kunori - Episode 13 Commentary (SAO II)

Dec 19th, 2014
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  3. Kirito, overwhelmed by the rapid Estoc attacks. The reason why Death Gun acquired this much skill is because
  4. he relentlessly practiced in the jail ever since being imprisoned in the Black Iron Palace until the game was cleared.
  6. Hecate's scope was broken by Death Gun's L1115 last time. She can zoom with her《Hawkeye》skill, but not enough to aim from this range.
  8. Through my experience supervising and writing screenplays for anime, I was convinced once again that monologues are really difficult.
  9. It does explain emotions in words, but people's thoughts are rarely so clear when verbalized, or rather, when rendered into words.
  11. Even those monologues that feel fine in a novel end up feeling like they《say too much》when performed by the voice actors.
  12. Especially SAO, with it written in Kirito's first-person view; you could say it's all in monologue, in a sense.
  14. The experience with TV anime made me more aware of how human speech works in my novel writing. That might be both good and bad, but…
  16. Hydration was settled with an IV drip in SAO, but dehydration seems like a pretty vital problem in long dives with the AmuSphere, huh.
  17. That said, eating too much before diving would just end up in an automatic shutdown after a warning for the toilet…
  19. I discussed whether Yui should be on the screen during the call with the director, and it ended up as "It might be best if we don't…", lol.
  20. Accel World had complete freedom over that, though, with all those AR displays in that world…
  22. Much like in the intro, the sword fighting scenes between Death Gun and Kirito are really intense…
  23. It feels more than I deserve, as the author, to have my words expressed in a manner so much more amazing like this.
  25. Death Gun's character name in SAO was "XaXa", nicknamed《Red-Eyed XaXa》.
  26. He's one of the three Laughing Coffin members who appeared to PK Yolto and the rest at the end of the《Murder Case in the Area》chapter.
  28. The prediction line on Death Gun's left shoulder is shown as Sinon prepped Hecate without a scope and touched the trigger with her finger.
  30. She didn't shoot as she might hit Kirito, but Death Gun didn't know at first either, naturally evading from the shock of his《real name》.
  32. In the books, it was suggested that Kirito thought of drawing his gun to stop Death Gun from vanishing
  33. only due to Yui and Asuna holding his left hand in reality in this scene.
  35. The skill Kirito performed with the Five-seveN and sword of light is a dual blades sword skill called《Double Circular》.
  36. It's so cool with《The Black Swordsman》's form overlapping!
  38. A grand explosion for Death Gun! …It's due to the sword of light cutting through the Type 54's magazine!
  40. Kirito thought the "they" Death Gun mentioned referred to his accomplices. But it's still long before he finds out its true meaning.
  42. It wasn't voiced, but Sinon's apartment is in Yushima, Bunkyou-ku. Just right next to the Ochanomizu hospital Kirito dived in from.
  44. Still, revealing your real name and address while surrounded by cameras is nerve-wracking even if they don't include audio (haha).
  45. It's like sending out a DM that should never be leaked out on Twitter…!
  47. And the 3rd BoB ends with Sinon's grenade attack (?) at the cost of her life…!
  48. Did you notice how Leafa, Liz, and the rest had their hair sticking out as they saw the winners from ALO?
  50. The GGO players making a clamor in Glocken must have thought Kirito and Sinon as a girl pair… Let's pray they keep that dream forever…
  52. Waking up in her room, Sinon checks everywhere to see if Death Gun's accomplice had sneaked in. It is pretty scary…
  54. And the chime attacks just as she feels relieved over not finding anyone! This is scary too!
  56. And it's finally Shinkawa-kun's turn! The "I'll be the one to protect you… okay?" part was done really well!
  58. In the trial run, when Shino pushed Shinkawa-kun away, making the cake box fall onto the floor, the cast screamed "The cake!" in the booth.
  59. And so, in the next recording, I brought some cake for everyone.
  61. What Shinkawa-kun took out is a needleless high-pressure syringe, the true form of the《Death Gun》.
  63. In it is succinylcholine (suxamethonium), a muscle relaxant that can't be detected in a normal autopsy as it decomposes after death…
  64. Or so it was written in boss Tom Clancy's "The Teeth of the Tiger"!
  66. So it wasn't a coincidence Death Gun held the same black Type 54 Black Star used by the post office robber.
  67. By the way, Endou Kazumi was the one who spread the rumors about Shino's incident.
  69. Hanae Natsuki-san shouted out "ASADASANASADASAN" with all his might as Shinkawa-kun. Thank you for the marvellous performance!
  70. I believe Shinkawa-kun got to sparkle as much as his Majesty, Oberon, thanks to that!
  72. And the 13th episode ends as Kirito-san charges in. Thank you for your company!
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