The exploding girl 2

Ha5ya May 27th, 2019 (edited) 506 Never
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  1. Hello, Hasya from ONS( here c:
  3. Mangdex link to title:
  5. The exploding girl season 2 is currently being uploaded to the author's weibo page (Kinda like China's Twitter)
  6. Which can be found here:
  7. Currently there are 10 + chapters out of season 2
  8. You can search them by googling the following keywords:
  9. #暴烈少女# 第二季 第01話
  10. note: replace 01 with the required chapter number, and with the results giving click the link with:<some random id number>
  12. For your benefit i will add links to the first few chapters here:
  13. 01:
  14. 02:
  15. 03:
  16. 04:
  17. 05:
  18. 06:
  19. 07:
  20. 08:
  21. 09:
  22. 10:
  24. There are more chapters available, as of 27th May 2019, there are currently 21 chapters,
  25. There maybe more that we arent able to find, also even s2 may have been completed
  26. if anyone can confirm do contact me and let me know
  27. Lets hope someone picks up catches up to raws so this is no longer required.
  28. You can google and get them by using the method above, if someone feels like keeping this updated let me know via mangadex or discord.
  30. Regards,
  31. Hasya
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