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  1. Kitsuki Shion 12:35 AM
  2. -----(New Scene. Using this as a bar for the moment, sorry!)----- Bars were not Shion's thing. Then again, not many things were Shion's thing. Still, the severe-looking woman walked in and glanced around. She didn't exactly know what she was doing here, but her gut had told her to be here, so she was. Her gut rarely proved her wrong, after all.
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  4. Shinjo Kurosawa 12:41 AM
  5. Ah but the White Crane was not just a bar. It was a classy bar, with beautiful geisha swirling about, giggling and pulling at the collars of the normally tough and hardened samurai, leading them into rooms only the Kami knew what was happening behind there. Even now, in the most desolate of times, some samurai required luxury. And one of those samurai burst through the door right behind the Dragon. "Kitsuki-sama," a loud, musical voice sang out from behind the Courtier. A mystery as to whom it could be- not for long. The Unicorn was oh, so delighted she was here, placing himself directly in front of her and taking a deep but short bow. "Please, Kitsuki-sama, allow me to buy you a drink tonight, for I have returned from a mission successful and alive." God he was so loud. "And I still owe you an apology." Although then again, she had rejected all his other forms of apology. Persistence was key..!
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  7. Kitsuki Shion 12:50 AM
  8. All will to live that the Kitsuki had suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke when she heard the voice calling out her name. She recognized that voice. As beautiful as it might have sounded, it was like a grater against her flesh. Still, her composure never changed as the Unicorn moved in front of her and bowed, which she returned. "Shinjo-san. As has been said, there is no need to apologize, especially now that days have passed since this incident. I will have to pass on your offer of drinks." She replied. Drinks were not something which Shion had. She had never had one before, but she had seen enough people turn into ravaging mongrels after indulging and she was frankly too afraid to lose that control over herself. Given the situation outside of the walls of the castle, this control over herself was the only thing she had left that helped her feel secure. If she lost that, then certainly the helplessness would be quick to overtake her.
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  10. Shinjo Kurosawa 1:00 AM
  11. More for him tonight. Not that it was a whole lot more. Oh how funny she was. She certainly did not know how to have a good time, even in a place full of good times. He could not help but let out a large laugh. He had some news for her, oh he did. She thought she was so cool at the Black Room when she passed him on her way out. Well he would see who was laughing now. "Then please sit with me. To stand so stiffly in a place of relaxation, must not be very relaxing. And, I bring great news." He did not intend to be rude, but it was just such a huge relief to not have to be all steel faced and hardened in here. He would plop himself down into a nearby sitting pillow, giving a quick signal for her to bring him and his guest some fine sake, of the plum variety, probably from crane lands. However he did shoo another one away, who had homed in on the young man when he had sat. The Shinjo couldn't have any distractions when he revealed to the Dragon the news now, could he?
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  13. Kitsuki Shion 1:06 AM
  14. That went much easier than she expected. Much, much easier. She was expecting a game of refusals, but thankfully there was none. Perhaps eased by this, she nodded at the man and followed him. There was the briefest pause before she sat down, sitting seiza even here. "As you say, Shinjo-san. What is this news?" The Kitsuki didn't exactly know why she was being told this news, whatever it might be, but at the end of the day, it was still gossip and for some reason, she liked gossip. Perhaps her inner courtier was trying to get out.
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  16. Shinjo Kurosawa 1:13 AM
  17. If smiles could be shit eating, Kuro's mouth would be brown instead of the brilliant white that was beaming at her. From his sleeve, he pulled forth a scroll, seal unbroken. "That day, in the black room." The smile turned down a bit into just a grin. "I got to learn my fate with the nakodo. The Phoenix made me an offer." To think he'd been sweating bullets just minutes beforehand. "They would like me to marry into the Shiba clan to give them babies. Not too bad, ahah?" The plum wine would be placed in between the two of them on an ornate tray. "To think, a humble Unicorn like myself, would be sought out by them. I must be quite a catch if they wanted me." Clearly. "I very much enjoyed the tea that was served, as you reminded me. I was a fool to be afraid." With that, he'd chuckle and took a small sip of the plum wine.
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  19. Kitsuki Shion 1:22 AM
  20. Oh. So it was talk about this. That day was one of the worst she had had at this castle and now it was being revisited. Perhaps a drink was needed... Her dark green eyes slowly moved down to the wine on the tray, wondering if marriage and having children would be what broke her resolve instead of the literal monsters lurking outside the walls. In the end, marriage and children were indeed much, much more terrifying. She poured herself a cup and took a large sip. The sudden different taste caused her face to wrinkle, but then she shook it away. "I, too, was offered to marry into the Phoenix, though to an Isawa." Just saying the name made her flinch and subconsciously her gloved left hand twitched. "To have children.. They believe at least one of them will be able to speak to the kami."
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  22. Shinjo Kurosawa 1:34 AM
  23. His steely grey eyes couldn't help but flicker to her scar on her neck at that. Was that a wound or a birthmark? Wouldn't the phoenix be worried about that passing down or not? He shook the stupid thoughts out of his head, but was pleased that she had relented and took the lonely cup. Now she was learning. Half drained, the cup in his hands set down. "Yes, they were very insistent. They wanted my babies as well." To unleash such unspeakable evils from his loins, that would be the worst thing since 1128. But now his eyes began to dance with glee inside of his head. "So I made them a counter offer: I told them if one of these prospective wives could defeat me in a challenge, then I would kneel to them as they wished!" He let out a bahahaha at the memory, this was the hilarious part. "She was so disturbed, she immediately left in a huff!" And also had told him to grow his ass up and not play games, but whatever. Bits of laughter peppered his sentence as he spoke, and he held his stomach. Oh yeah a real riot. God his sense of humor sucked, but he thought he was hilarious at least.
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  25. Kitsuki Shion 1:43 AM
  26. As perhaps expected, she did not find him hilarious. At least not yet. Unbeknownst to Shion, she was an incredible lightweight who had no idea how to properly make herself last while drinking. Soon things would get worse if she wasn't stopped. However, she did not know how to stop herself, especially since the alcohol hadn't hit her yet. So, she took yet another large gulp before refilling her cup, not caring that it wasn't proper etiquette. "She just.. Sort of threatened me and my children." She replied, her voice soft. "I voiced concerns that I might grow... attached... to the... children... and wouldn't want them to leave the security of the walls, more or less around the time I also refused to be married to a Phoenix. She retorted with saying that only the Phoenix could provide me the security of knowing my children would be safe inside the walls, never having to leave, especially if they were shugenja. The subtle implication that if I didn't marry into that clan, that there was a high possibility my children might be sent out past the walls and.. well..." She paused. "Sounds like you had it better."
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  28. Shinjo Kurosawa 2:04 AM
  29. The Unicorn had been finishing off the last of his cup but nearly spat it back into the cup at that, sobering (relatively) up at those words. Even if he didn't want kids of his own, he was quite fond of them, and to make such remarks against them made him deeply uncomfortable. He sat up straight and at attention, more serious than she'd likely have ever seen him. Or see again, for that matter. He shook his head at that. Terrible, and here he had brought her to gloat about how he had- another geisha interrupted his thoughts and he waved her off and signaled for more another bottle, despite theirs barely being touched with just two glasses. He'd need it for later, obviously. "O-oh." Such a talented wordsmith. "That is truly, truly terrible." He was so much smarter when he did not speak. His gaze softened and peered at her, trying to not linger on her scar but on her normally stern eyes. "What an urenkori," an ugly old maid, the word that the author is delighted to find exists. He held his tongue from the more flavorful insults from the plains. He would refill their cups as necessary. "But I don't believe that vile woman could have done it. She speaks beyond her ability. Whatever children you have, I'm sure we will have fought and won and returned the Dark Emperor into his hole by then. We will not be trapped within the walls, for so long, and you will have a bright future, Kitsuki-sama." He nodded, trying to look sagely and not the beginning of drunk.
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  31. Kitsuki Shion 2:21 AM
  32. She noticed him looking at her scar easily enough. She had seen too many people look at it, but then try to look away. It never worked and they always looked right back at it. Thankfully, it was around this time she could feel the alcohol beginning to kick in, but not completely, so she still drank. In fact, she completely drank her cup down, not just the sips she had been doing before and refilling for some reason. It tasted unpleasant, but she didn't care. "We cannot know for certain. Perhaps one day soon we'll be able to defeat him, but until then.. best to make plans." That was all she said on the matter. Now, instead, she decided to be an ass and remove her gloves. She did it slowly, removing the one on her right hand first, revealing a plain hand, though if he paid enough attention, he would be able to see that her left hand was rather jerky when trying to do something as delicate as pinch and pull fabric. Then she removed the glove on her left hand; the same side of her body that held the scar that peaked out from the collar of her kimono. Her left hand was entirely burned. The skin was a blotchy mess of reds, pinks, and browns. Not a pleasant sight, but no burn wound ever was. Then she casually set her gloves down in her lap.
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  34. Shinjo Kurosawa 2:38 AM
  35. "Soon. Very soon." He was confident at that, after all he had taken on an ambush head on and had survived to tell the tale. He took a small sip of his second cup, and observed her, trying to get the full picture, but his damnable self could not stop from returning to the scar. When she did begin to undo her gloves, his eyes locked into them, hawklike yet curious. The motion of her hand puzzled him; was the drink too much for her already? One often did get a girl to revealing what was underneath their clothing at a geisha house, this was known. But not like this. It was kind of surreal, to see the dragon knocking back the drink like this and finally uncoiling her constantly wound self. As the second glove came off, he bore witness to the burnt limb, without a flinch, but more curiousity. This one had undergone some serious pain in the past. A battle? He scooted from his pillow as gracefully as he could, narrowing the distance between them, before holding out his own hand. Pale, slim and unmarked, in a wordless gesture if he could have hers. Actually. One word. "How?" His voice was hushed and serious, trying to not draw much of a scene. Luckily the others in the room were far more engrossed in their own business than two samurai drinking quietly.
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  37. Kitsuki Shion 2:53 AM
  38. "We shall see, Shinjo-san. Though, hope is always good." She replied calmly, a bit more emotion starting to sink into her voice. It felt.. odd. It was something she hadn't done in years. In a way, it unnerved her. Unfortunately, it didn't help that the Unicorn had moved closer. Usually these sort of things didn't bother her, but the walls she had built in order to block off her emotions were slowly starting to crumble. Now she was starting to feel emotions and she did not like it, but she couldn't really help it. The faintish hint of a blush appeared across her cheeks. Whether it was because of the alcohol or because of the man now asking for her hand was up for debate, though she would argue heavily that it was because of the alcohol, even as she laid her burned hand in his and the color increased. This was the first bit of physical contact she had had in years at this point.
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  40. Shinjo Kurosawa 3:12 AM
  41. The Unicorn was nearly shocked that she had relented, but maintained his serious expression. His On? No, this was not a mask, but genuine. He was not unsettled by her scar, even this close and in contact, and placed his other hand atop of the one she lent to him. His fingers would lightly trace the marred and blotchily discolored surface, as if he would find the answer that way, like tracing the rings of an oak revealed its age. "I am sorry you have undergone this great pain." His voice was low and eyes still upon the hand as he spoke. What kind of monster could have done this? "There are three things I know, Kitsuki-sama." He would raise his eyes, to level them at hers. The scar did not succed its usual magnetic pull. "The Kami will return. Fu-Leng will fall." And a bit of heat crept into his voice for the third. "And whatever did this will receive judgement for what they have wrought."
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  43. Kitsuki Shion 3:22 AM
  44. This was a situation she didn't know how to handle. She did not like situations she didn't know how to handle, but yet here she was. It also didn't help that she could see him moving his hand across hers, but couldn't feel it at all. Then she shook her head dismissively. "No. They never did receive judgement for it. It was an Isawa, by the way. Fire aspected, if that wasn't obvious. More than likely she's still in Dragon lands." Then she refilled her cup, drank, refilled it again, the drank it again. This would likely not end well.
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  46. Shinjo Kurosawa 3:40 AM
  47. "That will change-" he had to stop himself. What was this being, between the first and second drink? It drew a terrible flame from deep within himself, different than his usual quiet or pleasant self. His fingers aligned next to hers, and slid into place almost as if to wrap his fingers around her hand. But he stopped. He was not so far gone yet, but the weight of his words and actions would be heavy. It would be the end of him to carry on like this, talking of revenge. He already carried the burden of another great sin on his back. Slowly his fingers would lift from the back of her hand, so she would be free to take it back. "Then someday, I will bring her here." Was he offering the impossible now? No, never. With him, it was more than possible, someday. With his free hand, he would try to interrupt her flow of sake; maybe she could not handle her drink as well as him. And with that, the harsh expression would break, and a small smile would tug at the corner of his lips.
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  49. Kitsuki Shion 3:52 AM
  50. "Tch." It wasn't even a word, it was just a random noise, but now she was using it. "You are wrong, Shinjo-san. She won't come here and you most certainly won't do anything else once she's here." There was a bit of slurring to her words, but she allowed him to stop her from drinking more. The taste had still not grown on her yet. Then she withdrew her hand, though slowly. As much as she couldn't feel it, it was still some form of physical contact and something she had found herself missing, even if there was nothing deeper to it. "What of you then, huh? Just saying silly things to everyone you want. How's that work, eh?"
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  52. Shinjo Kurosawa 4:04 AM
  53. Her words amused him, his lips forming a thin smile across his face. "I am wrong about many things. But not that." He felt it in his heart and soul, and those could never be wrong. With his hands freed, he pushed himself into a stand. How late it had gotten, the geisha and samurai were sprawled about, many in a drunken slumber. An unusual sight to behold if you were awake instead of being a part of the fun. As her severity began to creep back, a small chuckle escaped him. "It works out well enough, Kitsuki-sama. I may not the most noble, or honorable, or brightest or strongest samurai. But I am a son of Shinjo, and I mean my words. Silly as they may sound to a drunken Dragon." He couldn't help chip that in. But he would extend a hand downwards, if she were so bold to take it to help herself up. It was time to go to bed, whether she found it here or made it back to the barracks.
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  55. Kitsuki Shion 4:18 AM
  56. "Son of Shinjo you might be, but we've just really met and started speaking with each other. Why would you even want to do such a thing as fight on my behalf?" She asked, curiosity in her voice before she took his hand and slowly stood up. Oddly, when she had her gloves off, she had made sure to touch nothing other than the cup. "And I am perhaps a little drink.. drunk.." But off to bed she easily went, though it would have been easier if she could have walked straight.
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  58. Shinjo Kurosawa 7:39 AM
  59. The Shinjo would make his way to the door, to return to his tatami mat in the midst of many proper. But he gave pause to digest her words before he would go. "Because we are here to fight, to make things right once more. And if nothing else, I am very good at fighting." He would bow to her, and with a whoosh he took off into the night towards bed. ((Thank you for the scene, Shion.))
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