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Feb 5th, 2019
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  1. New Features
  3. Optimization to reduce lag
  4. Encounter outcomes that don’t result in a tactical battle but do have a positive outcome result in experience gained for each character on the team.
  5. “Team Editor” screen will allow you to choose the team member to return to base rather than always sending back the hostage.
  6. “expected damage” will now appear on a character or cover UI flag by turning the health dots red that would be damaged in a successful attack of max damage (in the case of multi shot weapons)
  7. dodge chance added to the enemy UI flag
  8. Make abort, evac and exit mission buttons larger
  9. sniper range penalty is now fixed to 4 squares rather than 50% of the weapon range
  10. Incompatible items now labeled as such in the equipment UI.
  11. Bug reporting can be done in game so you don't have to track down saves and logs
  13. Balancing Adjustments
  15. Reduce the experience required to achieve higher levels (another change to work on reducing the grind)
  16. Too many enemies spawning in “task” missions (disarm reactor, bombs, etc) (i personally wiped a few times on these at higher difficulty)
  17. Increase cost of higher level items at merchants
  18. Reduce the resale price of items
  19. Increase the price of level 2 and up Mercs
  21. Bug Fixes
  23. Double clicking on character cards in UI would show the equipment but hide the character
  24. Slight character default and max speed reduction to reduce overwatch errors and overruns
  25. The large reactor now blocks line of sight
  26. The terminal location on the reactor is not obvious so it gets a cue animation like the doors.
  27. Cursor would change over invisible enemies and items letting you know where they were on the map.
  28. Door could be opened when in follow mode and not the leader’s turn.
  29. Mend skill was not obvious due to skill message not appearing so it sometimes appeared the - character was being healed by an attack.
  30. Enemies and characters sometimes stopping their movement randomly (seems i might not have fixed every case where this can happen)
  31. Usable items giving characters the benefit at all times. This was most obvious with the Trauma Kit reviving when the character dies, even though it must be used manually. It also happened with some of the nanites.
  32. Maps sometimes have unconnected rooms
  33. Total Mayhem (Wrecker skill) sometimes being triggered when less than 3 pieces of cover destroyed.
  34. Inventory to sell on merchant screen is not sorting correctly
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