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  1. <size=30>Hello and welcome to Epsilon Gaming!</size>
  2. Pressable <color=blue>Discord</color> Link: <link=""></link>
  4. <size=30><color=yellow>Rules</color></size>
  5. 1. Do not advertise groups, servers, YouTube videos etc.
  6. 2. No soundboards, voice changers, or playing music loudly through the microphone on the Intercom, over radio or in Spectator chat.
  7. 3. Do not impersonate others.
  8. 4. No discrimination of any type.
  9. 5. Don't disrespect/insult users.
  10. 6. Staff decision is final, Do not argue/bargain with the staff. If you feel a staff member is abusing, please contact go in the Discord Freqequently Asked Questions.
  11. 7. Don't discuss politics, exploits, hacks or religion here.
  12. 8. Excessive name calling, threats or harassment will not be tolerated and will be moderated.
  13. 9. Asking anything related to your staff application will not be tolerated, as it can get annoying.
  14. 10. Disrupting a staff sit by; leaving them, entering them without permission, ignoring staff, etc. is not allowed.
  15. 11. This server is English-only, if you have large conversations in other languages, you will be asked to stop.
  16. 12. Don't abuse glitches.
  17. 13. Don't use any third party addons. (Hacks)
  19. <size=30><color=yellow>Plugins</color></size>
  20. <b>914helditems</b>
  21.   You can just hold your items in your hand in SCP-914, you don't have to drop them!
  22. <b>EscapeItems</b>
  23.   You keep your items when you escape! No need to drop them and pick them up again! The items you can't carry get dropped at your feet
  24.   when you respawn.
  25. <b>BetterDisarming</b>
  26.   Disarmed players cannot open doors. Disarmed list:
  27.   Class-D > MTF Cadet
  28.   MTF > CI
  29.   CI > MTF Lieutenant
  30.   Scientist > CI
  32. That's all, thanks for reading!
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