Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Jul 30th, 2014
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  1. >You are Caramel and you are out of options, really out of options
  2. >You are currently sitting with Meisa and drinking some tea at the café
  3. “I don’t know, she seems fine to me Caramel”
  4. >You shake your head
  5. >”I don’t think she’s doing that good, she’s been way too uptight lately”
  6. >Meisa sets her cup down on the table
  7. “Caramel, I can understand that you only want what’s best for your friend, but you and Hexferry just have such differing views about that sort of stuff”
  8. >You sigh and mix the tea with your spoon while staring at it
  9. >”I know, but the poor girl might just be left all alone if she does not open up a bit. Of course I’m not asking her to jump into bed with the next stallion who walks her way, but lately she’s been a bit more uptight than ever”
  10. >You sigh and set the cup down
  11. >”Maybe I’m just overthinking this”
  12. >You stare at the cup and wait for Meisa to continue
  13. >but nothing happens
  14. >You lift your gaze towards Meisa and find her looking at something out of the window
  15. >”Meisa?”
  16. >Meisa just stares with her mouth hanging open, and points towards something
  17. >You turn your head and what you see makes you open your mouth in surprise as well
  18. >Outside the window is Hexferry, making a stallion feel very uncomfortable
  19. >Your jaw hits the floor as Hexferry does the tail seduction while giving the stallion a glance at her nether region and then looking at the stallion slyly
  20. >”…well, no use in worrying about that then…”
  21. >Meisa turns to look at you with shock on her face
  22. “Caramel, did that really happen?”
  23. >You take a sip of your tea calmly
  24. >”Either it did or Minty has spiked our tea with something”
  25. >Suddenly you hear some commotion outside and the two of you turn to look back outside the window
  26. >Anon, the human is now yelling angrily at Hexferry
  27. “I think we should go and intrude on this one”
  29. >”Agreed, let’s go”
  30. >The two of you quickly go outside only to hear a very angry Anon yelling
  31. “Anon I can’t believe you went and did this! We agreed we’d stay inside until we’d be fixed”
  32. >You and Meisa both raise an eyebrow at Anon calling Hexferry Anon
  33. >Hexferry now does a goofy smile, completely out of her character
  34. “I’m sorry Hexferry, I must have gotten a bit carried away…”
  35. >Anon now glares at Hexferry who shrink a bit
  36. >”Hexferry, what’s going on here?”
  37. >The two turn to look at you
  38. >Anonymous looks… furious, like you’ve never seen him before, and Hexferry seems… off, frightened and off
  39. “We switched bodies, and this dirtbag used mine to d-do things!”
  40. >You stare at the two and tilt your head
  41. >”Say what now?”
  42. >Hexferrys ears go flat against her head, just like her antennae
  43. “Hexferry wait, I only just now tried that one out and only one time. Honestly!”
  44. >Meisa interrupts the two now
  45. “Did I understand this correctly, Hexferry you’re Anon, and Anon you’re Hexferry?”
  46. >both of the two nod
  47. >You stare at the two while Hexferry, or Anon if you understood this right, dusts herself off a bit while Ano- Hexferry in Anons body glares at the mothpony
  48. >”How did this happen?”
  49. >Hexferry, the one in Anons body, looks at you and sighs
  50. “We were out yesterday and tumbled into some poison joke”
  51. >You and Meisa both go “oh”
  52. >”That explains why you could not make it today”
  53. “We both agreed that we'd wait overnight for the signs to show up together, but imagine how surprised and angry I was when today I woke up in this… weird body, and with no sight of my own…”
  54. >You take notice of the blush forming on Hexferrys now human face and make a mental note to ask more about her morning, there must be a few juicy details there~
  55. “How about the two of you join us and calm down”
  57. >You nod at Meisas idea
  58. >”You look even more stressed than usual Hexferry. Need I give you a massage? You might even enjoy it a bit more in that state~”
  59. >Anon raises his… or her hoof
  60. “I could go fo-“
  61. >He retracts his hoof at the glare Hexferry is giving him with Meisa
  62. “Nothing, nothing at all, carry on”
  63. >all of you turn and start heading inside the café Minty and Birch run together
  64. >that reminds you, you need to make lewd remarks about that to those two sometime
  65. “Hexferry honey~”
  66. >All four of you turn to look at Virgo, 3 of you wondering at his hello, and one of you starting to sweat bullets
  67. >Anonymous, he’s looking very uncomfortable and nervous right now in Hexferrys body
  68. “Virgo, why are y-“
  69. >Hexferrys words fall short as Virgo wraps his hoof around Hexferry in a very overly attached manner
  70. “Where did you run off to my little honeybunny?”
  71. >Now Anon looks even more nervous
  72. “Virgo… ahaha… not now…”
  73. >Hexferry now glares at the two
  74. “V-virgo get your hooves off of me!”
  75. >Virgo looks at Anonymous's body with a raised eyebrow
  76. “What are you talking about Anon? The only pony I’m touching is this little wild thing~”
  77. >Meisa looks worried now as Hexferrys eyebrow starts to twitch as she clenches her fists
  78. “Virgo please… shut up already…”
  80. >You just keep silent, letting everypony else speak
  81. “What. Does. He. Mean.”
  82. >Anon gulps now
  83. “N-nothing, nothing at all! L-lets go and get that tea everyone!”
  84. >Now Virgo looks even more weirder out
  85. “You’re so cute when you’re shy. Sorry ladies, can’t tell you, don’t want to make Sexferry here feel uncomfortable”
  86. >Virgo gives a playful growl to Anon who proceeds to facehoof and sigh
  87. >And then you connect the dots
  88. >”You didn’t”
  89. >Meisa looks at you quizzically before suddenly gasping as Anon blushes very red
  90. >Hexferry looks at all of you with her now human head
  91. “What? What did he do?”
  92. >Before any of you can say anything Virgo flutters up to Hexferry and starts to whisper something into his ear
  93. >And then Hexferry blushes very hard and faints onto the ground
  94. “Whoa Anon, you ok there buddy?”
  95. >”Well… someone got a bit loosened last night…”
  96. >Anon takes flight and quickly zooms away, leaving you all to choke on Hexferrys wingdust
  97. “*Cough cough*, What’s wrong with her?”
  98. >You turn to look at Virgo who lands next to you as Meisa start to check if the unconscious male form containing Hexferrys mind is showing any signs of waking up
  99. >”There’s something that you need to know…”
  100. >Soon enough there were two creatures lying unconscious in front of the cafe
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