[Doubt] How much time google needs to pickup the keywords ?

Jul 3rd, 2020
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  1. [Doubt] How much time google needs to pickup the keywords ?
  2. But Google has not picked up a single keyword for the articles ?
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  14. What is the reason behind this ?
  15. When Will Google pickup keywords?
  16. DO I need to wait more ?
  17. Is this a bad sign that the domain has some issue with google previously ?
  19. What's The reason ?
  20. usally 2 weeks , sometimes quicker.
  22. normall indexing 3 to 8 months .
  24. when you submitted the domain should use a indexing service .
  26. also ping the domain .
  28. and also add domain to a already indexed website.
  30. you can point some web 2.0 at the domain to help indexing aswell .
  32. google very snail slow these days
  34. usally keywords do index quicker then the domain.(( google arse way upwards))
  36. gd luck.
  37. ill tell you why .
  39. google the best search engine but we got such powefull websites know like reddit,quora,facebook .
  41. indexing for google they dont care .
  43. they no we are not ransom via google traffic only .
  45. get me!
  47. why google so slow
  49. if you got a business you dont have to use google and that pissed google off as they where the leading kings in traffic .
  51. no more google is still used in seo but money wise you can use facbook and reddit and get better results and add google adsence so of course google pissed lol
  53. as time go on your start seeing even more powerfull websites but google will still be a indexing servise .
  55. but most ppl dont use google , they go directly to the website they want , that no good for google, as you can see google not as powefull as it use to be, it slowly losing it power .
  57. if google continues playing with it privacy policeys eventually everybody will leave google .
  58. If you had more authority they might snap up your articles quickly, but the less they trust you the more they seem to make you wait in my experience. I feel that making you wait is something done to make SEO people squirm in hopes they make a misstep. Practice patience.
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  63. hosting or cloud
  64. domain verification
  65. bitcointalk.org
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