Renault 'sisters' prompt (AnonxMxMxF) to do

Jun 27th, 2017
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  1. >They start spitroasting their sister and you start plowing one of them at the same time
  2. >You don't let them come inside their sister tho, she's YOUR cumdump
  3. >If they want release they gotta do each other
  4. >The last one to come is the one on cleaning duty
  5. >It's generally you
  6. >Then you all cuddle together in one big heap of afterflowing bliss, falling asleep listening to the symphony of their heartbeats surrounding you and their heaving chests pressed against your skin
  8. >Megane and Twingo finishes in each other's mouth, the display making you grunt as you hilt in their sister
  9. >Then they'd groggily get up, sharing a knowing grin and get on each sides of you
  10. >Twingo would use his wings to caress your back and give your nipples quick kisses
  11. >Megane would whispers sweet nothing into your ear as you rock inside and outside of their sister, encouraging you, coaxing your seed
  12. >"You want to knock our sister up don't you big boy~?"
  13. >Twingo's giggle with your nipple still on his lips would send a shiver down your back
  14. >"Ahn~, please, Anon, I came five times already just fillll meeee~"
  15. >And you would find your release before you let her finish her sentence
  17. __
  18. No, I said no gelding and they have the complete package!
  19. How gay do you have to be not to want to hammer away in megane's tight ponut and feel your balls slap against hers(his) again and again?
  20. Also sucking on a dick is all nice and dandy, but to be able to grope and rub the balls at the same time, then popping them in your mouth while edging the poor colt?
  21. Feeling them retract in your touch when your lips drifts all the way up to his flare, signaling how close he is, before letting go of everything and holding his hooves/mouth away from his fading orgasm?
  22. Now, that's real love.
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