Cloud Shear

Aug 12th, 2016 (edited)
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Name: Cloud Shear
Race: Bat Pony
Gender: Male
Cutiemark [Special Talent]: A crescent moon made of clouds [Spending time to study a plant, Cloud can determine what it needs to grow (How much light/water/time it needs, dirt quality, etc.,)]
Trained Talent: When Wax/Wane is used to make a target bigger, they gain +1 to all actions. On the reverse, the target takes -1 to all actions if they are shrunk.
Class: Geneticist [Alchemist/Shaman]
Skills: Leathery Wings, Echolocation, Wax/Wane [+1 from 1 BP], Climate Control, Earthen Grasp [Alt. Instant: Summon a 5/1 minion]
1 Unspent Skill Point

Aura [Primary Affinity - Internal (Maso/Psi) | Secondary Affinity - Maso | Cl 4 | 4 TBP]:

Skill [CL Acquired At] Description Tree
Leech [CL1] Instant, Maso; Drains life from a target, dealing damage and healing Cloud's hits by an equal amount. Leech Tree
Vampiric Leech [CL2] passive; When Cloud is at full hits, instead of draining health Leech will drain away size in addition to dealing damage. It will shrink the target and grow Cloud as if applying Wax/Wane. When Leech would use this effect, Cloud cannot use Wax/Wane normally. Leech Tree
Bloodbank [CL4] passive; Cloud can now stack multiple effects of Wax/Wane, gaining +1 for each stack and growing larger with each one as well. He can only gain benefit of casting Wax/Wane on himself once, while all further stacks can only be gained from successfully casting Vampiric Leech on a target. He can only gain a stack for Bloodbank once per target per combat. Growth Chart Leech Tree
Master Farmer [CL3] Maso; Accelerate a plant's growth anywhere from a sprout to fully grown, and set the shape the plant grows in too. This must be used on existing plants or seeds, and Cloud must be able to see them and they must be planted in soil. Nature Tree

Hits/Wounds: 5/6
BP: 2 [3 Total]
EP: 1 [3 Total]
Inventory: Amulet [Catalyst], 6593 bits (4k from Obstinance), Doublewide bed with silk blankets and pillows, Olive Green Caller Conch, Bags of Military Uniforms and Dresses, Orange/Gold/Gray Dyes, Sewing Kit, Threads, Bolts of Cloth, Joke Book, Book of Assorted Fairy Tales from Various Islands, Tourist/Translator Guidebook, 3 Helltongue Potions, Silver Sapphire Necklace, Ruby Brooch, 3 Golden Bracelets, Picture-Box, Shark-tooth necklace, Tiny Breezie-Size Bag, Snowglobe of Manenhi-Agyl Island, Matchbook

Item Description Function
Gripper Gauntlet A four-pronged claw gauntlet, modeled after a griffon's claw, meant to fit upon a pony's hoof. The design was conceived of by pony explorers who traveled to the Nichee Archipelago and had a run-in with warriors of the Vola race, distant bipedal bird cousins of the griffons. Weapons like these were designed to help pegasi be more versatile in combat, and make disarming foes easier. Currently, this is a basic weapon, but of good quality. Its quality and flexible design consisting of many pieces means it can be upgraded. [Has the Single Tag]
Tamer of the Squalls A basic wand, carved from the Amoah Tree, another tree known for its natural magical proprties. Wands made from the tree are naturally attuned to the elements, with their particular affinity for an element depending on the season in which the wood is cut from the tree. This wand must have been carved during springtime, as it is capable of controlling the wind. This wand allows the user a degree of control over air, and most commonly manifests in attacks made using wind. It's not very powerful at the moment, but all magic has an unknown potential for growth that is brought out by practice.
Bluestalker Armor [Dyed Black] Scale armor made from the Bluestalker, a reptilian predator which is highly resistant to non-elemental magic. Bluestalkers most often prey on small jungle creatures that, while not physically powerful, boast dangerous magical abilities, and have adapted to resist their attacks. Thus, armor made from their hides isn't particularly resistant to physical strikes but absorbs incoming magical energy, better protecting its user. Reduces incoming damage from non-elemental magic sources by 3 Hits, reducing it to a minimum of 1 damage.
The Yearning Knife A simple silver knife with Hel runes etched into the hilt and both sides of the handle. [Weapon Tag: Single] Attacks from this knife can cut through magic, enabling them to counter magical attacks and damage lingering magical effects, as well as Amnis-type Aura Abilities. Countering a magical attack reduces its damage, or negates it completely if you match or beat the roll on the attack. Damaging and dispelling lingering magical effects may be more complex, and generally requires striking at the source of the effect.
The Tooth of Sa'eer A janbiya originating from the far-off island of Dhalmuthin, home of the Shaka mage's guild. Dhalmuthin is one of many islands with a harsh desert biome, a condition which pressured the local populations to grasp at whatever could help them adapt to such cruel conditions. For them, luckily, magical spirits were abundant in Dhalmuthin's many underground caverns, providing a cool place to endure desert heat while they treated with said spirits in exchange for magic ability. This, like many such lucky boons, came with a cost. There is a give and take for all magic, a cost and a reward. Some sources of magic are hungrier than others, taking more and more with each bit they give you. [Weapon Tag: Single] Recharge 1: Attacks from this knife do not deal damage, but instead cause the target to become ethereal and intangible, causing them to phase through other tangible objects for (Roll - DC) turns. The effect applies to the limb that the knife's blade touches. During the duration of this effect, the target cannot use any attack or technique that would require the use of the affected body part.
Messenger Bottle This bottle can teleport to anyone that the user has previously met in person, and can transmit any item placed inside it. The opening is as large as a coin, so usually this only consists of paper, papyrus and parchment. To send it to someone, place it in a body of water and say "Off you go." The bottle can be teleported to anyone they previously met, allowing messages and small items to be transported
Maid-to-Order A silver bell on a bracelet. Conjures an Aos Si maid from the Sidhe, who performs various housekeeping duties and lectures you on your eating and sleeping habits, as well as all your other vices. Summons the Aos Si called Granny.
Magitech Jar A small metal jar that houses Cloud's damaged right eye in a fluid bath. It has enough power to keep the eye stable and safe for a year. Protects Cloud's right eye for later restoration.
The Eye of Wisdom What used to be magic brooch with a sapphire on an ivory background, resembling an eye, is now embedded in Cloud's head, acting as a replacement for his damaged and removed right eye. There is an old folktale about a great warrior who gave up parts of his body in exchange for supernatural power. It is said he gave up one of his eyes for wisdom and insight beyond measure. It has a playful, female personality and a tendency to squawk like a bird. The Eye of Wisdom can be asked for a hint on any scenario, or for a description of an item. Some information may be beyond the Eye, but it is quite knowledgeable.
Obsidian Vase An old obsidian vase that is from the sunken island of Cuauhtemoc. A vase that was going to be used by Queen Toko against the party. The Accompass tracked the vase's origin to the sunken island of Cuauhtemoc, leaving what it's purpose was a mystery.
Ghost Hunter's Incense A jar of incense. One time use Incense that when exposed to air, will fill the area, looking for invisible beings and objects. If there are any in the vicinity, it will curl about the object, identifying it and making it visible.
Pocket Spiders A jar of spiders A jar full of small spiders that can be set to perform any menial task around the house or ship. Mostly for convenience when doing chores. Their specialty is weaving silk rapidly, enabling them to repair clothes, make rope, and generally perform any task requiring some length of silk. Can even fly.
Glass Jar Set Two sets of ten jars each, now nineteen in total. A set of 10 glass jars, enchanted so that their contents will never spoil. Range from small to large.
Esthis Sap Four jars of Esthis sap Sap from the Vine of Esthis from the Breezie village on Agyl Island. It can act as a potent catalyst for alchemy and chemistry, as well as bountiful source for other components.
Wood Bat Pony Figurine A small wooden figurne, carved into the likeness of Cloud. Given by Mallea as a Hearth's Warming Present from a mysterious benefactor Passive; Increases the Crit Range of Earthen Grasp by 1 (now Crits on 9+).
Memento Chest A chest containing crystalline baubles, round toys, a princess doll, and family photos of a Puroa family with a husband, wife, and multiple daughters A small chest from the sunken ship, The Robinson
Skeletal Lute An oddly shaped lute of some kind, with a body made from an elongated skull, the neck made from a spine, and frets held by a small obsidian skull. Both skulls have gemstones for eyes. When played it summons a crowd of skeletal dolls. A skeletal lute obtained from a small chest Cerulean acquired from the Skull Temple on Cuauhtemoc.
Beggar-god Blessing When trading or giving freely to beings who speak a language Cloud doesn't speak, he will learn that language. But he cannot deny any beggar, or else this will turn into a curse. Blessing given from the beggar god on Cuauhtemoc.

Appearance: Cloud has a light purple (#9E71A9) Coat, a sky blue (#828DB2) Mane, and orange (#FF4003) Eyes
Character Info:
Cloud was born in the small bat pony village of Hollow Shades. His father, Night Shade, was a farmer as was his father and his father and so on. Their farm was one of the more valuable ones in the village, providing a good portion of food to the locals. Night Shade met Silver Lining, Cloud's mother, during a poor season when their crops were being hit by a bad disease that was spreading quickly. Silver Lining was an amateur shaman, having decent talent in nature magic but never making a living of it and keeping it more as a hobby. Night Shade came to her for aid in hopes that her magic could help, which Silver Lining was able to help with quickly. With how effective her magic was at cleansing the crop, she became Night Shade's go-to for any outstanding issues they had. These meetings soon became frequent outside of work, and love bloomed between the two. With Night Shade's expertise and Silver Lining's talent, their farm quickly became the biggest in the village.
Cloud inherited his mother's talent in nature magic, though instead of the earth he had control over the weather. Interestingly as well, his magic had the gift to grow things, even other ponies. This magic helped well on the farm, though the young bat did use it for pranks and messing with others more often than not. He learned his family's craft in farming as he grew, but he found himself bored with the small village life. When he got older, he set out to the big city to find a more eventful life. His parents were supportive of his decision, wishing him the best of luck.
Cloud found the excitement he sought in the city life, though he quickly became a slacker in this new environment. He coasted around, bouncing from place to place and not staying in one area for too long. He did eventually settle into a job in the weather team, his magic helping him there, but he quickly found himself bored again.
When he saw the recruitment for the Beesting, a ship looking for ponies to join the crew on a hunt for legends of treasure, Cloud jumped at the opportunity. Tossing his old life aside for another thrill, he set out on this journey for riches to get himself set for the rest of his life.

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