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AKVIS Sketch 15.0.2663.10076 (x86/x64)

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  1. AKVIS Sketch 15.0.2663.10076 (x86/x64)
  3. AKVIS Sketch 15.0.2663.10076 (x86/x64) | 131.2 MB
  5. AKVIS Sketch converts photos into pencil sketches and watercolor paintings. Now you do not need to handle a pencil to feel like an artist. All you need to create your original work of art is good taste and AKVIS Sketch. Our efficient method creates realistic color and B&W drawings that imitate the technique of graphite and color pencil, charcoal and watercolor painting.
  6. In contrast to standard filters (like the built-in filters in Photoshop or PSP) that offer an approximate sketch, AKVIS Sketch comes very close to the hand-drawn works of a human artist. Getting a similar result with the standard tools would require expertise in image editing and extensive manipulation with layers, masks, brushes and applying filters.
  7. You can personalize your work of art by adding an inscription (a signature or a greeting) to your pencil drawing. Also, the parameters on the Canvas let you add a rough surface to your image, as if it had been drawn on canvas, corrugated paper, brick wall, etc.
  8. AKVIS Sketch has a neat interface with a few sliders. At first you can process the image with the default settings and then touch up the photo adding color, or trying different techniques - from pencil to charcoal or watercolor. You can make the hatching denser or finer and change the pitch angle of strokes, or add/remove the original colors.
  9. Home users will be delighted by the neat result of the photo-to-sketch conversion. Using AKVIS Sketch can be a lot of fun. Make a pencil portrait as a gift for your relatives and friends, a watercolor drawing obtained from your last nature shooting can decorate your room, or you can convert any photo to an original drawing to print on a T-Shirt.
  10. The program can be helpful to designers who need to quickly bring images to one style for a web-site or an advertisement booklet.
  11. On the whole it's a wonderful tool for those who have always wanted to draw but didn't know how.
  12. The plugin version is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro etc.
  13. Refer to Check the compatibility page for more details.
  14. The plug-in version of Sketch offers Batch Processing support that allows you to automatically convert a series of images. Just create an Action in Photoshop or a Script in Corel Paint Shop Pro and apply the plug-in with the same settings to a folder full of images. You can even create comics from home videos in this way!
  15. Home Page - http://www.akvis.com/
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  26. Download Links are Availabe at http://www.tactools.ru/akvis-sketch-15-0-2663-10076-x86x64-2/
  27.  www.tactools.org
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