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  2. AlephLast Friday at 12:44 AM
  3. how bad was that stream lmao
  4. Electricity117Last Friday at 12:47 AM
  5. reputation wise, really shit 11, but it was really funny
  6. almost choked on my popcorn a few times
  7. offwoLast Friday at 5:23 AM
  8. I hate to say this, but I think you went too far
  9. like, be aware that a rando would think you were just insulting particular ais for no reason
  10. PromiskuitivLast Friday at 5:58 AM
  11. Aleph I don't have a proper mic with me at the moment but then I'd be up for it in the afternoons :thumbsup:
  12. CheeseOnToastLast Friday at 7:26 AM
  13. yknow @Aleph you can remove/eliminate all the teams which have sub in it if you're not having fun with it. I like to have fun when i script, not hear flaming, insults and the word fuck every few seconds. It's clear to me you aren't enjoying yourself so you can do everyone a favor and just get rid of it from your tournament. I've barely gained anything of value from it so far so let's not waste each others time.
  14. AlephLast Friday at 2:15 PM
  15. destroy the integrity of the tournament AND ruin the viewing experience for everyone else?
  16. wtf is wrong with u
  17. CheeseOnToastLast Friday at 3:31 PM
  18. the tournament and viewing experience was already ruined by your vile and pompous behavior imo, couldn't even watch that vod. it was terrible.
  19. i want no part in a tournament where someone ridicules AI's like you have been.
  20. MalatestaLast Friday at 3:31 PM
  21. you should keep in mind that cheeseonetoast gives you the right to use his work in your tournaments, knowing that he would be entitled to refuse it. In the past, the AIs used were those whose authors had signed up.
  22. CheeseOnToastLast Friday at 3:32 PM
  23. I'm fine with the banter and I can take the criticism, but it's gotten to the point where it's not funny/enlightening anymore and it's just plain outright attacks.
  24. MalatestaLast Friday at 3:32 PM
  25. lol cheese, looks like we were reacting at the exact same moment :stuck_out_tongue:
  26. CheeseOnToastLast Friday at 3:32 PM
  27. :smile:
  28. (and this isn't just me and sub either, it's other AI in general, it's not a fun or enjoyable tournament to experience or be part of)
  29. MalatestaLast Friday at 3:35 PM
  30. only AIs should practice the banter, like tribal does with promi
  31. :smile:
  32. CheeseOnToastLast Friday at 3:36 PM
  33. 1 11
  34. MalatestaLast Friday at 3:37 PM
  35. next tourney will be on WK
  36. I will start thinking about it
  37. CheeseOnToastLast Friday at 3:39 PM
  38. 7
  39. willdbeastLast Friday at 3:42 PM
  40. wk fn?
  41. I have a bot for that
  42. CheeseOnToastLast Friday at 3:50 PM
  43. fn is boaz turf
  44. willdbeastLast Friday at 3:51 PM
  45. @BoazF when are you quitting your job to steam more fn
  46. BoazFLast Friday at 3:51 PM
  47. Need house and food
  48. Stream no gib enough money to get house and food
  49. Work does
  50. But makes me tired
  51. willdbeastLast Friday at 3:52 PM
  52. unfort
  53. PromiskuitivLast Friday at 4:51 PM
  54. "only AIs should practice the banter, like tribal does with promi"
  55. Still best friends :grin:
  56. And it's in a fun manner :smile:
  57. wattleLast Saturday at 2:36 AM
  58. CoT at least Aleph had good trust in your resign rules 11. Also he had to/did blame red Illu for the failed flush attack :joy: and yellow Sub did some support for the red flank.
  59. Would be sad if you stay too upset for long (well I'm not sure how I could/would handle (drunk) trashtalk/shouting all the way on my work, if I were trying to always improve it)
  61. In general I like some trashtalk, just I like to stay sure the other person can take it or if in doubt try to make that sure afterwards. Ofc in case of a drunk cast, not sure how good that is possible (me doesn't drink).
  62. At some point @Aleph you were shouting very loud, which I didn't like.
  63. (care!:
  65. I do like the format and the games so far were generally interesting to watch and see how well the different AIs were able to work together.
  66. YouTube
  67. AIScripters
  68. BYM2: Dumb and Dumber vs. Retreat Code (Swiss Stage) - casted by Aleph
  70. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 2:51 AM
  71. Like I said, if Aleph isn't happy with Subjugator, I want him to remove it from the tournament. I never asked him to put it there in the first place, but I never told him not to use it either (so I guess that's on me) but that isn't my only problem.
  72. These constant flames and attacks against AI's, insulting creators, swearing every few seconds... while drunk no less is NOT what AI scripters represents.
  73. If you want to do that, do it on your own channel, don't bring us all down with your pompous and vile behavior.
  74. I'm not into that crap, therefore I don't want to be involved with it.
  75. wattleLast Saturday at 3:02 AM
  76. CoT you should cover the Sub-games (and what other AIs may trigger Aleph the most) maybe with Promi :grinning: . So we get variety caster, you can analyse pros and cons and Aleph and us viewers have fun with the other games
  77. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 3:03 AM
  78. I don't have much free time to cast right now
  79. I would gladly do that, though
  80. wattleLast Saturday at 3:04 AM
  81. AoE2DE eh :wink:
  82. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 3:04 AM
  83. yep
  84. wattleLast Saturday at 3:05 AM
  85. 7
  86. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 3:06 AM
  87. i only script about an hour a day or something, and whatever i make/change gets tested in Xhip games
  88. i don't have free time to run AI vs AI games over and over
  89. so that's my reasoning for subjugator's inconsistent and sub-optimal performance 11, if I don't see it/know about it, it won't get repaired/looked into
  90. I didn't watch Aleph stream, all I know is, every time i skipped ahead i heard "fuck"
  91. and i closed the tab
  92. good to know that sub has some dodgy resign rules though I can look into that
  93. Electricity117Last Saturday at 3:08 AM
  94. the main part start at 9:30 when he goes completely ballistic vs Sub and you, basically thats all thats needed to be seen to know its not okay for the community
  95. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 3:09 AM
  96. all people have to do is tell me the bugs they see and i can look into fixing them
  97. if nobody tells me they won't get fixed
  98. it's that easy lol
  99. enmiphoLast Saturday at 3:09 AM
  100. Nah the resign rules were fine
  101. He was saying Sub had good resign rules unlike Juggernaut iirc
  102. Electricity117Last Saturday at 3:10 AM
  103. Also, the way Aleph commentates when drunk is funny as hell to me, but however who he targets when taken personally isn't okay and also how its on a community channel, as well as constant swearing also is not professional for representing the AIScripters community. What if T90's fans happened to be watching too and the thousands of people seeing it. Unfortunately we're already losing people and we don't need to be losing even more. I'm here because I want to script for AoE2 with my fellow scripters, especially CheeseOnToast and the others that play with us during late nights, notably Xhip, CoT, and Offwo, I enjoy those games regardless of how terrible I am at the game, but the point is having the community here to enjoy AoE2 together.
  104. and yes, your resign rules are fine :)
  105. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 3:11 AM
  106. oh, then I misunderstood wattle's comment lol
  107. yes, exactly Electricity
  108. fun first.
  109. I'm fine with jokes and all that, but then there is taking it too far
  110. and that's simply not on, especially for someone who has a lot of influence inside of the community
  111. makes us all look like a bunch of assholes
  112. nobody would want to join or be part of that shit
  113. Electricity117Last Saturday at 3:14 AM
  114. i really want to help build the ai scripting community but with stuff like that it deff wont happen
  115. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 3:14 AM
  116. we lost followers after that stream ....
  117. actually subs resign ruless are dodgy
  118. it doesn't do math
  119. 1v4 it won't resign
  120. Electricity117Last Saturday at 3:18 AM
  121. i wouldnt doubt that we'd lose followers after that stream. my ai currently has no resign rules, im working on perfecting dark age, developing feudal age and castle age and its ability to combat vs top AIs, and then other stuff
  123. Some of my history:
  124. From what ive heard before this used to be a thriving place, i remember finding the website years ago and initially was looking for ai scripts and stuff like that, i thought it was a dead forum or something like that and went on to do my own thing, then later last year i wanted to find people to script with and here i am enjoying userpatch and scripting.
  125. personally i rather script than make my video game 11
  126. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 3:22 AM
  127. yes, each AI grow at different rates
  128. all AI are beautiful in some way 11
  129. Electricity117Last Saturday at 3:23 AM
  130. Valkyrie :p
  131. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 3:26 AM
  132. 1
  133. TriRemLast Saturday at 3:29 AM
  134. is DeliveryMan beautiful in its own way too ?
  135. :FeelsChromosomeMan:
  136. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 3:31 AM
  137. yes
  138. it performs a unique strategy, and that can be appreciated as no other AI's will attempt to do that ever
  139. enmiphoLast Saturday at 3:58 AM
  140. Wait, is that a persian douche AI?
  141. Only thing I could find on aiscr was
  142. Which makes it seem like that
  143. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 4:03 AM
  144. that's the one
  145. TriRemLast Saturday at 5:25 AM
  147. would actually be fun to see a decent douching AI
  148. and by fun I mean cancer :ornluaLUL:
  149. but fun too
  150. JohnLast Saturday at 9:19 AM
  151. Yeah imo you should remove that drubk cast upload
  152. And refrain from casting drunk again @Aleph
  153. willdbeastLast Saturday at 10:25 AM
  154. And refrain from casting again
  155. Electricity117Last Saturday at 8:23 PM
  156. CheeseOnToast new leader of discord
  157. AlephLast Saturday at 8:26 PM
  158. leaked footage of next sub version
  161. willdbeastLast Saturday at 8:26 PM
  162. plot twist
  163. the egg is barbie
  164. Electricity117Last Saturday at 8:27 PM
  165. i rather have that than CoT getting flamed again with Sub
  166. whens next bym? @Aleph
  167. is it 6 months like you said?
  168. AlephLast Saturday at 8:30 PM
  169. didnt u just tell me to fuck out of this community
  170. make up ur mind lmao
  171. Electricity117Last Saturday at 8:32 PM
  172. i have mixed feelings ok?
  173. is that ok?
  174. the only part that makes me mixed was the other night with unfortunate comedy
  175. and just the tilt part, not the community getting flamed over nothing
  176. willdbeastLast Saturday at 8:44 PM
  177. "comedy" is a generous description
  178. Electricity117Last Saturday at 8:52 PM
  179. perhaps, i was dying when i first saw Aleph but after i started realizing how damaging it actually was
  180. and on a community channel, there are silent watchers too
  181. AlephLast Saturday at 10:55 PM
  182. dafug
  183. did i miss something
  184. or u just a bunch of snowflakes
  185. Electricity117Last Saturday at 10:55 PM
  186. bruh
  187. its not professional
  188. what if it was t90 people watching? the whole aoe2 community would hate us because of you
  189. AlephLast Saturday at 10:56 PM
  190. hate us?
  191. or might actually think we got something going on at all
  192. u realise our community is tiny and close to dying
  193. Electricity117Last Saturday at 10:57 PM
  194. well being unprofessional and making us sound like assholes doesnt help it any
  195. AlephLast Saturday at 10:57 PM
  196. fine, enjoy ur dead circlejerk
  197. anyone wanna take over the discord, youtube, bym, lemme know
  198. Electricity117Last Saturday at 10:58 PM
  199. im sure CheeseOnToast would offer
  200. i want this place to thrive
  201. AlephLast Saturday at 10:58 PM
  202. congrats on just killing it then
  203. esty and promi are the only ppl who might stand a chance of keeping it alive
  204. and promi is inactive
  205. Electricity117Last Saturday at 11:01 PM
  206. its not just 2 people that can keep it active, its the rest of us too
  207. and new people come by here and then
  208. enmiphoLast Saturday at 11:02 PM
  209. Dunno, feels kinda hypocritical to be telling Aleph off, and then in the vod you're the one telling him to do the Dumb and Dumber game
  210. egging him on
  211. AlephLast Saturday at 11:03 PM
  212. guess u missed the part of electricity being a useless emotional basketcase
  213. im just putting shit into perspective, i dont intend to quit on his word
  214. Electricity117Last Saturday at 11:04 PM
  215. enmipho, i didnt think it would turn up to become what it has, didnt think he'd actually go that far
  216. AlephLast Saturday at 11:04 PM
  217. what the fuck did i even say
  218. Electricity117Last Saturday at 11:04 PM
  219. the entire stream
  220. AlephLast Saturday at 11:05 PM
  221. being wasted on twitch u mean?
  222. ah fuck why am i even talking to u
  223. Electricity117Last Saturday at 11:06 PM
  224. look, im just trying to script and enjoy aoe2
  225. stop knocking people like me ffs, it doesnt help, you flame everyone else too and it isnt funny anymore
  226. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 11:23 PM
  227. @Aleph We have stated what the problem is, you are choosing to ignore it or play dumb.
  228. I want good, insightful, and fun tournaments backed up with pleasant streams, not one's that are drunk, has cussing in it every few seconds, constant flaming and insulting towards scripts and scripters and a crap load of other things. This is not a good image for our community and you trying to justify it as "keeping it alive" will only do the opposite.
  229. You might not think it, but you have a LOT of social power, so what you say goes. And if one of the main faces of AI scripters is being a lil pompous asshole with vile commentary, people will think we're all like that and won't even bother joining or releasing scripts as they are afraid it will be reviewed with the utmost scrutiny.
  230. I didn't watch the whole vod mind you, but every second i skipped landed me on "fuck" so it wasn't something worth watching it seems
  231. AlephLast Saturday at 11:30 PM
  232. this isnt about my power or what i mean for this community, beyond how much me disappearing would hurt it
  233. we got a very serious conflict of philosophies and priorities, always had
  234. apparently i just threw a live grenade in that by doing a drunk stream
  235. but ye besides esty and armelon (who doesnt even participate, just scripts) there isnt really anyone in this community doing anything that i value anymore
  236. and im not gonna change my personality to appease the rest of the community, since theres no fun in that for me
  237. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 11:34 PM
  238. Then take your streams to your own channel. you can be a dick all you want there.
  239. AlephLast Saturday at 11:34 PM
  240. im not gonna start a channel
  241. dont care enough about aoe2 anymore
  242. havent for a long time
  243. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 11:34 PM
  244. That's obvious.
  245. AlephLast Saturday at 11:34 PM
  246. whenever i do a stream on aiscr i did it for u guys
  247. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 11:34 PM
  248. Your older streams were fine, insightful and fun.
  249. These newer ones are just terrible.
  250. AlephLast Saturday at 11:35 PM
  251. i mean the entire premise of this stream was me being wasted af
  252. CheeseOnToastLast Saturday at 11:36 PM
  253. My advice is, if you have no passion in the game or hell, even passion scripting anymore, you shouldn't be streaming or judging the works on stream.
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