Peter Parker Quest Rules

Aug 4th, 2013
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  1. Peter Parker Quest Rules
  3. This Quest system is a d20 variant.
  5. The first rule is one of the most important for everyone having a good time: Keep things civil. Peaceful that is, not civil war.
  7. In Peter Parker Quest, there’s a simple role for rolls, when I ask for a roll, I take the first three results, which are then applied to a DC which I give you. Your stats will add benefits or penalties to your rolls. However, when I ask for a roll with modifiers, for the roll to be counted I need to see the rolls with the correct modifier applied to it.
  9. Furthermore, if, within the first three rolls, there is a one or a twenty rolled, it is either an automatic failure or success, respectively. But, there’s also something else.
  11. Edit: If a DC is fifteen points or higher than the maximum that can be obtained with a twenty plus modifiers, then it is NOT an automatic success. This is the only exception. Some things aren't always possible to do, especially on the first attempt.
  13. There are Spectacular Points, which you earn upon the rolling of a twenty, which can be used to
  15. 1) add a bonus of +8 to your roll before you roll. Pre-roll: to use a spectacular point before you roll, there must be five people minimum, without rolling and in the first three minutes after my post announcing a roll, who go ‘use a spectacular point for the roll’ for it to be counted for a preroll. Even if someone does roll in that period, it is still allowed to be used in this manner.
  16. 2) add a +4 to your roll after you roll
  17. 4) Reroll. If this is used, however, your Parker Luck will grow if the original roll was that of a one...
  18. 5) Cheat Death. You may spend two Spectacular points when you are about to die to avoid that fate.
  19. 6) Reduce your Parker Luck. For Each Spectacular point you burn, you can reduce your Parker Luck by an amount equal to the points you burn.
  21. You may only have 3 Spectacular Points to begin with, but you have ways of increasing that.
  23. There is also the Parker Luck. This foul meter builds up as you roll ones, use a reroll on a one, or attempt certain actions throughout the Quest.
  25. For each point it increases, the Parker Luck will aid your major enemies. For example, if the villain is trying to find you loved ones or any other villainous schemes, they will have a bonus to their roll equal to your Parker Luck.
  27. If a villain finds out your secret identity- your parker luck will decrease by ten. However, this means that they know who you are- Peter Parker. Secondly, if anyone you love dies- it will reduce to zero.
  29. At the end of a Quest story arc, you will be awarded points equal to how well you all did according to your goals. These points will go to buying you talents or increasing your stats.
  31. To increase your primary and secondary two stats up until 15, one point will be required.
  32. From 16 to 19, Two points will be required
  33. 20 to 25, four.
  34. 26 to 28, five
  35. 29-30, six.
  37. The cost is doubled for your two third-tier stats to be increased.
  39. Your stats will be:
  41. Strength- this affects how much damage you can do.
  42. Agility. How dexterous and able to dodge you are. It also affects your finesse on delicate work.
  43. Constitution. - How well you can take a hit. This stat, doubled, is your HP.
  44. Intelligence- How smart you are and how well you apply it -Required as Primary
  45. Willpower- How strong your will is to overcome tragedy or other obstacles.
  46. Fellowship- How well you get along with and interact with others.
  48. Available talents will be listed as they become unlocked or can be purchased at the end of an Arc with an appropriate point cost for each.
  50. Notice- I do not own Peter Parker or anything that belongs to Marvel Comics.
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