In game timeline

May 30th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. >"Main" timeline (Aka the Shattered Timeline, post time paradox.)
  2. >Party forms. in retrospect no one can remember why. They think there was something about becoming the new king but half of the party didn't even want that.
  3. >Everyone is confused, they just kinda forget about it
  4. >Party occasionally interacts with a neat bard named Riggs Stonecaster. Totally not evil, definitely.
  5. >They get a flying ship they name "The SS Pizza Whore" in which they invent pizza and reinvent prostitution.
  6. >The SS Pizza Whore crew become notorious pirates and war mongers.
  7. >War between Solaris and Albis is started, allegedly because of some threat to Princess Isaura's life? No one can remember what that was all about.
  8. >Due to the intervention of the party, Solaris holds their own but loses a shit ton of people.
  9. >Said corpses go mysteriously missing.
  10. >Riggs Stonecaster comes out of nowhere with his undead army and lifts the country of Snard out of the ocean and tries to drop it on Albis
  11. >The party manages to stop the destruction of Albis, and "defeats" Riggs.
  12. >SS Pizza Whore crew are all well known heros akin to gods
  14. >20 years pass, all the pizza whore crew have gone missing.
  15. >New Party is formed in an accidental contract error, lead by a dragonborn druid named Blueberry.
  16. >Blueberry and the thirst squad arrive on New Snardia, the ancient landmass that had been sealed in a magic force field under the sea until the removal of Snard revealed it.
  17. >New Snardia has a high density of young dragons, which were previously thought extinct. Many of which leave and make new lairs elsewhere.
  18. >Party takes like a billion jobs and Blueberry gets their own harem.
  19. >The cult following of the dead Riggs Stonecaster destroys lots of shit, bards become illegal.
  20. >Turns out they are being puppeted by Riggs, who has turned himself into a litteral puppet in order to disguise himself in plain sight.
  21. >The party loses themselves in waifu wars however and Riggs goes unopposed in his evil scheme.
  22. >The party arrives too late to stop Riggs, and all but Fifo Fife are killed in the battle.
  23. >Just before Riggs can use the tower to make his wish, a portal opens and Talrand struts out
  24. >Talrand and Riggs have a final confrontation at the top of the tower. None know who won, or if either won, but the tower was destroyed in the process, and life continues.
  27. >Game starts 10 years after the 2nd coming of Riggs, people have started to come out of their post time paradox stupor and start to question all the bullshit around Albis.
  28. >The people of Albis lead a coup, dethroning and beheading the new royal family and putting the head of the resistance in they're place.
  29. >The new King, a half elf named Sirgg Cartestenos, has taken to redistributing Albis's wealth into rebuilding and funding new cities and projects. This boom has lead to the quick growth of multiple towns and roads in previously un-inhabited places.
  30. >In addition to this, he has been THOUROUGHLY looked into and had been cleared of any involvement with Riggs. People have in canon already pointed out his name is an anagram of Riggs Stonecaster but that seems to be a coincidence.
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