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Dec 10th, 2012
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  1. Here's the next answer:
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by SussToTheJew But this is the sticking point with me: what you say (and I've read your books) is well proven. But the logic evades me, as the diversification of United States, something symbolically strengthened by the re-election of the worst president in US history, by both Whites and blacks etc, simply for the fact he's black; means the decline of the US. It means that the White might; the White brain power; everything that built up the nation will belost to races who only suck and crumble civilizations. How does that help the jew, when they RELY on the US, as its chiefhost,to ensure its existence? When the US fails, the Jew is surrounded. Israel is the most hated country on earth.
  5. You have encapsulated the main reason why White people have not been able to defend themselves against the Jewish extremists.
  7. You think they are like us. That they are logical, they are forgiving,they are generous, they are empathetic to others, they are reasonable, they are honest.
  9. So... you think we can reason with them, negotiate with them. That we can bring them to our position and make them see the logical good for both them and us if they abandon this evil insanity of Jewish supremacism.
  11. WRONG!
  13. Read their Talmud. They have a collective mental illness. The Talmud is exactly opposite of the mentality you and I have. You think they have the same reasonable mentality that you possess.
  15. They don't!
  17. They are driven by hate. You are not.
  19. They are paranoid. Illusions of grandeur and of persecution.
  21. You are not.
  23. As Kevin MacDonald shows clearly in his masterpieces, they have evolved into a human predator. And you are their prey, or perhaps simply seen as their chiefcompetitor for the earth, a competitor that they must eliminate by any means necessary.
  25. They are not YOU.
  27. In all my years of associating with what the ADL calls the worst and "most hateful anti-Semites," I have never met a single quote "anti-Semite" who would ever contemplate launching sick porn upon Jews in order to defile and weaken Jewish children and harm the Jewish people. Unthinkable!
  29. Think about the fact that such would never enter your mind.
  31. But Jewish porn kings and Jewish intellectuals calmly tell us that is exactly what porn is, a Jewish wielded weapon to destroy White people as well as a money maker...driven by "atavistic hatred."
  33. They do the same with the Ziowood promotion of drugs, alcohol, race-mixing and sexual degeneracy!
  35. You will never understand that kind of mentality.
  37. But hopefully you can understand that their mentality is different than yours.
  39. Until you understand that they are not you, you cannot fight them effectively,or defend your loved ones from them.
  41. The best analogy is the old scorpion and the frog story.
  43. The frog is about to swim across a river.
  45. The scorpion asks for a ride across.
  47. The frog says no way, you will sting and kill me if I help you by letting you on my back.
  49. The scorpion says, "No way, why would I logically do that, for then we would both drown."
  51. So the frog says " ok, hop on I will take you across the river."
  53. In the middle of the river the scorpion stings the frog.
  55. As they are both going down, the frog says, "Why did you sting me, now we will both drown?"
  57. The scorpion answers, "Stupid frog, because it is my nature to sting you. I did what I am made to do. That is the only logic you need to understand.
  59. The truth is that you don't have understand why the Jews as a group do what they do. All you have to understand that they DO IT.
  61. All you have to see the 3,000 years of Jewish actions against non-Jews. All you have to look at is the tens of millions of our men women and children murdered by the Jewish Bolsheviks or the tens of millions of our people slaughtered in Jewish driven wars. All you haveto seeisthe Jewish leadership in every collective poison destroying our people.
  63. Freudianism, Boasism, Bolshevism,Porn,Drugs, Sexual Degeneracy, Race-mixing, Radical Feminism, Massive non-White immigration to White Nations. White self-hate, Zio Bankersterism and the zioFED, and of course ZIOwars and ZioIsrael. And of course the Ziomedia which promotes all of these genocidal actions.
  65. This tiny, malevolent tribe has supported every one of these mortal ills. Are you not aware of this fact?
  67. Did I really have to list them here?
  69. The final metaphor I can offer you one I have been using quite a bit.
  71. The Terminator.
  73. In the film, the human fighter explains to woman he is trying to protect, a woman who can't understand this creature trying to kill her,....
  75. "You must understand. You cannot reason with it, you can't negotiate with it, it has no empathy for your or your unborn child. It will keep on coming until you and all your kind are destroyed."
  77. Europeans for centuries just couldn't understand the real nature of the Ziomites. For two thousand years in western civilization, even from the time of the Greeks and the Romans, our "reasonable and kind-hearted people have been trying to make Europeans out of Jews and give them a European mentality.
  79. The Greeks got paid back for their kindness and tolerance by being massacred in Jerusalem along with those Jews who assimilatedwith them.
  81. That massacre is called Hanukkah and is still celebrated by Jews nearly at the same time as Christianscelebratethelove, peace and goodwill of Christmas. And the fact that the symbol of this genocidalcelebration isput up in frontof the White House while Christian symbols such as the cross or manger sceneisnow banned , shows their supremacy over us.
  83. Many people on this forum say that we are responsible for our own demise. That we should blame ourselves and not the Jewish genociders.
  85. In one way they are right.
  87. We do have one overriding flaw.
  89. That flaw, the one that literally has put us on the edge of extinction, is our seemingl inability to recognize clearly the mortal enemy that the Jewish race has been to our very existence.
  91. Those that tell us the Jewish supremacists are not the ultimate problem are the latest manifestation of that flaw, a fatal flaw.
  93. We want to think they are like us, amenable to reason, to the values of love and morality and decency and beauty and empathy.
  95. Some individuals Jews may have capacity.
  97. But, the group does not.
  99. Not recognizing that fact is why our people and all the beauty and progress and ideals represented by our people are now perched on the edge of the abyss.
  101. I am one European who recognizes this mortal, ultimate threat.
  103. I am one European who lives every day of his life in service to his people against the greatest threat to our people and to all the people on the this planet.
  105. This knowledge of our enemy is the most important knowledge in the battle for our survival and in a lifeof meaning and beautyforour children.
  107. I urge you to accept this knowledge.
  109. To let it sink into your mind, your heart, your sinews and bones and your very soul itself.
  111. Until you do, you will never be an effective warrior for your people's survival.
  113. For knowing this one forbidden truth, recognizing the ultimate enemy and all its manifestations, is the only key to our survival.
  115. Dr. DavidDuke
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