New Beginnings 1

Oct 8th, 2017
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  1. You are Anon, you awaken in an infinite white void with no body and yet you are conscious. You know that you exist but you can't recall how you got here or what you were doing before you woke up. Not knowing what to do you decide to call out into the void, though can you even call out without a mouth? "Hello? Is anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me, is there anyone at home?"
  2. Anon called with a chuckle at the end, not sure if there even was anyone here to catch the reference. I mean if you're gonna be stuck in limbo you may as well have fun with it right? "Tell me Anon, if I were just to nod, how would you know that someone did in fact hear you?" replied the void in a motherly and regal voice.
  3. "Oh cool, so there is someone here other than me! So what's the deal? Am I dead or what? Wait you're not God are you? Cause I can assure you I have an explanation for like 90% of the stuff I did. I mean sure I was no angel by any means but I'd like to think I was a pretty solid dude."
  4. The voice just replied with a kind hearted laugh which put Anon at ease, when she was done there was a bright flash of light in front of him. And as his vision adjusted before him was a white horse with a long flowing ethereal mane, a long horn in the center of her head and a large pair of white wings. She was adorned in gold regalia including a crown on top of her head. "So wait? God is a horse? Who would have thought?"
  5. She laughed once again at Anon's rambling. "Anon, I'm not God, my name is Princess Celestia. And I am the one of the rulers of Equestria along side my sister Princess Luna. Now I have some good new and I have some bad news, I shall start with the bad news, first of all you have indeed passed away."
  6. If Anon had a face his expression would be one of pure shock, "What!? How!?"
  7. The Princess gave him a solemn look, "I don't have all the details but your last words were and I quote, I can do that; hold my beer."
  8. Anon went silent for a moment, then finally said, "Well at least I died the way I lived. Ok, so what's the good news?" He questioned hoping his day couldn't get any worse.
  9. "Well Anon, sometime when people die, if I can find them here in limbo before they cross over I can bring them back with me to Equestria. Anon I would like to offer you a new life, the choice is entirely yours and you are free to move on to the other side if that is what you want."
  10. Anon thought about to himself for a moment before responding, "So you're saying my options are go into the light or go with you to magic horse land... I mean Equestria? Yeah, I think I'll take my chances with you but uh, I feel like there's some kinda catch that you're not telling me about? Not that I'm not like totally grateful for the offer."
  11. Celestia smiled back at Anon as she explained the catch, "I wouldn't exactly call it a catch, you see Equestria is home to my little ponies, so in order to live in Equestria you'll have to become a pony. Furthermore in order to create a new body for you it'll be much younger than your former body. You'll still retain your knowledge and memories from your previous life but you will have to grow up all over again. I hope that you are okay with this Anon, as this is the only way I can help you."
  12. Anon paused again for a moment as he thought about his situation, "Ok, I'll do it, I'm not sure how I feel about becoming a pony but I'm sure it beats being dead. So how do we do this? How do we get started?"
  13. "Don't worry Anon, I'm sure that you'll adjust just fine to the changes. Now Anon, Equestria is home to many different types of ponies but the three main types are Pegasi, with the gift of flight and the ability to manipulate the weather. Unicorns, who's horns allow them to wield all kinds of magic and finally the Earth Ponies, who's natural magic's make them highly in tuned with the natural world and gives them great strength." The Princess told him as Anon listened.
  14. "So does this mean that I get to pick? Because magic powers sounds pretty awesome to me, so can I be the unicorn then? Unless I can be like you, then I can get the horn and set of sweet wings."
  15. Celestia waited for Anon to finish his line of questioning before answering him, "I'm sorry Anon but you don't get to choose what kind of pony you get to be, the spell chooses the type best suited to you. You may think that some types might sound better than others but I can assure you that each ponies gifts are equally amazing in different ways, you just have to take the time to figure them out for yourself."
  16. "If you say so... So when I get to Equestria where exactly will I stay? I mean you're a princess right so does that mean you have a castle? I've always wanted to live in a castle." Anon asked Celestia excitedly, after all how many people or I guess ponies get to say they live in a castle?
  17. "Yes, you will stay with us in Canterlot until your new guardian comes to claim you." The princess explained to him.
  18. "Wait, what's this about a guardian now? Couldn't I just live at the castle? You would never even know I was there." Anon questioned, a bit concerned at the idea of being dumped off on some random.
  19. Celestia, sensing that Anon was a bit apprehensive at the idea of being adopted out decided to explain to him why this was the way it had to be, "Anon, although living in the castle would seem like it would be an easy life it would also be a very lonely one, both Luna and I are constantly busy with the day to day running of the kingdom and children need the attention of full time parents. But don't worry I will always be there for you if you need anything but this is a second chance at life and that means stepping outside of your comfort zone. I only want what's best for you."
  20. Anon sighed, "Ok, I don't know why but I trust you. And even though I don't get to pick what kind of pony I'll get to be and even though I don't get to live in the castle this still beats being dead so let's just get this over with. So is there some kinda magic words or how does this work?"
  21. Celestia giggled at Anon once again before explaining to him how it'll work, "Anon, I will begin to cast the transformation spell momentarily, the effects can be quite jarring so I will cast a sleep spell first to make the transition easier for you. When you awaken you'll be in Canterlot and your new life will be ready to begin. Are you ready?"
  22. Anon nodded his non-existent head, "Yeah let's do this, who knows maybe this is all just a dream and I'll wake up at home in bed. Or the hospital depending on what I did last night."
  23. "Alright, then let us begin." Celestia closed her eyes as her horn began to glow a pale gold colour, Anon began to feel the exhaustion take him over as his non existent eyes began to close.
  24. Anon awoke once again, this time in a large bed in a dark room, it was too dark to make out any of the details of the room. He sighed to himself as he tried to rub the sleep from his eyes, “Huh, I guess it was just a dream. Wait! That’s not my voice!” He shouted realizing his new voice was several octaves higher than it should be.
  25. He also noticed that his hands didn’t feel like hands anymore but something completely alien. He struggled to get out of the bed and find a mirror to see the extent of his transformation, falling out of the bed and landing on his face. Looking forward he could see a sliver of light passing in between what he assumed was a large curtain. Struggling to make his way onto his feet and taking one step at a time towards the light when he finally made it to the curtain he tried to open it with his new appendages to no avail. With a frustrated sigh he opened his mouth, biting down on the curtain trying to open it only to pull the whole thing down on top of himself. With another frustrated sigh he crawled out from underneath the heavy fabric, as his head popped out from under the curtain on the other side of the room he found the mirror he’d been looking for and in its reflection he could see a strange looking, green, little pony buried in fabric. As he finished crawling out he made his way closer and closer to the mirror, one step at a time until he paused right in front of it. As he continued to observe his new body the first thing he noticed was the lack of either wings or a horn, “Awe man! I got stuck as an Earth pony!” He complained in his strange new voice, continuing to look himself over. His coat was a light green colour, his hair or mane as it was now called was still the same colour of black it had been before he’d been a pony and his eyes still retained their hazel colour from his previous life as well. It was at this point that he noticed the other thing that was different about his body, or more correctly her body, “Wait!? Where the hell is Anon Junior?” Anon was struggling to breathe and made his way back to the window to get some fresh air, thankfully the door to the balcony opened easier than the curtain. As he tried to get control of his breathing he looked out for the first time and realized that the castle was built into the side of a mountain. He looked down to the city streets below and in the distance he could see ponies going about their day, there were so many of them in so many different colours, Pegasi flying amongst the clouds in the distance, all Anon could respond with was a simple, “Wow.”
  26. “Like what you see?” Asked the voice of the one who brought him here approaching from behind.
  27. As the Princess stood beside Anon she smiled and told her, “Welcome to Equestria.”
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