this!
  59. >I'll be in your care, Yahagi!
  60. >Cool and Suave!
  61. >As the coolest Older sister and as a Senpai,
  62. >You can call me Nee-san if you want!
  63. >Eh....ah, alright....
  64. >I have to guide her well! | I can't wait!
  66. >December 1st | My first time training with Yahagi!
  67. >I'll be in your care, Yahagi!
  68. >Likewise!
  69. >Since I'm a senpai of the same class, I shall take on the duties of guiding her.
  70. >I'll demonstrate for you. | Just follow my movements!
  71. >Noshiro, she
  72. >Really.... | Such a rare chance to show the power of the eldest sister
  73. >[Hah, hah]
  74. >[woosh, woosh]
  75. >But Yahagi, she
  77. >Evade!
  78. >Yes!
  79. >Quickly adapts to any obstacle and learns every skill before her.
  80. >[Shocked]
  81. >Even Agano is shocked!
  82. >Is it because Noshiro taught her well?
  83. >Not bad at all. It isn't easy stuff, you know!
  84. >....that is to say, | Agano, who was the one who taught Noshiro, is truly an excellent teacher!
  85. >Truly, this is the case!
  86. >[But I was the first to assume duty here...]
  87. >As expected of myself!
  89. >December 13th | Yahagi failed a sortie for the first time.
  90. >Because she was sortieing with Yamato-san, she got overly excited.
  91. >Although Yahagi looks reliable on first sight,
  92. >But even she sometimes makes her mistakes.
  93. >As an older sister, I have to comfort her
  94. >Yahagi!
  95. >Agano-nee....
  96. >Anyhow, in order to calm her nerves,
  97. >Everyone fails once in a while.
  98. >I brought everyone a lot of trouble when I first started to!
  99. >I told her a few of my experiences!
  100. >And then, Yahagi, she
  101. >Agano-nee, thank you....
  102. >I'm fine now.
  103. >Although she said that, is she really okay....?
  105. >Just as I was thinking that,
  106. >...Is it okay if I sit here?
  107. >Yamato....
  108. >As I was leaving, Yamato-san appeared to have followed over as well.
  109. >Although it's a good thing that Yahagi's spirits are revived,
  110. >Huh?
  111. >But, hold on?
  112. >Ahaha
  113. >Isn't her response a little different from the one she had with me?
  114. >Compared to my comfort, does Yamato's concern make her even happier? >Is Yamato-san more of a sister to her than Agano?!
  115. >This is....
  116. >As the older sister, I can't give up here!
  117. >[ps (Noshiro): It was I who came to this base first, I!]
  119. >December 14th | as stated before, today,
  120. >I will be observing Yamato-san in order to learn how to be a proper older sister.
  121. >10 in the morning.
  122. >I found Yamato in Admiral-san's office.
  123. >She seemed to be saying a lot of difficult words.
  124. >Considering the danger, the Northern dispatch....
  125. >Well, among our more experienced ships, there's....
  126. >As expected, an older sister needs to wake up early...
  127. >12 Noon.
  128. >Admiral, time for lunch!
  129. >This curry is the pride of the Yamato hotel!
  130. >Yamato-san made lunch for the Admiral.
  131. >Yamato-san's appetite is huge, as expected of a huge battleship!
  132. >Ahh....I'm not a hotel!
  133. >As an older sister, an older sister needs to eat huge lunches after all!
  134. >2 in the Afternoon
  135. >Even Yamato-san is starting to doze.
  136. >After finishing lunch, Agano generally wants to sleep too.
  137. >Evening, 6 pm
  138. >Yamato-san finishes the remaining work with the Admiral.
  139. >Please convey this to all the other ships.
  140. >understood.
  141. >Mm! My condition is perfect at this time too! | As the newest elite, if I show my true potential, I definitely won't lose!
  143. >Evening, 10 pm | Yamato-san is in the docks....rather, she's taking a bath!
  144. >Although she's usually wearing chest armor, what's remains is still truly befitting of a Battleship!
  145. >[squish squish]
  146. >But in this area, too, Agano has a lot of confidence!
  147. >Look! The body of a thousand trials!
  148. >Even the Admiral would be knocked breathless at the sight!
  149. >[rub] [rub]
  150. >Actually, I might get knocked breathless by this sight as well.....
  151. >Evening, 11 PM
  152. >It looks like today's work has concluded.
  153. >Goodnight, Admiral!
  154. >Ahhh, | Thanks for your work!
  155. >I'm beat! | So Agano is going to sleep as well!
  156. >Hm...I was thinking before bed.
  157. >The stuff she does doesn't seem that different from what Agano does. | To put it simply, do I just need to wake up early?
  158. >Is that it...
  159. > head hurts.
  161. >March 2nd | Today, the three of us sisters all have today off.
  162. >So we all decided to get lunch together!
  163. >By the way, Sakawa.....
  164. >Without really noticing, we started discussing our youngest sister, Sakawa.
  165. >Ehh.......?
  166. >Sakawa is our sister?
  167. >Yep | although she hasn't taken up duties here yet.
  168. >Agano-nee and I haven't seen her yet.
  169. >[eating like it has nothing to do with you......although it's not that important.]
  170. >Has Yahagi seen Sakawa before?
  171. >Yep, I've met her.
  172. >Even though that's true as ships, I still can't imagine how she looks as a shipgirl.
  173. >Hm~
  174. >She must be like Agano | Super cute, with galmorous proportions and a gentle demeanor!
  175. >[Sakawa Concept Art, t. Agano]
  176. >Agano nee-sama....
  178. >Yeah, it'd be quite a shock for everyone around us if she were like Agano-nee.
  179. >Right?
  180. >Agano has finally seen my appeal, then~ | Really, it took yo so long.
  181. >Yes, yes | Right, it's my fault, sorry, Agano-nne.
  182. >To see things in that kind of light to this extent is a skill in itself...
  183. >Regarding Sakawa,
  184. >She wasn't able to sortie one last time with me, so.....
  185. >[Yahagi-chan, I didn't get to sortie with you either....]
  186. >She must have felt lonely.
  187. >It might not be right to say "as a replacement,", | but this time, allow me to take care of you.
  188. >Ehhh---
  189. >She definitely learned that from Yahagi......
  190. >Confidence!
  192. >April 6th | On the way back from the bathroom
  193. >[yawn]
  194. >Mmm
  195. >I found Yahagi, in the throes oa nightmare!
  196. >Yahagi's in dream trouble!
  197. >Uuu....
  198. >N....o.....
  199. >This is Agano's moment!
  200. >As fellow sisters in the New Elites, I should be able to enter her dreams and help her!
  201. >Haaaah..... haaaah
  202. >Right now, Nee-san will save you!
  203. >Yahagi ate too much, so it seems like her throat is clogged up.
  204. >It's great that I can help her!
  205. >Ah, also | in the dream I got to eat.....some kind of meat between bread?
  206. >[nom nom]
  207. >THank you Agano-nee! | I'll give you a burger!
  208. >it was really good <3
  210. >Even though I did that, Noshiro lectured me hard once I woke up.
  211. >I was late to my secretary ship work too....something like that.
  212. >But it couldn't be helped this time!
  213. >After all, Yahagi is my younger sister | I had to take care of her!
  214. >After I explained this to Admiral-san, | the Admiral rewarded me for saving Yahagi with Mitsumame (note: probably wrong, but it's some kind of japanese snack so whatever. The chinese word is豆沙京果 , which only says that there are fruits and azuki paste involved.)
  215. >How does she manage to unironically say this stuff ...
  216. >Really, Agano-nee....
  217. >[snore--]
  218. >What a busybody.
  219. >But, well..... | at least
  220. >it seems like Agano-nee really is worried about Yahagi...
  222. >[Nya]
  223. >Noshiro.......
  224. >Get it together....
  225. >Ahh.....
  226. >Good night
  227. >Agano-nee.
  229. >Ahhhh....speaking of which....she only really talked about the Admiral in the beginning, didn't she?
  231. >[Pyaaaaah] [Who is that ?!]
  232. >[Although the imaginary Sakawa showed up to suit the story, that kind of gentleness and type really doesn't suit the Agano-class's uniforms...]
  233. >[Although I really want to draw the real Sakawa, but it wouldn't have fit well wit hteh rest of the story....Guhmhm (note: what the fuck is this meant to indicate? Just leave it out if anything)]
  235. >[Postface]
  236. >[Hi and pleased to meet you, I'm an Abo.]
  237. >[It's almost time for the season of pollen. As I write this postface, I am already consumed by hay fever. Don't forget your facemasks when you head out.]
  238. >[My Yahagi doujin started selling in early April. Its position made it hard to control myself. I've said this on twitter a lot, but I really can't resist the Agano-class's beautiful bodies. I drew the original draft at this under the light of Yahagi's armpit.]
  239. >[Right, the title this time seemed to be about a story based around Agano-nee and the Admiral. But in reality, this is a story about the Agano-class sisters. It's been a long time since I've made a warm slice of lice story like this. I've made Agano a complete airhead who brings everyone around her trouble.]
  240. >[If you read Last Year Witner Comiket's Yahagi Doujin, "Beyond the Wake, Part 1," you may already have noticed, the things that occur in that doujin and this one are a little related. Although they're not in perfect continuity, but it's a bit of an expansion to the original Yahagi doujin. If you haven't read it, pelase consider reading "Beyond the Wake". (If I get selected, I plan on releasing the sequel in Summer Comiket). Make sure to read it!]
  241. >[Well then, may we meet again.]
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