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  1. BloxenYesterday at 1:31 PM
  2. @cakeicing Thanks for the info. I hope I got accepted for a showcase. I've been building for such a long time. I'm absolutely positive my server will blow you away. I built every single spawn we currently have. Each one with it's own unique theme. And the Hub spawn is a giant 1,400x1,400 explorable rpg area. That one was a headache to finish o-O
  4. GigenoYesterday at 2:15 PM
  5. nice
  7. EnoshadeYesterday at 2:51 PM
  8. You're really trying your best now eh
  10. KaeYesterday at 3:30 PM
  11. Self confidence 100
  13. ShiftYesterday at 7:51 PM
  14. Sometimes you just gotta hype yourself up
  16. KvenomYesterday at 10:43 PM
  17. @Bloxen ay bro msg me ur ip
  19. BloxenToday at 4:06 AM
  20. @Kae over 9000 xD
  21. @Enoshade you know it ;)
  23. KaeToday at 4:11 AM
  24. I mean that's some massive self succ innit @Shift
  26. BloxenToday at 4:31 AM
  27. Lol. I deserve to brag just a little bit after building for 8 years. Someone give me a plaque already like jeeze
  28. One things for sure I'm fixing to make waves in the minecraft community when my timelapse series starts next year for my YouTube. I'll die a legend and I'm going to 3d print one of my creations as tomb stone
  29. I'll 1v1 build anyone anywhere any theme at any time. That shit will be lunch meat to me. I'm a shark in the ocean everyone to me is a little fish at this point.
  30. I have dreams of building in minecraft.  I build in my sleep
  32. ArcaniaxToday at 4:35 AM
  33. :emoji_Thonk:
  35. BloxenToday at 4:36 AM
  36. Name someone who builds 12 enormous spawns in under a year
  37. Nobody.
  39. ArcaniaxToday at 4:37 AM
  40. depends really, there's a lot of builders working on a lot of maps in the marketplace full time
  41. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  42. Self confidence is nice and all, just don't go to overboard with it ^^
  43. otherwise there's a high likelihood people won't like you lol
  45. CibToday at 4:38 AM
  46. Pshh, my grave will just a a giant F on it
  48. ArcaniaxToday at 4:40 AM
  49. @Bloxen which tools/programs do you use to make your spawns? :thinking:
  51. CibToday at 4:41 AM
  52. ^ (right answers only :smile:)
  54. BloxenToday at 4:45 AM
  55. Worldedit, voxelsniper, (fawe), worldpainter.
  56. @Arcaniax I understand that. I'm just tired of not getting the recognition and respect I've worked so hard for. But hopefully that will change next year with my servers release and my YouTube series.
  58. EnoshadeToday at 4:53 AM
  59. You low-key sound like a caricatured character from a tv series. Scale it back a bit, bragging won't get you any recognition; and tbh, most of us build simply because we like building with public recognition being secondary. It's nice and all, but ultimately won't make you much happier.
  61. ArcaniaxToday at 5:02 AM
  62. ^
  63. what Eno said
  64. Also releasing a Minecraft server in 2020 will be pretty tricky to get traction on
  65. So I wouldn't be that hopeful
  66. Just do what you love to do
  67. and people will see your passion behind it
  68. Also I hope you'll check out my Masterclass then since you don't use Arceon yet ^^
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