Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 11, Golden destiny

Feb 28th, 2017
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  1. >Cave of Harmony, unknown hour.
  2. >The two powerful creatures, the princess of the sun, Princess Celestia and the all mighty Spirit of Chaos, Discord, were the only individuals in the Cave of Harmony. Both were staring at the motionless body of the colt, Anon, whom was turned to stone by the spell Celestia casted on Discord, only for Anon to block.
  3. >The colt said his last words to his father, moments before being completely turned to stone, a shocking expression in place.
  4. >The anger of a father, the despair and sorrow of a princess. Both were in the same place in the most tragic hour.
  5. >”Turn. Him. Back!” Discord demanded at Celestia, whose words were quivering for the act she just witnessed.
  6. >”I… I… s-someone has to…” But Celestia couldn’t finish her phrase; she was too much in pain, many thoughts going to her mind. While shaking her head and various tears going down her cheeks, Celestia breathed slowly and finished what she wanted to say. “Somepony… has to take the Essence of Cockatrice back… which means… someone would need to turn to stone in order to save Anon from… that curse… it’s the only way.”
  7. >Even if it was a minion of Discord, he was a colt. They never got to talk to each other, she never got the opportunity to at least try to talk and let him know how dangerous Discord is. Maybe if she talked to him back there, this… this wouldn’t have happened.
  8. >But regret started to increase in her side as she remembered all the bad things that elapsed in a single day. Not only she lost the trust of her sister and the first of many towns she managed to save against Discord but now, she accidently made the mistake of turning an innocent colt to stone.
  9. >As for the God of Chaos himself…
  10. >He stared at the statue of his son. His paw touching the stoned mane of the colt, patting it slightly while shaking his head.
  11. >It was a heartbreaking moment…
  12. >”Oh Anon…” He wiped a tear before smirking at his sole son. “You rascal! Haha! Impressive, trying to protect your good ol’ dad without thinking! Now that’s loyalty… finally.”
  13. >…If it wasn’t for the fact that Discord didn’t indeed, care a single bit about the lost of his son.
  14. >Discord snapped his talons and made a camera appear in mid air. Smiling, he came closer to the petrified Anon and he placed his long griffon arm around Anon’s shoulder. “Alright Anon! This one’s for the album, you better no blink!” Smiling to the camera, Discord took a photo with his magic, only for his pupils to fall on the ground. “Ahh, dang it… hate when it happens!” The draconequus complained before picking his own eyeballs.
  15. >Princess Celestia was quivering, confused and still sobbing while looking at the creature of chaos doing his random work. She didn’t know what to think, maybe Discord lost it, she thought. She would if something like this happened to his son, if she ever had one of course.
  16. >Discord swallowed the eyeballs, only to be replaced by a new pair one on his face. After adjusting his sight, he looked to Princess Celestia and with a grin he apologized to her.
  17. >”Oh how rude of me. Sorry for not asking, Princess, do you want to be in the photo too?” He grabbed the camera with his claw. “We can take selfies! I believe that’s the name of it, Anon told me one time about them.” Discord made a duck face while looking at the camera and took one photo with the statue of Anon. “Although I don’t understand the thing about doing that face while taking a photo. Oh well, beats me.”
  18. >Princess Celestia tried to approach Discord, she wanted a near view of Anon. Part of her thought now that Anon was okay… but as she got near, she instantly knew that Anon was one hundred percent of stone right now, unable to move and react.”Have you… lost your mind…?” She asked to him, confuse in her words.
  19. >”Me? Lose my mind?” Discord scratched his head, only for his head to split in two and his brain to come out flying. “I don’t know what you are talking about, princess; I am a complete insane creature with a bizarre mind.” While holding the camera with his paw and claw, Discord took a photo to Celestia, startling her with the flash of the camera. The camera disappeared afterwards. “What’s the matter? Perhaps you are confused as why I don’t care that my son got turned to stone, hmm?”
  20. >Celestia’s sadness was replaced by pure confusion. First Discord was angry at her, next thing that happens is that he wants to take photos and go like if anything didn’t happened.
  21. >”You… don’t care that your son was turned to stone?” Celestia looked at Discord with a face full of worry. “…Why? For a moment I saw a father in you and I thought…. I thought that you changed for good…”
  22. >Celestia remembered the time he meet the colt. That time the tiny colt said he wasn’t from this dimension, of course Celestia thought it was possible but part of her didn’t thought it was truth. It was out of the blue, a sudden message that the colt said and made his father really mad for some reason.
  23. >But even that time, Celestia was worried about the colt being under the control of the Spirit of Chaos, for this and more… to happen to him.
  24. >Discord chuckled slightly while hovering above Anon’s body.
  25. >”Why would I care about somepony who isn’t me?” Discord placed his paw and claw on his face and with a regretful fake voice called out. “Oh… my only son is petrified! He will run the same fate as I did one thousand years ago! I need to swap bodies with him and be the one turned to stone! Ba-wa-haa!” He put off his paw and claw out of his face and looked at Celestia with a stoic face. ”So what? I can get another, or maybe I don’t need to. Besides, I only used him for my plans like I do with everypony else. Is part of my fun!”
  26. >The confusion that Celestia had was quickly removed slowly and replaced by anger, anger towards Discord. Not just only the usual anger she always felt around the presence of the God of Chaos, this was something of a new level.
  27. >But before she could speak, Discord had some words to say to her. Words… that would affect her in more than one way.
  28. >”But I know you care about your little ponies… yes, Anon said he wasn’t from this dimension, but what if he wasn’t? What if I brainwashed him and told him lies? There are many ponies in this kingdom… and you know my powers bond to no limit. I can do the unexpected, my dear princess…”
  29. >He evilly smirked to Celestia while caressing Anon’s petrified mane.
  30. >”Oh but I wonder what your loyal subjects… the ones you have that are sane right now, would think of this.” Discord made appear with his magic a set of puppets that looked like ponies, with them a white alicorn representing Celestia. A green tiny puppet came closer to Celestia, only for the white puppet to hit the green one with her horn, the colors of the puppet changing from green to gray, representing the scenario that just happened.“The great princess of the sun, turning to stone an innocent colt without hesitating! That would surely say something to the ponies you have hiding around Equestria, because I know you do have some hiding.” Discord chuckled evilly as the puppets disappeared. “Oh I hope I have a blast like I did with this town, I know I will… but that is something not happening right now, so let’s get back to the topic.”
  31. >Celestia indeed had more than one village in hideouts, safe from the chaos of Discord. But how long would they survive until their fate went down as the town of the Everfree Forest?
  32. >But it was obvious that Discord wanted something there. Celestia had to ask more questions to him, but Discord would just still provoke the princess.
  33. >Discord knocked on the forehead of Anon.”Part of me wants to crush the statue of my son, you know?” A sinister expression was on Discord’s face. ”Just to see your reaction. But that’s too on the edge for my liking. How about… a global message on the footage of this exact scenario? I got all in camera! Of course, with my magic of edition I can simply show you shooting Anon, without me in the scene.” Various Discords appeared in the cave in various cubicles, some were editing the recorded scene of Celestia throwing her magic spell at Discord, only that in this case Discord wasn’t in the scene and it was just Celestia and Anon.
  34. >”Ah… the magic of Discord Vegas™ and ChaoShop® are a wonderful work…”
  35. >All the Discords disappeared, only the original standing in front of Celestia.
  36. >Discord pointed a finger at Celestia while standing proud. “You see Celestia, I knew that potion was petrifaction… that zebra told me after brainwashing her to praise me and serve me.” Discord stretched and yawned. “So right now you got two options, amend your mistake by taking in that “curse” you got in my chaotic son… oooor, simply live with the pain that everypony loyal to you will know what happened in this precise moment…”
  37. >Celestia had to choose. Discord had an ace under his sleeve which she didn’t expect and now she needed to choose between having the regret of turning a colt, a pony of many she wants to protect and living with it, knowing that everypony else would know and remember… or back up the spell and turn herself to stone.
  38. >Whatever she choose… Discord won.
  39. >Without saying an answer yet, Discord added one more thing.
  40. >”Oh and don’t forget! Anon will age if he continues being in stone, which means that if the curse wears off one of these days… weeks… years or well, centuries… the moment it wears off, the poor colt will be dust… probably.” Discord chuckled at the image of Anon growing old into an old stallion moments before being turned to dust. “Oh I can just see it! He would be sooooo confused! Only for him to be no more in this world and go to the afterlife! A century late! Wahaha!”
  41. >Discord would just keep on taunting Celestia until she accepted her fate. It was obvious he wanted Celestia to choose the stone prison. But Celestia herself had some words of her own to give to Discord, even thought he wouldn’t care.
  42. >”This isn’t fair…” Celestia gritted her teeth while staring at Discord. “I know you are a monster, but I’ve never seen something like this in my entire life! You really wouldn’t care for a creature of your own that you call a son!?”
  43. >But Discord only took this as if it was just a game.
  44. >“I’m not fair?” Discord smiled at Celestia while walking in circles around her. “Perhaps we haven’t met before? I’m Discord, Spirit of chaos and disharmony? Hellooo?” His head turned 180º while staring at Celestia, body in the contrary direction. “And I already told you that I don’t care and will never care for somepony else than me.”
  45. >It was useless talking sense to him. Celestia had a responsibility and it was her mistake to fix.
  46. >Still with doubts in her mind, Celestia looked down to the ground, evading eye contact with Discord.
  47. >”Oh I know!” Discord said, interrupting Celestias’ thoughts. “Before you accept the deal, let me introduce you with a special somepony of my son.” Discord smirked and snapped his talons, a white filly with bicolor purple and pink combed mane appeared in front of Celestia. The filly, confused looked around while not knowing what happened and where she was.
  48. >”W-Where I am?” She said with squeaky confuse in her voice.
  49. >Celestia gasped. Regret filling quickly, she knew this filly from town. Of course, various towns didn’t have many foals, but she remembers every face from every single one of her subjects. She felt how innocent and naïve this filly in front of her was just by seeing her.
  50. >And Discord just brought her to this cave so she could see the petrified colt; it was a cruel move from Discord’s part.
  51. >The filly soon found Celestia in front of her. Even more confused, the filly spoke. ”Princess Celestia? Wh-Where are we right now? W-What’s going on? I was hiding moments ago and… I appeared here.”
  52. >Discord was watching from afar in a blind spot of the cave, so Sweetie Belle couldn’t see him. This of course was on purpose so Celestia had the blame.
  53. >Sweetie Belle saw the potion of Essence of Cockatrice on the ground of the cave. Not knowing about it, she turned around to take a better view of the cave she was in. Only to realize two things, one, she was in the Cave of Harmony and two, the petrified body of Anon.
  54. >Sweetie Belle instantly cried out his name and ran towards him.
  55. >Sweetie Belle cried out various words at the motionless body of Anon, words… that would pierce Celestia’s heart.
  56. >”Please! Anon! Say something to me! I didn’t mean this to happen! T-This is… this is all my fault!” She looked back to Celestia, both ponies crying. “P-Please! He’s innocent! It was my fault! Not his! I’ll take his place, but please, t-turn him b-a-aack!” The filly cried. “H-He’s a good colt… he… was…” She cried while she remained near Anon. “Anon… w-why…” Quivering and sniffing, Sweetie Belle touched her forehead with the stoned forehead of Anon and closed her eyes, not more words coming from her mouth but sobbing.
  57. >Celestia didn’t think anymore, she charged her horn and it started glowing, repeating the same spell but this time, for reversing towards her. Discord won in his own way against her, by cheating.
  58. >A voice was emitted on the cave for only Celestia to hear.
  59. >”Ah… nice choice, princess.” Discord’s voice echoed in the cave. “I will miss you… we had a good run together. But well, maybe I won’t miss you since I’ll use your statue as probably decoration as you did with me. Karma sucks, don’t you think?”
  60. >The laugh of Discord echoed in the cave as Celestia charged her spell, while all bad things were happening… Celestia thought about the possibilities. The low yet possible possibilities to overthrown Discord. If she couldn’t do anything and her sister was too under Discord’s power… then all fate depends on her niece that was secretly leading the rest of the towns.
  61. >This made Celestia have an expression… of determination and hope.
  62. >”That determinate look you are wearing… it tells me you have a backup plan.” The voice echoed with curiosity in the cave. “Ah, it must be that third alicorn princess I forgot her name about. But worry not! For I shall find her one of these days and probably make her wear a clown outfit each day of the rest of her life!”
  63. >Celestia wanted to concentrate in nothing more but the spell. Discord wanted to piss her off more and more. It was just seconds until the spell was done and… with it, the colt’s freedom.
  64. >”You win, Discord… but one day I know your rule will be no more. Sooner or later… you will go down by any means…”
  65. >”Worry not, princess. I know one day I’ll grow bored, especially if your sister gets all sad about your existence being stoned. One day… I won’t be a king anymore.” There was a moment of silence in the cave as Celestia charged her horn. “This is where the kid gets in. I’ll teach him every single lesson in chaos there is to know… and one day, he eventually will become king. He’ll succeed by defeating me in the most of glorious goof-off of all times! Not a single and normal goof-off, a world open goof off! I’m not talking just global, but dimensional goof-off!”
  66. >Discord’s laugh intensified in the cave, his voice echoing in every direction.
  67. >”And when I lose to him… I’ll give him every power I have left and he will continue my reign of chaos. When I disappear from existence he will continue! My legacy, my powers, everything! What a better way to go out but having your son be the one to do so? HAHAHA! And the best part? You, princess, sealed his fate today…”
  68. >Anger. Wrath. Fury. Celestia was getting too distracted by the evil plans Discord had in the future for the colt. And it was too late to stop the spell. Only the heavens will tell what happen in the future to that colt.
  69. >”Oh right, let me move that filly from your aim! We don’t want two statues, do we? We could… but then we would need another statue and they three could look like a family. I bet all my gold that those statues would look amazing in a peaceful place… such as a small cottage. Well, moving on.”
  70. >A snap echoed the cave, Sweetie Belle moved abruptly to the right, away from Anon.
  71. >”A-Anon? Anon! No!” Sweetie Belle struggled, wanting to go back near the petrified body of Anon, but it was to no avail as the chaotic magic of Discord was around her.
  72. >The spell fired, this time without a pause from the previous time spell of Anon.
  73. >In less than a second, the spell was done. Celestia got quickly turned to stone instead of having to wait as Anon did. The expression she last wore was one of anger with her eyes closed, concentrated in the spell.
  74. >Discord appeared in the cave and started to applaud.
  75. >”Ah… going out with a face full of anger is better than one of sadness or surprise, especially the last one… although my petrifaction was the best one I have to say.” Discord stared at where Anon was, his prison of stone was starting to break as his hooves started to look less of stone each second now. “And to think it only took a colt and a spirit of chaos to turn a princess of the sun to stone…”
  76. >Discord heard a tiny complain and a cough behind him and turned to see Sweetie Belle staring at him with a deadpan expression. “What about me? You may have used your dirty but amusing tricks, but I got the disguise in my part.”
  77. >”Oh yes, yes. I told you I was going to give you a statue on your name, didn’t I?” Discord walked near Sweetie Belle and booped her nuzzle. “You still have a war to win now… also; you look adorable as a filly I have to say.”
  78. >While being booped, Sweetie Belle opened her mouth to bite Discord’s paw. It instantly hurt Discord.
  79. >”Auch!”
  80. >She stopped biting on his claw and spat to her side.
  81. >”Don’t. do that…” The filly complained. “Can’t I change now or what? I’m starting to grow annoyed of this shape…”
  82. >Discord shook his head while walking back to where Anon was. “Not yet! I want to see the reaction of Anon when you told her you know what.” He watched as the stoned body of Anon slowly turned back to normal. “Aaaaaany minute now!”
  83. >”Right…”
  84. >…
  85. >...
  86. >…
  87. “Gaaaaaah!”
  88. >You take a deep breath and your regain conscience.
  89. >You feel once again the feeling of the ground of the cave as your hooves react and slowly start to move. Still, your head feels all fuzzy and your memories about the previous minutes are blurry.
  90. >Below you on the ground were tiny rocks from your previous stone prison that didn’t last long enough. Although you barely remember how long you were turned into stone.
  91. >Was it days? Or weeks? Were you dead or just in a deep comma?
  92. >Various questions started raining in your head until you heard clapping from near you. Someone who you knew and tried to protect without even thinking
  93. >”Bravo! My bizarre and special son is back in one piece!” The god of chaos, Discord aka your adoptive father, clapped his paw and claw as he looked at you regain conscience. “You did an excellent job, my son. You deserve the title of son of chaos after that sudden jump you previously did…”
  94. >Jump? Jump…
  95. >Right, you jumped without thinking to protect Discord from the magic spell of Celestia… the spell that turned you to stone. You thought you were done for… why are you still alive? Was it thanks to Discord?
  96. “U..uh…” You slowly speak, carefully to make sure your voice wasn’t affected by the stone spell. It wasn’t affected as your voice sounded like the same squeaky 10 years old kid you were. “W-What happened? I… all I can remember is that I couldn’t move from, well… that spell I blocked without thinking”
  97. >”You don’t remember anything?” Discord seemed surprised. “Not even the tiniest of things? Usually somepony can see and hear while in stone. Or at least that works for me” Discord said as he scratched his white beard and walked next to you
  98. >Well… you did have a dream while you were out. Anything else is still blurry, maybe a secondary effect of the spell
  99. >You nod your head while staring at Discord. “Well I… had a weird dream… I was near an edge of a weird river with some dense fog inside a creepy cavern, and there was someone in a boat wearing a black weird costume welcoming me. There were some shadows creeping all over the place, laughing or giggling even though I could hear them, there were some flying too. And then… then I wake up here”
  100. >”Uh.” Discord scratched his beard once again. “That’s a peculiar and very descriptive dream you had…” Then he shrugged. “Nah, forget about it, must be nothing important or relevant. Moving on!” Discord moved to the right and with confetti appearing from behind him, he showed to you while exclaiming… “Look at this beauty /you/ just made, Anon!”
  101. >You gasped. What he showed you fully surprised you. In front of you was a statue… It was Celestia, as you were before, turned in stone. What happened? You were more confused than before now
  102. “Is… is she-“
  103. >Discord cuts you out before you finish your phrase. “Exactly! She is a statue now! And that my son… is thanks to nopony else…” Discord walks in your direction and pokes your chest with his claw. “You. You did this, my son!”
  104. >So… so you cast a counter spell in time to turn her in stone!? …You are a freaking genius, Alberto!
  105. >How the hell did you do that?
  106. >You look at Discord with curiosity in your eyes. “…Explain”
  107. >You could lie and say “OH YES MOTHERFUCKER DON’T MESS WITH THE MEXICAN POWER” or some stuff but… first, that was just cringe like a kid would say and second, you are curious as fuck to know what happened when you were stoned
  108. >Heh, stoned
  109. >”Well.” Discord started hovering near the motionless Celestia. “Little Celi here as you remember, turned you to stone. But Anon, do you think she did it as an accident or on purpose?” He crossed his arms while hovering and staring at you. “I’d say it was on purpose. You did throw that time stop spell, remember? That would make the spell entirely freeze unless you un-stop time… but it didn’t work, did it?”
  110. >What… is he trying to say? Fuck, you feel slow trying to get it. Must be some secondary spell of being a statue for so little
  111. “I don’t get it”
  112. >Discord disappeared with a *poof* and appeared behind you, he placed his paw and claw over your shoulders. “What I’m trying to say, my boy, is that the Princess tried to turn both of us in stone. Why else wouldn’t she stop the spell in the middle of the cast?”
  113. >She… what!?
  114. “She really… meant that?”
  115. >”Oh yes…” Discord nodded with worry in his voice… a worry that was really fatherly like. “When I saw you being turned into stone… I thought I had lost you. Celestia turning you, a kid, my one and only son that I wouldn’t ever, ever, EVER, replace… in stone.” His eyes started shining a very low yellow for a moment
  116. “She… didn’t care”
  117. >Discord pets your mane tenderly while hiding an evil smirk from you. You just… looked at Celestia for a while
  118. >”Precisely…”
  119. >You… you were starting to feel lots of things inside you. A variety and mix of anger, confusion and sadness. Was Discord telling the truth? Did Celestia wish for that? For you two to be in a stone prison?
  120. >Part of you doesn’t want to believe that but, he could be right. You are following a god of chaos, spreading chaos everywhere and learning his ways. It could be truth…
  121. >Truth or not… you are still loyal to this god. You were never the kind of believe in a god back in Earth but, now… now you believe there is a god, or maybe more than one. Maybe one day you’ll get to talk with other gods or even become one
  122. >…Let’s be honest in that last part, if you challenged yourself to be a god, you are far from becoming one. But at least your survived today and you know how the phrase goes
  123. >What doesn’t kill you…
  124. >You shake your head and forget those thoughts and look back at Discord
  125. “I believe you, Discord.” You walk to where the statue of Celestia was. Suddenly, from behind her, something shiny started to hover around her. Your eyes watch in awe as the golden butterfly from before, the one that turned in dust, flew around the statue. “It isn’t dead…” You whisper to yourself
  126. >This butterfly has to have a meaning in these situations… but what did it mean?
  127. >”So you accept that Miss Princess of the sun turned you into stone?” Discord looked a bit surprised. “You know that there was a chance that you couldn’t make it, right? I was the one that brought you back! Shouldn’t you feel a little bit… you know, mad? Angry?”
  128. >In part, you were mad. But it was your fault that you jumped without thinking, although Celestia wanted you both into stone. Still, if you were alive and Celestia was a statue… no need to be angry here
  129. >The golden butterfly starts flying around you. Its golden wings being so majestic from close… your mind filling with more sudden thoughts. These thoughts that suddenly came weren’t about anger or anything like that, but the conclusion of the previous events that just happened
  130. “…Yes Discord, I’ll accept it as I accepted how this world worked the first time I was here.”
  131. >You take a breath as you watch the golden butterfly hover around you, your head following her moves.
  132. “I have lot of things to learn from you… but if I learned something today… is that destiny… can change.” You stared at him with determination in your eyes. “The past days I’ve started learning, not only playing and horsing around.” Don’t laugh… just, don’t laugh.
  133. >You chuckle a bit… goddamn your puns is his fault on this too
  134. “Maybe I didn’t deserve to be your son from the very beginning, but something made you find me and here I am. I didn’t betray you by the things the ponies said about you, I only listened to you and…” Your mind suddenly has a thought of Sweetie Belle… that was the only thing you failed. “Only… you. But what I want to say is, that-“
  135. >You are suddenly cut off by the growl of Discord that was starting to get annoyed by your speech
  136. >”GET TO THE POINT!” He yells at you, making you jump by surprise. “ I don’t want a son that gives speeches all of the sudden. Just resume what you want to say and get over it, time is chaos, you know?”
  137. >Geez you didn’t expect that…
  138. “And I was trying to sound interesting for some reason…” You cough and continue. “Destiny somehow can be changed, and that I am sure. I’ve changed the destiny of ponies here, didn’t I? If it wasn’t for me, those ponies wouldn’t be under your chaos. “Although those are changelings… but there is still that Mr. Cake guy and… Pinkamena and Fluttershy. “Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I can change other ponies destinies… I just feel it inside me somehow… and I can’t explain how. Feels like if I had a crazy fiesta with tacos and chilaquiles.” Man, you are hungry now
  139. >The golden butterfly started hovering around you fast and… faster by each second now. She looked now like a fairy from Legend of Zelda, hopefully it won’t cry out “HEY!”.
  140. >You start feeling something weird deep inside you again. Are you being molested by some weird and powerful force that you don’t know?
  141. “Ah… I feel weird”
  142. >”I have a feeling as to why is that…” Discord says while sitting in place, staring at you. What is he doing? “You are growing so fast, Anon.”
  143. >What does he mean by that?
  144. >Why is the golden butterfly starting to fly around you at so high speed?
  145. >Why are you levitating in-
  147. >You are levitating in the middle of the cave! What the fuck!? Is this a new chaos spell?
  148. >You tried to struggle and fight the weird power that was levitating you, but it was useless
  150. >He just giggled while still looking… DO SOMETHING YOU BROWN RAYQUAZA!
  152. >Ah… there goes that weird feeling again
  153. >You close your eyes and feel many things you can’t explain and see many things in your head; the ponies you haven’t meet yet, the places you’ll go… the food you will eat. Suddenly, a flash comes from your flanks and the golden butterfly starts to fly away from your sight. Slowly, you are taken back to the ground of the cave
  154. “Ay ave maria…” That was some really weird shit that just happened…
  155. >First stone, now you fly… yup, this is nothing usual you can’t get used to! Hahahaha! …Fuck that was weird
  156. “Okay… care to explain what was that?”
  157. >Discord just pointed to your sides for some reason. You looked at them and… holy molly a tattoo just appeared on your ass cheeks! Does this mean that you’re old enough? Hmm…
  158. >Both your flanks had the image of a golden butterfly, although it didn’t appear fully as a butterfly… the golden wings were something related to a tornado, it… looked neat tho… the spirals of the wings connected to the end of the other wings, making it look like a golden butterfly. Or well, two weird eyes. Nah, they look more like a butterfly, like that from before…
  159. >…
  160. >Wait a minute
  162. >”As much as I don’t like the pony history, I have to congratulate you, my son.” Discord appeared next to you, a big smile on his face. “My son got his cutie mark already… and what a mark! If I was proud before, I’m more now that you got a cutie mark in chaos!” He jumped and while in mid air confetti and fireworks appeared from behind him thanks to his magic
  163. >Cutie mark? Ah… is that thing you asked back in town. It still confuses you, but cutie marks are just like, talents of the ponies you think. Hmm… so that means your talent is being a golden butter-
  164. >…
  165. >Why didn’t you get a manliest cutie mark again?
  166. >Discord noticed your slight disappointed and asked about it. “Why the long face, Anon? You should be happy! You are one step close to become a truly prince of chaos! Your destiny is to make chaos now! Shouldn’t you be proud like you always are around me?”
  167. >You… aren’t sure how to feel. You don’t fully understand pony society yet; you need some time to get used to it. All you want to know is why you got this cutie mark just now
  168. “Well… I remember that cutie marks are the talent of a pony, right?” You ask. Discord directly nods at you. “So what does this cutie mark means? What is my talent? How is this related to chaos?”
  169. >Discord brought you with his magic near him. He puts his lion arm around your shoulder while he explains the meaning of your cutie mark
  170. >”Ever heard of the butterfly effect? I believe your world uses the term “Chaos Theory”, which suits it very well”
  171. >Butterfly effect? You do remember hearing that before somewhere. No, not the movie. It was something like… small things having big effects on anything, right?
  172. >You nod while saying the exact thoughts you had to Discord
  173. “I do, it’s like, something tiny having a big effect on something major. Even the slightest of actions can do something”
  174. >Discord nods. “Exactly. And you my boy… just got the perfect talent for a prince of chaos. You’ve changed pony’s destinies as you said and even saved yourself from a stone prison… although you had my help there too. But the point is that you, my son, are now are in possession of a golden destiny moving onwards…”
  175. >A golden destiny, uh? Well, you feel pretty great now, better now than ever. Nothing can ruin this moment!
  176. >”Ehemm.” You hear a filly voice squeaking in the background. “Forgetting about somepony?”
  177. >That voice! It couldn’t be, no way!
  178. >”Oh right, almost forgot about our tiny guest over there amid all this sudden cutie mark stuff!” Discord pulled a red curtain out of nowhere and while wearing a black tuxedo, he started speaking as in a TV game show. “Now son, I present you behind the curtain number one!” He pulled it out and behind it was… oh… “Ta-Da!”
  179. >Part of you wished your eyes were lying to you or it was some illusion from Discord, but if it wasn’t… then it was her, the marshmallow filly from town that you freed with the changelings back in Discord’s castle
  180. “S-Sweetie Belle?”
  181. > Her presence was sudden… didn’t you tell her to never come back to see you? Even with a cutie mark and talent in chaos, she is at risk being with you.
  182. “What are you doing here?”
  183. >She rolled her eyes and ignored you for a bit while talking to Discord
  184. >”Finally… what took you so long? I was getting annoyed…”
  185. >She is ignoring you? Why? You had something on your face?
  186. >Wait, annoyed?
  187. “W-What’s going on? Why is she here? I thought-“
  188. > You stop mid sentence before you spill the beans.
  189. “I… thought she was in the castle, what are you doing in here?”
  190. >Discord placed his claw on Sweetie Belles’ forehead to stop her from moving forward and he started talking with you first
  191. >”Ah you see my son… she is here because I gotta say, you sure copy some of the tricks of your ol’ dad here.” A bit of laughter came from him. “Trying to use the changelings into rescuing the ponies was a nice idea. Right chrysi?”
  192. >The filly growled at him
  193. >”Stop. Calling me like that.”
  194. >Discord moved away and with a stoic face he answered her. “Gee, just have a bit of fun once in awhile, don’t be a harsh buggy wuggy.”
  195. >…Chrysi? …Buggy? Oh no, your logic is coming home to roost
  196. “You… aren’t Sweetie Belle, are you?”
  197. >With a smirk and a chuckle the disguised filly stared at you
  198. >”Good to see you are not entirely a fool like your father, still…” The filly shape shifts into her natural and disgusting original form, the queen of the changelings, Queen Chrysalis. All that disgust of a bug and that double voice coming back again. “You need to grow to understand how this world works…”
  199. >She slowly made her way sauntering slowly up to you and looked down her muzzle at you with a sly smile
  200. >”Using my children for your foolish plans was clever… NOT!” She started to evilly laugh. “Ah… young love is the most juicy of all, even more from a forbidden love such as yours.”
  201. >You were left with your mouth agape in the shock and horror. Did she do something to Sweetie Belle? Did she hurt her? She… mentioned love. …OH RIGHT DAMN, those pests can feed on love! And Sweetie Belle was really into you that time.
  202. >She… oh no!
  204. >Chrysalis innocently placed a hoof on her chest and looked around as if you were talking to someone else
  205. >”Me? I did nothing! My children on the other hoof…” That… cheeky smirk of her was back, more sinister than nothing. “I think they had a FEAST on that filly of yours, let alone they haven’t eaten some good love in a while. By now that filly must be an empty shell in sorrow… mmmhahaha…” She placed her hoof under your chin. “How truly brave on your part to use your title in luring my children toward your sway… but a title as yours don’t mean a thing kid, you are too young and you don’t show even a little bit of power like the jester that your father is.”
  206. >Discord placed both his paw and claw on his cheeks while trying not to blush at what Chrysalis said as he twitters
  207. >”Oh, my! I appreciate that chrysi, I really do! You make me blush…”
  208. >Chrysalis just growled back at him
  210. >You were starting to shake… as you feel…. Fucking anger and not a further care about it.
  211. >You stare angrily at Discord and yell at him
  213. >You were heavy breathing, trying to control yourself. This isn’t possible; this just… couldn’t be possible. This must be a joke! HIS joke! They don’t hurt kids! They just make them little assholes with that corruption!
  214. >You don’t want to believe it’s true, you really don’t! This is a joke! An illusion! A fake! This… Must be all a prank! A big, bad, prank!
  215. >”I did, I gave my draconequus word. Don’t you remember? It was your lovely bug queen right in front of you that did something to the filly. I promised I wouldn’t touch even the tiniest of hairs of hers, and I kept my word to the letter, but alas! Dear Chrysi wasn’t in on the deal.”
  216. >……
  217. >It hurts… deep inside, it hurts. Why does it hurt to lose this filly? You meet her once and… it just went like that. You betrayed her home, yet you wanted her to be… free
  218. >Why…
  219. >Why does it hurt?
  220. >You aren’t thinking like an adult anymore. You aren’t talking like an adult anymore. Logic…? You won’t understand it anymore at this rate.
  221. >You need to… calm down. At this rate you are going to explode in rage
  222. >Queen Chrysalis just laughed at you, trying to provoke you
  223. >But what was there left to provoke in you? You were done. She won. Discord won. You lost.
  224. >They had the victory while you just had a broken promise in your hands… hooves… whatever
  225. >You turn around and start walking your way out of the cave, there is nothing left for you in here or anything to argue. You aren’t the kind of guy that gets pissed off that easy… but this body, this kid body… could be.
  226. >”What is it, kid? Giving up already? I thought you were that soooo~ marvelous “Hero colt” that little marshmallow filly cried for while my children were ceaselessly feeding on her”
  227. >You stopped walking
  228. “…”
  229. >”Did I hit a nerve? Hmm?”
  230. >You are not… a damn hero
  231. >”Maybe, just maybe; I could let you visit her if you praised me from now on instead of your silly father. Of course, you would be visiting a pony without any emotion… but, I can sense the love you feel for her hasn’t changed, don’t you lie to yourself, kid…”
  232. > You are not a hero!
  233. >”Or should I keep calling for you like she did?”
  234. >You grit your teeth as the damn bug queen keeps on teasing you to hell
  235. >”Heeeeero-“
  236. >And just like that, you turn around and look onto her
  237. >Anger, so much anger was in your veins. You could feel your blood boil
  238. >You walk… then start running until you are near her, only to notice that… she hasn’t moved ever since she said the first word. She never finished the word now that you see
  239. >”So my predictions have been found true…” The voice of Discord came by your side. “Your emotions are attached to your chaotic behavior, it’s such a wonderful discovery…”
  240. “And? That’s not gonna stop me into hurting this damn bug…”
  241. >”Yes, I know you want to beat her to… what you humans say? “Death”? Hmmm right, that’s it. But, do take a moment out of your busy schedule to hear me out on this, Alberto. “ Discord stopped talking as to see if you were calming down. Soon you did.
  242. “What?”
  243. >”Look around… and tell me what you see in this magical world of uncertainty!”
  244. >You do as he says, you look around and… are not sure what or when this happened.
  245. >Around the entire cave were if not hundreds then thousands of… you. They were froze in place and each one had the exact same reaction you had when you were angered by Chrysalis.
  246. >Each one had wrath twisting his face.
  247. >”Now that’s being productive! You learned a new trick and it only cost some time, a town, a bug and a filly to do the job!”
  248. >Is he being fucking serious!?
  249. “YOU planned all this?”
  250. >He shrugged.
  251. >”Maybe yes, maybe not. All I wanted for you was to concentrate in what is important, the chaos and not the ridiculous friendship that those ponies have. You see, that little filly was an obstacle to your potential, and so was the town. But now? She isn’t! And take a good look at what your chaotic powers can already create!”
  252. >Discord placed his paw over your shoulder
  253. >”Just imagine how many powers you can collect… imagine how far you can go! You can have more fillies, just… ignore that last one, she was too white and squeaky anyway.”
  254. >You stared at your clones again… each one with an angry face, one that spelled “murder” by looking at it
  255. >…What were you thinking? Why are you doing this? She… Sweetie Belle isn’t this worth it. You keep forgetting Discord is a god, Sweetie Belle is just… Sweetie Belle
  256. >Your pony ears drop and each of the clones start to disappear from the cave, only leaving Discord, Chrysalis and… you
  257. >”Feeling better now, son?”
  258. “…Eventually, I will”
  259. >You promised that you would protect her… you promised…
  260. >This is your entire fault. You did this to her…
  261. “…Eventually”
  262. >Slowly, time started to resume and with it, the queen of the changelings finished her sentence
  263. >”Colt.” She saw you and Discord together for a moment, something she didn’t see at first since you were almost leaving the cave. She rubbed her eyes and looked again at you two. “What the…”
  264. >You need a change
  265. >You need… to change
  266. >You’ll find a way to… make things your way one day. You know you’ll see Sweetie Belle again; hopefully… you get to see her
  267. >You are sorry.
  268. >You are so sorry for her.
  269. >It’s your fault and you can’t do anything, no words can change things now.
  270. >But, the actions of your future self… will change. You will train, you will show that you are not a weakling and grow to be a prince, the prince… of chaos! You did already take the first step with your cutie mark, but you need more time, more training, more… power!
  271. >Chaos comes in many ways… either being chaotic good, neutral or bad… that was Discord’s rule, chaos gives you powers. There surely is a hole in the contract for you to get with your way.
  272. >You will try each and every one of them and you will become the best prince of chaos Discord has ever seen.
  273. >You need to sleep… regain strength and move on.
  274. >But before you go out of the cave, you say one last thing to Chrysalis
  275. “I hope you win that war.” You say while not avoiding eye contact with the Queen.
  276. >She finds that statement odd and pondered it for a brief moment
  277. >”Hmm? Why’s that?” Chrysalis wondered. “If I were you, I would wish me nothing but defeat and destruction.”
  278. “That way I can fight you and defeat you myself…”
  279. >Discord ooe’d in the background while listening to you two
  280. >”Hmm… so that’s it. Very well, kid.” Chrysalis started to hover, almost taking flight. “Now that’s an attitude of a prince… but I won’t go easy on you…” She started to crack on a bizarre laughter. “And once I defeat you and drain your whole body out of the love you have left… I will go for the fool you call “father”… and become the only ruler of this world!” Before Chrysalis flew out of the cave, she looked at you two again, specially you and quoted. “In the end, we’re all stories, kid. Just make your story a good one… just like I am going to! I’m going to make story by defeating not one but TWO kings! Mwahahaha! Hahahaha!”
  281. >Chrysalis flew away out of the cave and while exiting the cave, thousands of their children flew at her side in a straight line into the north
  282. >You looked at the swarm went away in the chaotic pink sky and with an expression filled with determination, you say to yourself
  283. “Game on, perra.”
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