Bonding Time (Short holstaur milking/incest)

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  1. >Just hanging out at home
  2. >Your parents are out for the weekend
  3. >You're playing some games on you computer when there's a knock at your door
  4. >Your holstaur stepsister comes in
  5. >'Brother, I need your help.'
  6. >You turn to her
  7. >She's standing there shirtless
  8. >Her breasts have become quite engorged
  9. >Her bra is straining to hold them in & is soaked through from seepage
  10. >Her face is flushed & breathing is a little labored
  11. >'I feel like I'm about to burst. Please help me?'
  12. >Normally Mom helps her with this, but you're hooped with her away
  13. >She settles down on your bed, bucket in her lap
  14. >You take a seat behind her, her butt in your lap
  15. >Your dad talked you through how to do this in case you ever had to help out, but you had really hoped it wouldn't happen
  16. >Or at least, that it wouldn't happen with a family member
  17. >You remove her cow-spot bra (apparently all holstaurs shop at the same store) and her breasts fall free
  18. >She's always been rather busty, but her tits are absolutely huge now
  19. >Her nipples are completely erect, milk dribbling from the tips
  20. >'P-please be gentle...'
  21. >You reach around to her chest, taking a handful of her in each hand
  22. >You start out massaging her tits, rubbing the skin & gently kneading the soft flesh
  23. >She's already squirming under your touch, and you can feel your shorts becoming rather tight
  24. >After a few minutes, you hands reach for her nipples
  25. >They're slick from milk already, but you manage to get a grip on them
  26. >You give a gentle squeeze, aiming her engorged nipples into the bucket
  27. >She bites back a small moan as she begins to flow freely
  28. >Even with the little bit of force that you apply, she's producing quite a healthy stream of milk
  29. >It tinkles against the pail in her lap
  30. >'One down, about a thousand more to go...'
  31. >With each squeeze of her chest, she becomes less & less restrained with her pleasure
  32. >Her butt actually begins to grind into your lap
  33. >You can feel a heat radiating from her nether-regions
  34. >You gave up on trying to force down your erection, hoping instead to just finish this as soon as possible
  35. >Before something happens that you'll both regret
  36. ...
  37. >After about twenty minutes, your sister finally seems to be tapped out
  38. >You've managed to fill the pail damn near to the brim
  39. >You finally fall back on your bed, hands soaked with milk, & a rather ostentatious tent in your crotch
  40. >You expected that to be the end of it, but your sister has other plans
  41. >She turns in her seat & lays down on you
  42. >Her face is very red & her relieved tits are pressed into your chest
  43. >She feathers you with small kisses
  44. >'Mmmm... that felt so good, little brother.'
  45. >oh shit, she has that look in her eye
  46. >'You were so nice to milk me, and I can tell you enjoyed it too.~'
  47. >You feel her hand rubbing on your crotch
  48. >'Maybe you want your big sister to return the favor and milk you now?'
  49. >Your mind is screaming at you to not do this, but your dick is in the driver's seat now
  50. >She glides down off of you, kneeling at the foot of your bed
  51. >She slides your shorts and boxers down around your ankles, freeing your rigid member
  52. >'Oh, my. Brother's is so big.~'
  53. >You blush a bit at your sister of all people complementing your cock
  54. >She brings her mouth to your dick, cradling it in her hands
  55. >Her tongue begins to explore your rigid shaft, running over every vein, teasing the head & sending shivers down you
  56. >Then she wraps her mouth around you, taking you to the hilt in one breath
  57. >The warm, moist hole begins to slide around your cock as she goes to work, making rather lewd sucking noises
  58. >Her tongue continues to work along the bottom of your shaft
  59. >Her hand massages your balls as she works, urging them to release as much as possible
  60. >Her big brown eyes are locked with yours, never breaking contact as her head bobs up and down
  61. >It's too much to bear as you approach your limit
  62. >Your hand grabs her head, pushing her onto your shaft as deep as possible
  63. >You hips give a few final thrusts to finish the job & you go over the edge
  64. >You cum deep at the back of her throat, and she swallows each jet eagerly
  65. >Once your orgasm finishes, she finally releases your cock from her mouth
  66. >'Oh my. you came so much for me.'
  67. >She hefts her tits at you, still coated in milk
  68. >'But maybe you'd give more if your dear sister milked you with these?'
  69. >She leans up over your waist, pressing her chest into your crotch
  70. >Her milky tits rub along your still sensitive member, coaxing him to get hard again
  71. >And it's not long before your little trooper is at attention once again
  72. >Your sister slathers the splashes of milk across her tits, lubing them up for you
  73. >She takes her chest in her hands, wrapping the soft, warm flesh around you
  74. >Your tip barely pokes out the top of her bust
  75. >Slowly, her tits glide up along your shaft, engulfing it in their warm, pillowy bliss
  76. >Then they crash down into your groin, the sensation & weight of her flesh around you drowning you in pleasure
  77. >Again and again she goes, her breasts pumping your cock for all it could
  78. >'Do you like it borther? The feeling of fucking your sister's tits?'
  79. >You can't do anything but moan in response
  80. >Her tongue now gets in on the action, teasing your head whenever it breaks through her bosom
  81. >Her tempo begins to pick up, and soon you're at the point of your second orgasm
  82. >'Sis, I-I'm gonna-'
  83. >With one final push, your cock breaches her tits & your balls empty themselves
  84. >Several ropes of cum splash on her tits before her mouth clamps down around your head, swallowing the rest
  85. >Once you've been spent again she releases you, lapping the stray cum off her cleavage
  86. >'That was so much. You must really love your sister.~'
  87. >She slides up onto the bed, straddling your waist
  88. >'Now how about something to make us both feel good?'
  89. >You mind tries to push through the haze, begging you to stop
  90. >Blowjobs and paizuri were one thing, but to actually-
  91. >This was crossing so many different lines
  92. >'C'mon now, little brother.'
  93. >'Wouldn't you rather have your first time be with someone you love?'
  94. >'And don't you want to feel every last inch of your dear sister's body?'
  95. >'All the different ways we can make each other feel good.~'
  96. >She's been grinding her crotch into yours as she talked, her soaked panties rubbing your sore member
  97. >And it's not long before your ready for round three
  98. >'I'll take that as a yes. You love your sister so much, don't you?'
  99. >She pulls aside her panties, revealing her glistening pussy
  100. >Her hand takes hold of your cock, guiding it to her entrance
  101. >She teases the head around her lips, enjoying the sensation of you two touching before carefully inserting your tip
  102. >Slowly her hips glide down, taking you into her inch by excruciating inch
  103. >Finally your hips meet hers as you bottom out in her
  104. >'Ahhn.~ My little brother's filling me up so much.'
  105. >Her hips begin to rock back & forth, her plush thighs grind on your crotch
  106. >She begins to rise up off of you, pulling up just as slowly as she went down at first
  107. >The walls of her pussy grip your cock as she rises, trying to hold you as deep in her for as long as possible
  108. >Then her plump hips & ass crash back down on your groin
  109. >Sending ripples through them and bouncing her tits around
  110. >She does this again. And again. And again. With each rise she picks up the pace until she's riding you harder than a mechanical bull
  111. >Your hands grab hold of her meaty thighs, pulling her down harder with each thrust, trying to reach as deep as possible into her
  112. >She's moaning uncontrollably now, wearing the lewdest face ever while fucking her little brother
  113. >The tits are bouncing around almost hypnotically, drops of milk flicking off her nipples
  114. >You can't control yourself as you sit up into her chest, taking one of her nipples into her mouth
  115. >You begin to suckle at her tit like an infant
  116. >Even after all the milk you had gotten before, she still has more to give
  117. >You swallow each warm, sweet mouthful eagerly
  118. >The combination of your cock drilling into her & your mouth milking her is too much for your dear holstaur sibling
  119. >She pulls your head deep into her chest & cries out as her orgasm takes her
  120. >Her walls tighten around you, hungrily trying to claim your seed
  121. >The vice-like tightness spurs you to thrust even harder, deep into her womb
  122. >And with one final push you go balls deep into her pussy,cumming for the third time into your sister
  123. >Your semen erupts into her womb, plastering the walls a pearly white
  124. >The two of you collapse onto the bed, finally spent
  125. >Your sister holds you close, pressing her chest into you as she nuzzles your face
  126. >'I love you, little brother,' she whispers into your ear
  127. >Nothing else is said as you both are content to just spend some time basking in the afterglow
  128. >Your parents never found out about your little romp with your sister, or at least your dad didn't know
  129. >He just took all the time you two spent together as you finally being a real brother and sister
  130. >The way your mom kept pushing your sister to be around you, to go to you for any help with 'milking problems'... it was safe to say she knew
  131. >Whenever your parents left the house for a while, she'd encourage you two to 'stay safe and have fun'
  132. >And your sister would always conveniently 'forget' about her milkings whenever your parents started planning a trip so that you could 'help' her
  133. >Thank God for all the milk she was giving you, though
  134. >Your bones needed to be like steel with how she rode you
  135. >Too bad you couldn't give your bedframe a bit of extra calcium...
  136. END
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