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Jun 7th, 2019
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  1. HELP 14
  2. Number 14.5 (- Missions) is not listed in the index for this section. A specific procedure on what to do if you find a quest not added into the quest system should be added.
  4. HELP 14.1 mentions credit rewards for certain quests, and I have never, in my entire time playing this game, happened across a quest that pays out credits. This would need to be confirmed before I believe it, and possibly stamped with a date so we know when and where it was said to be true.
  6. HELP 14.1.1 has a time indicator mentioned in the example, which does not appear for items when checking QUESTINV. It should perhaps be added that items that are permanent/non-decay lacks a timestamp. Also, none of the items in my possession has an indication of purpose in their descriptions. It would be good if the quest it belongs to is indicated, to help keep track and more easily learn what it can be used for.
  8. HELP 14.2 looks good.
  10. HELP 14.3 mentions Arinas in the Great Rock, the quest is not added to the QUEST SYSTEM. It should also be noted that it is on cooldown.
  12. HELP 14.4 should mention ways to become unenemied to each faction, as this is a constant problem. Either set up a spot in Esterport where people can go to in order to settle their scores, pay fines or whatever, or ensure there is an easy way to learn where one can clear a status. Also, not all leaders of factions respond (which might be due to enemy status), so it can be difficult to learn what to do.
  14. All faction leaders should have a quest prompt where one can ask about earning their favor. In this, the response should contain information on whether the faction is closed to members or not. The Shapeshifter leaders only have the option to say one wishes to join. If already a shifter, you receive no more information than an affirmation that you have the class already.
  16. HELP 14.5 - typo in first sentence, second paragraph of Mission Availability.
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