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Oct 25th, 2015
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  1. Once upon a time there lived a petty little faggot named Trader. He spent most of his time roaming around the streets of Club Penguin, often looking for some more excitement, due to CP being the most boring shit on Earth. Then one day, he saw a CP Army Golds autotyper and decided to look up their site and found their chat. From then on, he would come to golds chat every day and beg everyone for namecolor until he got banned and everyone would laugh and talk shit about him on main when he wiped his ass with a clover. After being completely disatisfied with how many people disliked him in Golds, and after a couple failed leadership terms there, he went on to find refuge in one of the greatest armies in history, the Army of Club penguin, or ACP for short. Wait, lets backtrack for a second, did I say one of the greatest armies in history? I'm sorry, please excuse my mistake, I'm still trying to get over a crack addiction, I go to rehab every day its nothing really. Anyways, lets move on. He joined ACP for the rank of 3ic, where he and Max, who were owner at the same time, took turns shoving clovers in one another's assholes and calling it a new way to recruit. Yes, now ACP recruits by going on CP and shoving green clovers up people's asses, and whoever they do it to gets hypnotized into joining ACP and remaining there for life. Yes, for life. (Boomer20) So after he quickly tore through the ranks due to ACP having a lack of decency and because of high desperation, he found himself as their rightful US leader, hitting a whopping 15 at his first event, and still getting those sizes after three weeks as leader. He truly is a national treasure to this community. He now spends endless hours attempting to recruit with his ass wiping clover method, but even that has begun to fall through the roof. He also spends a majority of his time raging at CP army leaders, who's armies get 5x the size of what ACP does, or has for about 100 years. He continuously accuses other armies of multilogging just because ACP sucks, and pulls false information directly out of his ass, like its his own personal color printer!
  3. The fact of how this all started, well, Trader seems to think ACP is the greatest army alive, but we all fail to see how, considering they only get 15, but really it's none of my business. While armies such as SWAT max 40, his puny ACP talks shit to them and when they threaten war, his only response is, "I'll ignore cus ur irrelevant and i wont fight bots!!!111". Yes, we thank him for those kind and honest words. Now let me read that sentence again but this time with a loaded M93 and a bottle of whiskey. To sum things up, Trader and his green misfits have been talking shit to SWAT and other armies for the past week, but I won't declare war because I value my time, and wasting that much on an army who will just lose a couple servers, still max 10, and still talk shit, would be more than stupid to do. Thanks for having me, stay salty Trader! :)
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