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Cobalt Crush Interview

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  1. GeneralFreedom: When Cobalt arrives at the Prodigy Center he's greeted by a friendly sounding robot security officer and directed inside to an office set up for interviews! With the Prodigy Center fully complete the place is buzzing with activity! Robotic and human staff move through the building on various errands and there are even a few visitors waiting in the lobby. When Cobalt arrives at the room Bom-Pom is furiously texting away on her phone while Tutor monitors a holographic screen he's projecting from his palm. "Hey. Come in and take a... I was wondering when you'd show up." Bom-Pom puts her phone aside and Tutor dismisses his screen. "Finally thought you'd see what we're all about, huh?"
  3. Keioseth: "I was here last night. Should probably tighten up security a bit more."
  5. GeneralFreedom: "Oh really?" Bom-Pom raises an eyebrow. "Noted. I'm constantly making upgrades," Tutor says, fixing his gaze on Cobalt. "Anything specific you would suggest?"
  7. Keioseth: Offers up a flashdrive, "I took notes."
  9. GeneralFreedom: "Hmph. You're pretty confident. You're lucky you didn't get tasered or anything," Bom-Pom tsks as Tutor reaches over to take the flashdrive. He tucks it away in a compartment in his forearm. "Are you here to join the team or consult on security?"
  11. Keioseth: "Little of column A, little of column B. I just wanted to check out what /this group/ was up to." He blows a small bubble of gum and pops it, "I'm a bit overcautious, you could say."
  12. "Suddenly some person it gathering up teen vigilantes and heroes and sporting a place like this. It raises questions."
  14. GeneralFreedom: "Pft, what? Are you worried we're some kind of cult?" Bom-Pom smirks.
  16. Keioseth: "Cult, evil corporation, generic villain scheme, some rogue government thing. Seen a few of those."
  18. GeneralFreedom: "Well, I can definitely say we're not any of those. This is just the future greatest hero team in the city," Bom-Pom says confidently. "I assure you we have no ties to the government aside from token support and access to a selection of criminal databases. This venture is almost entirely funded by Trevor Neven. You may look him up if you wish, but I have a feeling you already have," Tutor says. "Mr. Neven is an upstanding member of the community with no criminal record and a proud history of support for this city and the metahuman community."
  20. Keioseth: "Yup, got all that from your computers last night."
  21. "But hey, I wouldn't be admitting my illegal acts if I wasn't interested."
  23. GeneralFreedom: "Alright then. I'm sure you already know that I'm Becky Neven and that this is Tutor," Bom-Pom says, rushing through the introduction. "And you seem like the kind of guy that already has some experience."
  25. Keioseth: "Here and there."
  27. GeneralFreedom: "That's not really an answer," Bom-Pom rolls her eyes. "But I guess I didn't really ask the question directly. Tell me about it, mystery man."
  29. Keioseth: "All human, no meta powers. I've got an eidetic memory, 10 years of martial arts experience including MCMAP training, I'd like to think I'm a pretty decent mechanic when it comes to vehicles, got some gadgets for various things, a big stick to hit people with, good at staying out of sight, and I love to cook."
  31. GeneralFreedom: "Well... I guess that answers most of my questions," Bom-Pom says with an amused half smile. "I guess I all I really need to ask is why you're interested. It kind of feels like you're already pretty established on your own."
  33. Keioseth: "I like and prefer to work alone but I know the value of a team and in having allies. Something I haven't had in a long time."
  35. GeneralFreedom: "Fair enough. As long as you remember that we're teammates and not your support staff," Bom-Pom nods. "Well... do you have any questions for me?"
  36. "Us." Tutor corrects her and she shrugs.
  38. Keioseth: "Sure, why are you doing this? Not the cheesy sales pitch, why are you really doing this? Why start this group?"
  40. GeneralFreedom: "Me personally? Because I want to. It's another project for me to excel at," Bom-Pom grins. "Daddy is the one that really wants this team to help people. Well, and Tutor wants that too. But he's programmed to want that."
  41. "I live to serve," Tutor says neutrally.
  43. Keioseth: "So you want the ego boost, he's just told he wants it, and Daddy wants the PR?"
  45. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom shrugs. "Pretty much, if you want to get cynical about it."
  46. "I believe Mr. Neven genuinely wants to help the superhero community to improve," Tutor says, sounding slightly annoyed.
  48. Keioseth: "Oh no, I know he's a good man, I'm just pushing buttons." He grins at them both, "Gotta dig a little to understand people better. See we all, save for Mr. Tutor here, wear masks we show the outside world and I wanted to see the real person under the outward show."
  49. "Also, I'm a bit of an asshole."
  51. GeneralFreedom: "Hmph. Just watch which buttons you push, Blueboy. Remember, I can blow holes in tanks," Bom-Pom snickers. "I've found most people who admit that they're 'assholes' do so as a way to shield themselves, a defensive coping mechanism," Tutor says. "Masks indeed."
  52. Becky tsks. "Maybe he's just really an asshole? Regardless, you already have our card so... we'll be in touch."
  54. Keioseth: At the pushing her buttons part, "Don't tempt me with a good time." He smirks, "And again it's a little of column A, a little of column B. I'm from New York so by default I'm an asshole but yeah, it does make for a good defense." He turns and gives a wave before putting his hands into the pockets of his jacket, "Catch'ya later."
  56. GeneralFreedom: "Refreshingly honest," Tutor mutters. "Byeee," Becky says and gives a little wave before going for her phone again. Tutor takes a moment before projecting his holo screen again.
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