improvement 4 chi

Mar 18th, 2019
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  1. Things to work on
  2. - #1 thing: killing the other guy; milking advantages.
  3. - This includes finishing punishes that result in KOs!!!
  4. - To improve this, watch vods for guarantees and evaluate how they happen + how they are executed
  5. - #2 thing: Assessing the situation and whether or not I should try to hit them
  6. - “It is pretty hard to hit people in Melee if they don’t want to be hit”
  7. - Ways to back off (think about how Sami just didn’t engage vs Roma and rolled away + jumped to plat to charge needles)
  8. - This, not “don’t fight all the time”, is the ROOT problem. Fighting less is just the result
  9. - To improve this, I should be more intentional when using movement or hitboxes in situations where I want to either attack or move then counterattack
  10. - Reacting + being faster while I’m on platforms instead of trying to wait or ‘cover everything’
  11. - In teams, returning to neutral. Taking stage together; timing my taking stage with Roma
  12. - Being much more grounded in general and only jumping with frame advantage
  13. - Especially relevant vs. Puff; I don’t use CC enough
  14. - Internalizing level 1 threatening range really well and playing around other tools immediately
  15. - Think about Fox SH nair and Falcon SH nair; it took me too long to remember the rule “expect nair react to stomp” vs. GCS and “react to FJ fair from far in different ways if she’s not close to me + dashing” vs. Magi Fox
  16. - Vs. Puff: run away when back is turned vs. grounded Puff, more ftilt spamming, better edgeguarding
  17. Plan
  18. - Watch vods every day, even if it’s 5 minute method
  19. - Internalize better
  20. - “Internalizing is more than just knowing you can do it in one day of friendlies/session or validating your testing. It’s about thinking about it further and finding ways to simplify it or relate it to other concepts or understanding counters, with simplifying being the most relevant for tournaments”
  21. - Quit netplay and use every opportunity properly
  22. - Low levels: punish game + execution
  23. - Mid levels: adaptation
  24. - High levels: gameplan flaws
  25. - Practice tech skill daily
  26. - Shadowbox
  27. - Punishes (UP/20XX)
  28. - Ledgedash
  29. - Maximizing frame advantage/not dropping frames
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