Anonfilly and the System

Oct 14th, 2017
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  1. >Ponyville might have been a small town, yet it had many institutes you might not think it would have.
  2. >One such was the children's mental home you had found your self in, a smaller and cozier place then you might have found back home.
  3. >You had been too panicked and scared at the time, which was yesterday, to really care.
  4. >Yeah, yesterday was a mess.
  5. >It was a blur of crying, flailing, screaming out "I'M A HUMAN, A MAN!", various ponies trying to comfort you while also dragging you as gently as they could to the home, all from the time you woke up in Ponyville square as a small green and black filly to when you passed out from exhaustion.
  6. >Now you've had some time to think and compose yourself.
  7. >Not enough, there would never be enough time to fully comprehend what happened to you, but at least you were reasonably sure you could open your mouth without sobbing or screaming.
  8. >Having woken up approximately an hour go you had guessed that for once you had woken up fairly early judging by the rising sun.
  9. >You looked around your room for the umpteenth time.
  10. >It was pleasant enough despite it clashing with your personal tastes, dark shades of pink coating the walls with a white ceiling, a comfy bed with metal framing and a bedside table with a selection of three children's books.
  11. >You hadn't looked at the books.
  12. >In fact, you haven't done anything at all but sit up and think since waking up.
  13. >You thought about a lot of things naturally, but ultimately these were the conclusions you've come to.
  14. >One, this was reality, not a dream, hallucination, or anything else in between.
  15. >Two, as this was real, you were indeed an exceptionally small female horse.
  16. >Three, as horrible as everything was, trying to get them to believe you were human once would just make things worse probably.
  17. >Fourth and final, you were a fucking girl.
  18. >It was not helping your mental state, but you saw the proof for yourself and you had to just do your best to ignore it until you had some answers.
  20. >You start to hear movement from outside your room.
  21. >Eventully the door opens and a mare in a white coat trots in.
  22. >Her coat is a soft blue and her mane/tail is a dull white.
  23. >She's was humming some tune before she came in, but stopped as soon as she saw you.
  24. >The smallest amount of surprise crossed her face before morphing into what easily had to be the warmest and most inviting smiles you had ever seen.
  25. >With out a word she slowly yet surely closed the door behind her and walked right up to your bed sitting on her but next to it, her eyes never leaving you.
  26. >It was clear from she watching you for any sudden actions, but you were fairly sure you were past the worst of your freak out.
  27. >After sitting she somehow made her smile even gentler before speaking in a quiet, soft voice that you could only describe as musical.
  28. >"Hello, it's nice to see you're awake."
  29. >Simple enough start, she's trying not to antagonize you unintentionally, you give a small response.
  30. "Hi."
  31. >There's a very brief silence, yet it's pungent with tension.
  32. >"You seem much calmer now. Would you mind talking with me for a little while, maybe answer some questions?"
  33. "Sure."
  34. >"Okay, then here's my first question. Would it be okay if I made physical contact with you when I felt it was necessary, as in hugging, back patting, and other such things? You of course could tell me to stop anytime I was making you fell uncomfortable"
  35. >Oh...well you really aren't the touchy-feely type, but she was some kind of doctor or therapist, so it couldn't hurt.
  36. "I guess it's fine..."
  37. >"Are you sure it's okay? I want to make sure you're as comfortable as possible and if you are not entirely sure about being touched then you don't have to agree to this."
  38. "It's fine, really. I don't know how much it'll help, but I won't snap because of a hug."
  39. >You almost miss the tiny furrow of her brow before she gave a nod.
  40. >"Very well then, let's start taking okay?"
  41. "Okay."
  42. >She picks her words carefully before speaking again.
  44. >"Introductions are a good place to start as any, I'm Love Hearts, but you can just call me Love. May I get your name please?"
  45. >Love Hearts?
  46. >Jesus.
  47. >But really, you can't complain either.
  48. "I'm Anonymous. Anon for short."
  49. >"That's a lovely name dear."
  50. "Um...thank you."
  51. >You got laughed out of school for that name, but you guess it works here.
  52. >Gotta count those small blessings.
  53. >"So Anon, how are you feeling right now?"
  54. >You stop yourself from automatically saying "Fine." like you normally would.
  55. >No real point in lying about how close to a mental break down you really were.
  56. "I'm scared, confused, a little sore from my own flailing yesterday, and all around just unhappy."
  57. >Love's expression turned to one of worry.
  58. >She stood up so she could climb on the bed and sit next to you.
  59. >Reaching a hoof out she made tentative contact with your shoulder.
  60. >When you didn't try to bite at her hoof or whatever the mentally ill did when they were touched she hooked her arm around you and pulled you slowly into her lap, making sure you were still okay before finally seated ontop of her with both her legs wrapping you in a hug.
  61. >It was pretty nice, REALLY nice actually.
  62. >It was soft and warm.
  63. >Without really thinking you nuzzled a bit into her chest.
  64. >"You're safe here dear. I promise whatever happened we can do our best to help you with."
  65. >You doubted that, but you won't tell her so.
  66. >You two just kinda stay like that for a few seconds before she let you go.
  67. >With some reluctance you got off her and sat back in the same place you've been all morning while she remains where she sat.
  68. >"Anon, this might be hard for you, but could you please tell me what happened to you?"
  69. >The golden question.
  70. >Now if only you had a solid answer.
  71. >You sure as hell weren't about to incriminate yourself any further as a lunatic by trying to tell her about being a dude stuck inside a little girl horse's body, and even if you did the last thing you remember was going to bed.
  74. >With little else to tell her you go with the simplest thing you could think of.
  75. "I don't know. I just remember going to bed and when I woke up I was here. Or where ever that fountain was anyway."
  76. >"Is that really all you can remember? You were acting very strangely and shouting very strange things, are you certain there isn't anything you're not telling me?"
  77. "...Yes, I promise. I know what I said, but I was having a really bad dream so when I woke up and saw where I was things kind just started running together in my head as I started to panic."
  78. >This is where you had to sell it hard.
  79. >Taking a shaky breath you let some very fear and confusion that was still bubbling in you rise so tears could start forming in your eyes.
  80. >You then looked Love straight in the eyes as you spoke your chosen lie.
  81. "I don't *Sniff* remember anything. My parents, my *sniff* mom and dad, where I live. I-I just don't remember anything."
  82. >While a lie, your feeling was very much real as you began to cry in earnest.
  83. >You had only meant to let out enough to get the waterworks going, but emotions were tricky and once you got started the tide of feeling you buried started rushing out.
  84. >Swiftly you were brought in for another hug, a lot tighter this time as Love cooed in your ear, trying her best to comfort you.
  85. >Honestly you needed this, just to cry yourself out for a bit and let some of this stress go.
  86. >It really didn't solve your problems of course, you were still confused as all hell, but at least you felt a bit better.
  87. >After a few minutes you started to calm down and again you were let go to return to your favorite sitting spot.
  88. >"Okay Anon, I have to go talk to some friends of mine and see how we may be able to help you."
  89. >Love stood up and walked over to the door and paused after opening it.
  90. >"There's a bathroom down the hall to your left, and if you need anything you can normally find one of us walking the halls. Right now breakfast is being served, are you feeling hungry?"
  92. >You're not in particularly, but that was likely just your emotions more than not having an appetite.
  93. >Nodding at her affirmatively you move to stand up.
  94. >Then face plant after you realized that you this was the first you've tried standing under your own power using four hooves.
  95. >Love was quick to try and help you but put a hoof up to stop her as you try to clamber back on your hooves.
  96. "I'm fine, I just lost my balance."
  97. >Slowly you stand, trying your best not to look awkward.
  98. >Almost mechanically you begin to take small steps.
  99. >It feels weird as fuck but you figure it out quickly.
  100. >Your stride is a little off but Love doesn't question you as the two of you walk out into the hall.
  102. >You had thought to try and get a better look of the home as you two walked to the cafeteria, but your mind turned to more urgent things instead.
  103. >Like what you were actually going to do in the immediate future.
  104. >You really weren't sure what you could do.
  105. >You're far from having any kind of strong grasp on how this horse society works or even how advanced they are as a species.
  106. >And even if you did you were still very obviously a child right now, so however things worked around here it would be very hard to hold any kind of agency to figure it out on your own.
  107. >Seeing as you were already in the crazy bin it's looking like you're left with EXTREMELY few options.
  108. >For now, it seems like the best thing you could do was just play your part and learn about your environment.
  109. >Definitly find a way to get out of here.
  110. >While you did in fact believe that this older horses wanted to just help what was clearly a mentally scarred filly, they would only think your mind is truly gone if you told them what your REAL problem was.
  111. >Or hell, maybe your brain did fuck off and this is all made up?
  112. >Well there's no point in going down that rabbit hole, real or not you'll definitely drive yourself mad if question reality all the time.
  113. >It's just as you affirm to yourself to consider what's been set before you as real, for better or for worse, that you and Love reach the cafeteria.
  114. >Love puts a hoof on your shoulder, grabbing your attention.
  115. >"Alright Anon dear, go ahead and grab some breakfast while I speak with my friends and then we'll have a more proper talk afterward okay?"
  116. "Okay, thank you Love."
  117. >Nodding at you she removes her hoof and walks off back down the hall.
  118. >You looked around at the room.
  119. >More or less it just looked like a generic American style school cafeteria.
  120. >There were only five other kids there, which had several implications that you could consider later.
  121. >For now, you head over to the lunch line and grab a tray.
  122. >Or at least try to, hooves and all.
  124. >You had tried reaching for a tray instinctively, but quickly realized that a hoof was not a hand once again.
  125. >Not wanting to look anymore handicapped then you likely already seemed you quickly settled with grabbing the tray with your mouth and walked down the line.
  126. >No one looked at you funnily so you guessed the mouth holding was fine for now, but you'd definitely needed to figure out how to do things with your hooves fast if you wanted to survive.
  127. >Reaching the first set of pans you looked at the selection.
  128. >You saw a surprisingly impressive display of breakfast foods before you.
  129. >Pancakes, crepes, hash browns, scrambled eggs, and other assorted morning meal staples.
  130. >But with the meats replaced with lots of veggies and hay.
  131. >You probably should have seen that one coming.
  132. >Trying to figure out what you should have you don't notice the stallion walking up to behind the counter until he speaks up.
  133. >"Hey 'der lil miss, anything you lookin' far in particular?"
  134. >Startled for a moment, you look up at the smiling face of the...horned horse?
  135. >A unicorn?
  136. >Yes, with magic.
  137. >Because he was holding a ladle mid-air with dark pink sparkles.
  138. >Whatever, you've stared at him too long now, just chuck it into the "Freak the fuck out about it later" brain bin.
  139. >You set your tray down on the metal rack and take one more scan over the selection.
  140. "Um, some hash browns and pancakes please?"
  141. >"Comin' right up youngin'"
  142. >And so he generously magics onto your tray a small mound of hash browns and a stack of three pancakes, even topping your edible tower with a healthy dollop of syrup.
  143. >But before you could thank him and move down the line he lifted some of the hay up and gave you a slight questioning look.
  144. >"Ya want any hay miss?"
  145. >Oh shit.
  146. >You have no idea how important or not hay was to horses or their diets.
  147. >Quickly you scramble an answer together.
  148. "Oh, right, sure, thank you."
  149. >"Heh, no problem at all lil miss!"
  151. >He gives you a grin as he puts the small helping of hay on your tray.
  152. >You can only smile weakly before moving on down the line.
  153. >Hay, huh?
  154. >Well you could try it, you should technically be able to digest it fine, and if nothing else you could just toss it when no one was looking.
  155. >You pass some fruits, not really giving them a look as you felt your currents load was sufficient enough for now, and stop before the drink selection.
  156. >And what a selection!
  157. >At least SEVEN types of juices!
  158. >You can't really complain about it as you fumble to grab a juice box.
  159. >What else should you have expected, a soda dispenser?
  160. >At last you reach the end of the line.
  161. >Turning carefully as not to drop any of your payloads as you held it precariously with your mouth, you looked about the room for a seat.
  162. >Thankfully the table closest to you was empty.
  163. >It made it bearable to both try and walk on unsure legs while holding the food.
  164. >A short few steps and you were sitting at the table, placing your food down.
  165. >Sigh escaping your mouth you at your food, a small but notable feeling of joy coursing through your mind at the thought of eating it.
  166. >You reached a hoof out to grab your fork and-
  167. >Wait.
  168. >Oh, right.
  169. >Shit.
  170. >How would you even use a fork anyway with hooves?
  171. >As covertly as you could you glanced around the room, trying to see how the other kids eat their food.
  172. >Aross from you at another table was a colt who was eating some pancakes as well, the only difference being his was topped with some fruit.
  173. >He was just straight up taking bites from his food on the plate, then using a napkin to dap his face when he got something on it.
  174. >Okay then, you could with that.
  175. >Leaning forward you carefully take a bite out of your pancakes, trying not to get too much syrup on your face.
  176. >A little strange, but the pancake's good and you could always just grab some napkins if you started to make a mess of yourself.
  177. >For the next few minutes you just sit there quietly and munch on your food.
  179. >It was a small annoyance to get the staw in your juice box but after some maneuvering with both your mouth and hooves you managed and took some swigs.
  180. >Man, apple juice is good no matter what.
  181. >Soon enough your tray is bare with the exception of the hay.
  182. >You eye it hesitantly.
  183. >Were you really considering eating it?
  184. >Yes, because you were going to be faced with this problem again you were sure, so here and now would be the best time to get it over with.
  185. >Bringing your head down you give the hay a sniff.
  186. >Yup, that's hay alright.
  187. >You take a deep breath and let it out before biting into the grass and chewing it in one swift motion.
  188. > just kinda nothing.
  189. >As you move it about your mouth you find that's much akin to bread, just kind of plain.
  190. >You could live with plain.
  191. >With a shrug you eat the rest of it so you could finish off your meal.
  192. >Now finished you grab your tray and proceed to bring it over the trash/tray collecter near the corner of the room.
  193. >Empty juice box tossed and tray put up you turn around only to crash right into someone.
  194. "Aug!"
  195. >"Oof!"
  196. >Quickly you try to scramble backward a few steps only to have your legs collied with each other, stupid horse legs, and promptly land on your ass with a hardy SMACK.
  197. >"Oh my goodness I'm so sorry!"
  198. >You blink a few times before your totally back with reality as the clearly female voice keep apologizing.
  199. >Standing back you wave your hoof at them in a dismissive manner, looking away with a bit red tinting your cheeks.
  200. "It's fine, it was just an accident."
  201. >"Ar-are you sure you're alright? I'm REALLY sorry!"
  202. "It's okay, really."
  203. >Turning your head towards her you look at the girl so you could address her properly.
  204. >She was about as tall as you yet still smaller thanks to her thinner build.
  205. >Her mane is a charmingly crazy mess of light gold curls that just began to cover her eyes with a tail to match.
  207. >She has a horn jutting out from higher upon her forehead that with a ring around it that was currently holding her own remnants of a meal on a tray held aloft with a deep purple aura.
  208. >Her fur was short and silky looking plus a very light shade of pink.
  209. >Right now she looked frightened.
  210. >"I'm still really sorry though."
  211. >You put on the best smile you could for her
  212. "I'm not mad you know, it's completely fine I promise."
  213. >"Alright, if you're really okay."
  214. >You nod at her in the positive before holding a leg out to her.
  215. "I'm Anonymous, or just Anon, what's your name?"
  216. >She grasps your hoof with her own and gives it a firm shake.
  217. >"I'm Risa Dorada, but you can just call me Risa!"
  218. >Risa Dorada sounded surprisingly normal, yet something about it bothered you.
  219. >Oh well.
  220. "It's nice to meet you, Risa. Say, I just got here and really don't anyone here, would you mind talking with me for a while?"
  221. >Normally you might not be so socially bold, but you wanted to get some information from her.
  222. >First, anything in general you could learn about these horses as a whole.
  223. >Second is a little more about the mental home you were in.
  224. >And finally if you could, learn a little about unicorns since she is one.
  225. >She looked a little surprised after asking her to talk with you.
  226. >"You want to talk..with ME?"
  227. "Well yeah, that's why I asked. Do you not want to talk with ME?"
  228. >"Oh no no no, not that at all, I'm just surprised. No one ever wants to talk to me aside from the doctors and nurses."
  229. "Well, now I do, that is if you want."
  230. >She perked up almost instantly.
  231. >"I would love too!"
  232. >In a flash she had levitated her tray to the disposal area and grabbed you by the hoof, leading you back out to the hallway as you tried your very damndest to not fall over while hobbling on three legs
  233. >"Come on, after breakfast is free time. The playroom is the perfect place to talk!"
  234. "O-okay, just, could you slow down a little please?"
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