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  2. Steam Name (Current): Usagi Tsukino (Bubbly)
  4. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:116134185
  6. Steam Profile Link:https://steamcommunity.com/id/BubblySodaGaming
  8. In-Game Name: Bubbly
  10. Age: 14
  12. Do you have a microphone?: Yes
  14. Do you currently have VIP?: Yes
  16. Have you ever been banned or kicked on our server? If so, why?:
  17. I've been banned once and kicked twice. As for the ban, the reason was I adverted terror outside with a gun out and started shooting folks (was extremely unfamiliar with the rules at the time), I was pulled aside by an admin who banned me for RDM x6. As for the kicks, I was kicked for FailRP on both occassions, also when I was unfamiliar with the rules.
  18. x
  19. How many warns do you have? If so, why?:  I have a total of 4 warnings, one for RDM x2 and FailRP, one for RDM, one for RDA, and one for FailRP. The RDM x2 and FailRP I don't exactly remember, I believe I was a Hitman and I countered a raid, not knowing Hitmen couldn't counter. For the singular RDM, I believe I shot somebody who I thought was raiding, turns out they were just walking by. As for the RDA, I didn't know that restraints immediately arrested someone, and I got slapped with an RDA Warning. As for the RDM and FailRP, I went up to a guy in a shop and warned him three times, shooting him.
  21. How many hours do you have on the server?: 29h
  23. Do you have any previous administrative experience with ULX?: Yes, actually, I was the owner of a server a few months back and I had to close it due to financial issues and a problem with the hosting company.
  25. List any staff experience from previous games and servers: I've owned a server, I was a Mod on Cube Networks Jailbreak, not quite sure what happened to them.  As laughable as this sounds, I once owned a Minecraft server as well, amassing a few players before my decision to ultimately shut it down.
  27. Why do you want to be apart of the staff team?: I wish to be a apart of the staff team because there seems to be a lot of Ignorance and Toxcity on the server that I believe I could attempt to wipe out with time, still having fun of course. I'll try and engage the players, holding little events once in a while and generally just speak to them with respect and listen to their problems, whether they're with the server or not
  29. What will you do for the server?: I'll engage the players and attempt to wipe out Toxicity and Ignorance, something of abundunce on the server.
  31. What do you believe sets apart regular staff from great staff?: I believe I could really connect to the players, have fun with them, communicate better with them (of the likes of beans, who is a master at communication)
  33. What do you think are your best traits?: I believe my best traits are communication, teamwork. I try and listen to people's side of the story, even if I'm not exactly a fan of them.
  35. What do you think are your weaknesses and how can they effect the staff team?: I believe my weaknesses are Lack of Courage (I usually fold when somebody disagrees with me, usually just telling them ok), and I tend to jump to conclusions quickly, which may affect some of my decisions.
  37. Do you understand that any abuse of power will result in you receiving 3 strikes instantly?: I acknowledge this.
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