May 3rd, 2022
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  1. “Megatron has fallen!”
  3. Starscream’s voice echoed through the war-fields of Khon as he looked down at the only thing standing between him and leadership of the Decepticons: Megatron’s wounded form, functional but near-helpless due to a well-aimed plasma blast to the midsection.
  5. “Keep following his plan to the letter!” Starscream cried out as he knelt by his leader, extracting a medi-pack from his storage compartment.
  7. In reply, the thunderous boom of Optimus Prime’s command roared over the cacophony of the battle. “Autobots, advance! Crush the miserable Decepticons, grind them under your heel! For the glory of the Autobot Imperium, ATTACK!!!”
  9. Five Decepticons were entrenched in defensive positions around the recently rediscovered Arch-Ayr fuel dump. The Autobot attack had come quickly and with little warning. With Decepticon forces stretched thin across the planet, only a token yet determined resistance force remained to protect their find.
  11. Megatron lifted his head, struggling to get upright, his voice uncharacteristically raspy and grim. “Situation, Starscream?”
  13. “Huffer is a minor annoyance,” his second-in-command replied, gingerly helping his fallen leader. “I’ve got the dampener set up to block out Hound’s hallucination signals, which means he’s out of tricks. But it looks like Rodimus and Arcee are flanking to the rear, towards Sideswipe and Gutcruncher’s position. Prime is holding position on the left, behind the wrecked transport truck. We should be able to hold out as long as there are no surprises.”
  15. Starscream turned as a horrible noise erupted from his right.
  17. “You call yourself Optimus Prime, you sludge-sucking slag-spewing clunker?! You ain’t fit to lick the moondust off the real Optimus Prime’s mudflaps!”
  19. Both Decepticons watched as their newest and strangest ally hauled a monstrously-large cannon over one shoulder. Cliffjumper was an Autobot who claimed, among other things, to come from a bizarre alternate reality where the Autobots were the ones fighting for peace and freedom. Odd though his claim was, there was little evidence to suggest his story was anything but true. Megatron found the implication unsettling. Though this “reverse-Cliffjumper” served as a reminder that there was a “Megatron” who was every bit the monster Optimus Prime was, he felt it a small price to pay for what the Autobot had done for them.
  21. After all, without him, Optimus would have gotten the Ark off-planet, and spread his goal of conquest beyond Cybertron and into the greater galaxy.
  23. “Cliffjumper is certainly spraying enough cover fire to keep Prime occupied,” Starscream noted with horrified fascination. For a “heroic” Autobot, Cliffjumper was downright scary sometimes.
  25. “Prime knows I’m down, and will press forward by himself any moment now. Cliffjumper is a valiant warrior, but few are a match for Prime. He’ll need your assistance. Give me the medi-kit, I will repair myself.”
  29. - Dungeons & Dinobots
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