Jan 23rd, 2016
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  2. *passive bonus: Gain +10% gold from taxation in regions under your influence
  3. --
  5. The Coinlords are holding the gates of gold to the city and decide how the gold will be distributed. If your guild is holding the political status of coinlords your courtiers/guild leader can invest an action at court and change a law.
  6. Below are the laws that you can change and the available options.
  8. *Choose which of the 3 actions you wish to make
  9. * Taxes are payed DIRECTLY to the city market, increasing the gold within the city.
  10. --
  11. Action 1: funding
  12. --
  13. you can decide which of the executive political positions will get more funding:
  14. 1)'Even funding' Both the castellan and the steward will split the gold equally.
  15. 2)'Steward preference' The steward office will get 75% of the city taxes to its coffers.
  16. 3)'Castellan preference' The castellan office will get 75% of the city taxes to its coffers.
  18. --
  19. Actions 2: Trade regulations
  20. --
  21. 1)'Free trade' Guilds can trade freely with each other.
  22. 2)'Regulated trade' Guilds have to pay 20 gold as tax to the city when trading gold and items with each other
  23. 3)'Abolished trade' Guilds can not trade with each other
  24. --
  25. Action 3: Change market tax
  26. --
  27. you can change the current market tax policy to one of the followings:
  28. 1)'Minor market taxes' There is almost no difference between selling prices to buying prices at the market.
  29. 2)'Small market taxes' Guilds are slightly(20%) taxed while selling&buying resources at the city market.
  30. 3)'High market taxes' Guilds are highly(40%) taxed while selling&buying resources at the city market.
  32. --
  33. Actions 4: Embargo
  34. --
  35. * can't be used against guilds with Honorable integrity(9 or 10)
  36. You can enforce the market and the other guilds not to trade with a certain guild until the end of their next turn. This actions costs you an amount of influence that equals to the target guild fame (Ex: If their fame is 7 then this actions costs 7 influence)
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