Aura of Cursive Seduction (Majesty •••, Vigor ••)

Jan 5th, 2015
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  1. Aura of Cursive Seduction
  2. (Majesty •••, Vigor ••)
  3. Your character's aura is half oozing sensuality, half trap door spider. Whenever a character lashes out at his Beast, he can let that Beast in just enough to trap it, replacing it with complete and utter, undeniable infatuation.
  4. Cost: 1 Vitae
  5. Dice Pool: Presence + Subterfuge + Majesty
  6. Action: Reflexive
  7. Once your character has this Devotion, he may activate it reflexively any time a character lashes out at him. Instead of rolling to lash back out, use his Aura of Cursive Seduction dice pool to contest. If successful, your character receives Bestial, Competitive, or Wanton as if the aggressor won the contest. However, the aggressor gains the Persistent Enthralled Condition, and the Quelled Condition.
  8. As well, your character may activate this Devotion when he lashes out at another character. However, you use the normal dice pool for lashing out with the Seductive Beast in that case (Presence + Blood Potency).
  9. This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.
  11. Quelled (New Persistent Condition)
  12. Your character's Beast is utterly tamed, perhaps removed. Your character can still frenzy, but gains +5 dice to all frenzy resistance rolls. He cannot Ride the Wave. As well, he cannot use his Blood Potency in dice pools to resist Disciplines or other supernatural powers.
  13. Resolution: Resolve the Enthralled Condition
  14. Beat: Suffer a significant loss or setback due to a Discipline where Blood Potency might normally protect him.
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