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  1. Hello everyone, I don't bring good news. For those of you who don't know, I was sexually assaulted on campus by a female student and the university has stopped at nothing to protect my attacker. If that wasn't worth emphasizing before, it is now. Even though I filed a Title IX against my attacker first, the university held a Title IX hearing where I was the defendant, and in no uncertain terms one of the charges was that I was sexually harassing my attacker by accusing her of sexual assault and filing against her.
  3. I do not mean that this was the implicit charge, I mean that this was actually one of the specific charges. I was found guilty, and I have now been expelled from a school that I had already medically withdrew from due to the continued harassment I faced for coming out as a male victim.
  5. At the hearing, I handily proved that my attacker was lying, that the relationship occurred (one of the other charges was that it was sexual harassment that I claimed we had a sexual relationship), and even that the sexual assault occurred. I was not allowed to submit evidence traditionally, I had to do that in a response letter in which I wrote an 86 page breakdown of the situation with included inline evidence that I citing at the hearing. The opposition had a 60+ page report that had very little factual data and her and her witnesses provided no citations for any of their claims. I was not actually notified about the filing until three years after it was made, had to prove that it was made 3 days after I filed against my attacker and other harassers, I was never interviewed, and the decision to pursue the filing into a hearing was made less than 24 hours after I appeared on the news discussing issues with the university.
  7. They rendered the verdict in under 12 hours, in which weeks are usually used to deliberate. After posting about it on Facebook I have faced a torrent of victim blaming from the camp of my harassers, and frankly I'm at the end of my rope.
  9. My future is gone, my identity has been destroyed, my body has been violated, and my voice was ignored. I do not feel like a person anymore.
  11. Edit: I'm going to post this on a few other subreddits who have given me support, some of which this community doesn't agree with and full disclosure I don't ether. I feel that my views align more closely with this sub in many ways, but I have a deep frustration with how divided we are on issues that should unite us in our common humanity. All I wanted was to be heard and be given my life back, and instead it has largely been taken away from me for speaking out about my treatment and what has happened to me.
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