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  1. I've played since 2015, here's a guide for newfags since the other ones are obtuse.
  3. -- First off, which server are you fucks playing on? --
  4. Invariably Attorney Online Vidya. I honestly don't know of and don't play on any other servers myself.
  6. -- Isn't that shit a 4um server? --
  7. A thrice removed 4um cousin that can barely ding up any attention there. Mods will try to convince you that the roots are still there, but most players are from a variety of places, some more faggy than others.
  9. -- GTFO 4um not playing on your server --
  10. If you wanted to make a new server, I'd gladly play on it. For right now, we DON'T have an 8/v/ server and it's unlikely we'll ever get one.
  12. -- Ok, so I'm on the server. How does this client work? --
  14. ***If you're adverse to using google docs, don't bother playing AO because everything uses google docs here.***
  16. -- Ok, well I've shitposted a bit. Where's the fucking game? --
  17. The game is a roleplaying thing and glorified chatbox that people use to do cases.
  18. Cases are sort of like the ones in Ace Attorney except a little different because of how it works. The doc above should've told you how to get to a case.
  19. Most of the cases are 90% improvised.
  21. -- Give me a small rundown on all these roles --
  22. Roles can change a lot depending on what the case is, but for your standard improv:
  23. Defense: You're the lead characters, you call witnesses out on shit and determine the true killer. 3 slots by standard. (lead, co-, support)
  25. Prosecution: You're the bad guy who calls the defense guys retarded. 3 slots by standard (lead, co-, support)
  27. Judge: You dish out the law and give penalties to people who are wasting your fucking time
  29. Detective: You present evidence and shit.
  31. Witnesses: You saw something relevant to the crime and come to testify.
  32. Always a prosecutor's witness because this is AA not regular court. Also might be the true killer.
  34. Stenographer: An arguable necessity, the guy who writes down everything that happens in the case. Allows court docs to be archived and previously brought up facts to be non-biased in their bringing up.
  36. ***Cases take a pretty long time to do, so if you're busy then stay home.***
  38. -- Alright I'll play your shit. Anything else I should know? --
  39. You might wanna watch a case before you play one just to get an idea of how it happens to work. I COULD explain it to you, but it'd be autistic and you wouldn't remember anything.
  40. Also don't mention to anyone that you're new or they'll try to help you so much it'll choke you. This place loves getting new people, and they'll do a bunch of shit for you and it just gets annoying in my opinion.
  42. Any other questions just ask people in the server/ask in the thread.
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