Friendzone Valley

Nov 24th, 2011
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  1. 07:31:46: <Nephene> It's evening, just after normal dinner hours. Nephene is left to clean a few glasses at the counter, seemingly nervous for whatever reason.
  2. 07:32:23: <Nephene> Amon has appropriated one of the tables for his own meditative uses.
  3. 07:33:50: <Nephene> "For a couple of hours, at least, if we're going by typical closing times."
  4. 07:34:17: <Nephene> "Might be a little more than that depending on how many more drinks the usuals want...."
  5. 07:34:50: <nike> "Good. Wouldn't mind a little drink." Nike crosses over to the counter, and takes a seat. "Speaking of, I'll take a shot of the usual, myself."
  6. 07:35:01: <Nephene> "Marcel?"
  7. 07:35:25: <nike> "That's the one."
  8. 07:36:02: <Nephene> ( Marcel is Barkeep's Mr. Mime, but that's not a terrible idea for him to have his own specialty.... )
  9. 07:36:28: <nike> (And who wouldn't like a drink made by Mr. Mime?)
  10. 07:37:25: Raven strolls in around the usual time, "Hey, yall"
  11. 07:37:39: <Nephene> "Hello, Raven."
  12. 07:38:22: Nephene sighs, polishes off a lowball glass, and slides it over to Marcel.
  13. 07:38:35: Barkeep comes in at roughly the same time too. "I'm back. Just checking the progress of our piano at Balthazar's."
  14. 07:38:59: <Nephene> "How's that working out?"
  15. 07:40:32: Raven plops down on a barstool. "Hopefully not explosively."
  16. 07:40:45: <Barkeep> "I think it should be done pretty soon."
  17. 07:41:11: <nike> "I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's done." Nike nods in greeting and approval.
  18. 07:41:44: Barkeep gets over behind the counter, "And he seems pretty eager to do a good job too. I guess he really does take his work fairly seriously."
  19. 07:42:20: <Nephene> "Though I hope it's for the right reasons."
  20. 07:42:28: <Nephene> "Nike wants a Marcel, by the way."
  21. 07:43:01: Barkeep shrugs, "Okay, but it's just a blood cherrim tonic made by him."
  22. 07:43:08: Nephene chuckles.
  23. 07:43:16: <Nephene> "Not like that's a bad thing."
  24. 07:44:24: Nephene sits on a stool behind the counter.
  25. 07:44:25: <nike> "Delicious and easy on an adventurer with an erratic income."
  26. 07:44:44: <Nephene> "Technically, all of us have an erratic income..."
  27. 07:44:58: <Raven> "Oh, if you get him interested in it, he'll get it done alright. So I wouldn't be terribly worried about how it turns out. However I'm not sure if he can even play a piano..."
  28. 07:45:22: <Nephene> "....or if it will have a hidden gun somewhere, knowing him."
  29. 07:46:01: <Barkeep> "Hah... come on, have a LITTLE faith in the man."
  30. 07:46:19: <Barkeep> "If it doesn't work, we get to borrow his assistant, Clarity."
  31. 07:46:21: <Raven> "Not everything he makes is explosive. Just most things!"
  32. 07:46:24: <Nephene> "I don't recall a single thing he's made that doesn't shoot something, or explode."
  33. 07:46:28: <Barkeep> "She says she knows how to play a bit."
  34. 07:46:34: <Barkeep> "What about the clock?"
  35. 07:46:50: <Nephene> "Still wary about that one."
  36. 07:47:10: <nike> "...I'm almost glad I feel as though I missed something."
  37. 07:47:29: <Raven> "He made the uh..." it honestly takes her a bit of consideration to think of something non-lethal. "Oh, yeah, he made that thing for Maka."
  38. 07:47:34: <Barkeep> "Well, Maka seems satisfied enough."
  39. 07:47:43: Submission lumbers into the Lazing Slaking slowly, looking rather tired. In one hand is a cloth sack made of a particularly fine fabric. He strides towards the bar, sitting some ways away from the other patrons and simply watching the wall for a bit.
  40. 07:47:43: <Nephene> "It's just typical Balthazar," Nephene notes with a sigh. Her face slides into her palms.
  41. 07:48:49: Barkeep leans over and gives sub a little nod of acknowledgement. "Get anything for ya?"
  42. 07:49:19: <Submission> "Evenin', Neph, Barkeep," Submission says, also waving to the other patrons but still maintaining his distance at this point. He sets the sack on the table. "Just whatever's on tap tonight, if you don't mind. Just winding down."
  43. 07:49:23: <Submission> *bar
  44. 07:49:56: <Barkeep> "You got it." he says, taking out a clean mug and filling it to the brim for him before sliding it over perfectly. "Enjoy."
  45. 07:50:35: <Nephene> Eventually, she decides she can't bear keeping this a secret for any longer.
  46. 07:50:41: <Raven> "Well in the event he blows up the piano, least ya didn't pay for it! The piano, that is. Oh, and hey Submission."
  47. 07:50:56: Nephene leans towards Nike and Raven, and admits something with a half-whisper.
  48. 07:51:00: <Barkeep> "We did trade a bed for it though." he adds.
  49. 07:51:11: <Nephene> "I might have made a fool of myself earlier."
  50. 07:51:39: Submission nods, taking a long drink from the mug, eyeing people carefully. His eyes hover over each person individually, resting for a time before moving to another person.
  51. 07:51:46: <nike> Nike was about to ask Nephene what was wrong. In fact, she felt bad Nephene had to make the first move like that. The adventurer's fatigue broke, and a flash of concern came over her face. "Want to talk about it?"
  52. 07:52:01: <Nephene> "Please."
  53. 07:52:36: <Raven> "uh?"
  54. 07:52:50: <Nephene> She slides the stool over to get some distance from curious ears.
  55. 07:53:33: <nike> Nike stood up from her stool, and looked to the others. "We're borrowing Nephene for a while." With that, she followed her over, towards a measure of privacy
  56. 07:54:29: Submission looks on with vague interest before turning to Barkeep. He motions the man over, provided no customers are otherwise engaging him.
  57. 07:54:47: Nephene waits for Raven, before continuing.
  58. 07:55:04: <Raven> "Uuuh, okay, yeah sure." she gets up and moves over.
  59. 07:55:16: Barkeep come son over, letting marcel wash some dishes for now. "What can I do for ya?"
  60. 07:55:54: <Nephene> "I'm not sure who I want to tell yet. Claud, later....maybe."
  61. 07:55:58: <Nephene> "But...."
  62. 07:56:10: Nephene breathes in. "ImighthaveaskedArawnout."
  63. 07:56:26: <Nephene> "....okay, not might. I did. Yesterday. And I think I may have screwed everything up."
  64. 07:56:41: <Submission> Submission speaks low enough that none could hear him lest they were concentrating specifically on it. "Your sister, I want to know. Is she... with anyone?"
  65. 07:57:00: Barkeep shakes his head. "Not that I know of."
  66. 07:57:06: <nike> Nike was quiet for a few seconds, before speaking up. "And how did he answer? Is it part of why you're worried you messed things up?"
  67. 07:57:06: Raven cups a hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh.
  68. 07:58:33: <Nephene> "I asked him if he wanted to go out for dinner one way or the other."
  69. 07:58:46: <Nephene> "He -did- say yes, but...."
  70. 07:58:46: <Submission> "Well, assuming I'd want to do things the right way for a first time, where would I want to take the lady?" Submission asks, not looking directly at Barkeep but making sure his statements are firm and direct. A particularly intuitive eye might detect the hints of uncertainty behind his words.
  71. 07:59:09: <Raven> "Sorry, just think it's funny I totally called this but-"
  72. 07:59:31: <nike> Nike elbows Raven in the arm, before looking at Nephene. "But?"
  73. 07:59:56: <Nephene> "He seemed unsure, to say the least."
  74. 08:00:14: <Nephene> "He was dropping off something he'd made for me earlier, before the contest."
  75. 08:00:43: <Nephene> "Said it was thanks for all the times I brought him dinner."
  76. 08:00:57: Barkeep thinks for a moment.
  77. 08:01:15: <nike> "Well...he's never really gone on a date before. Or really looked to anyone romantically before. Combined with your sudden request, he's probably just not sure what to do." She leans in close. "And the something was?"
  78. 08:01:37: <Nephene> "Those gloves I requested earlier."
  79. 08:03:01: <Barkeep> "Well, you might not want to move too fast with this sort of thing."
  80. 08:03:49: <nike> Nike nods. "Okay, now that that's out of the way...when's the date?"
  81. 08:04:02: <Barkeep> "I'd suggest a way you could spend time together without it really seeming like so much of a 'date' per say."
  82. 08:04:10: <Nephene> "I don't have anything concrete. Probably some time this week."
  83. 08:04:20: <Raven> "...Well...uh..." she thinks for a moment after getting the message.
  84. 08:04:26: <Submission> "Sure, sure," Submission answers. "I... don't want to put her on the spot. I've just been thinking about this for a while. What should I try then?"
  85. 08:04:26: <Nephene> "Whenever he's not busy."
  86. 08:05:14: <Barkeep> "Maybe find some sort of reason to ask her to come along with you somewhere... maybe some place in the wilderness."
  87. 08:05:35: <nike> Nike suddenly reaches over, and pats Nephene on the shoulder. "Just treat him to a nice time. He's never done it for himself. And if it doesn't work out, at least you'll have had a nice time."
  88. 08:05:54: <Nephene> "I dunno."
  89. 08:05:57: <Raven> "Well, he's from the city as well, he might just not be sure what you wanted from him, or expected. Yeah."
  90. 08:06:02: <Barkeep> "It's safer to go out there with someone after all. Maybe ask her for some help picking out some flowers for Maka on the mountain?"
  91. 08:06:03: <Nephene> "Maybe dinner at Flynn's would be nice."
  92. 08:06:17: <Raven> "I'mAReallyBadPersonToAskAboutThis."
  93. 08:06:44: <Nephene> "Or a picnic on Iris Hill."
  94. 08:06:46: <Barkeep> "The two of you could get some time to talk together one on one."
  95. 08:07:00: <Nephene> "Or....I dunno, maybe I should just help him with something?"
  96. 08:07:21: <Submission> "That... sounds like a good plan. I'm afraid I don't know a whole lot about wooing women. My parents weren't the sort that... were good to go to about that, and I was busy watching out for Mirror Move..." Submission responds, taking another drink.
  97. 08:09:03: <nike> "What about a nice lunch at the Sunglow River?" No, wait, that's what NIKE would like. She had to think about Arawn. "Or maybe..." She snaps her fingers, and motions for Nephene to come closer so she can whisper into her ear.
  98. 08:09:13: <Barkeep> "It's all about spending time with them and making them feel special, while showing off your good qualities too."
  99. 08:09:19: <Nephene> "Hm?" Neph leans over the counter.
  100. 08:10:23: <Raven> "I-think simply helping him out would give the wrong idea...uh..." he scratches the back of her neck as she thinks.
  101. 08:10:58: <nike> Nike whispers in her ear, thinking in date terms, or simple, storybook methods.
  102. 08:11:01: <Submission> "I understand," Submission says. "Well, you sure she hasn't had her eyes on anyone?"
  103. 08:11:05: <Nephene> "Then I could go with that."
  104. 08:11:34: <Nephene> "I did always like to travel up there when I had a lot more free time, but that's -probably- not the best place to be on a first date...."
  105. 08:12:07: <nike> Nike nods. "Again, no matter where you go or how it goes...please, just have fun, and help him have fun. He's been in a bad mood for too long. Now, about my drink..."
  106. 08:12:28: <Barkeep> "I can think of someone she might, but she's never really been the sort of type to try and make the first move. Heh, yeah that wouldn't sound like her at all."
  107. 08:12:41: <Nephene> "I don't even know what he likes."
  108. 08:13:07: <Barkeep> "She probably doesn't even know much about him, like what he likes to do."
  109. 08:13:19: <Raven> "Well...he probably is more worried about what you wanna do," she reasons.
  110. 08:13:28: <Raven> "Or what you're expecting."
  111. 08:13:45: <Nephene> "Maybe I should just -ask-."
  112. 08:13:49: <Raven> "Just drag him off somewhere then IDon'tKnow."
  113. 08:13:52: <nike> "Indeed. Just do what comes naturally, and let him lead time to time."
  114. 08:14:05: <Submission> "Well, I... hope I'm not wasting her time..." Submission says, geniunely concerned. "I'd be just distracting her from who she wanted..."
  115. 08:14:11: <Nephene> "Have a default, sure, might be too forward."
  116. 08:14:22: <Nephene> "It'd eliminate all of this guesswork, though."
  117. 08:15:23: Barkeep shrugs, "No reason not to try though. It's not like there's only one person that someone can end up with romantically that's just perfect for them and far above the rest."
  118. 08:15:37: Barkeep looks to the side, "Not always anyway."
  119. 08:16:29: <Nephene> "Too many unknowns, and there's no easy way to approach it."
  120. 08:16:55: <Barkeep> (You could try to placate them with books)
  121. 08:16:58: <Nephene> "It's supposed to let me get to know him better, but in order for this to work, I already have to know him more."
  122. 08:17:09: <Submission> "I guess that's a good point. I've never been one not to give it a good try, anyway. What does she like? Gifts and things? Best to get my knowledge now, I figure."
  123. 08:17:48: Raven twiddles her thumbs awkwardly.
  124. 08:18:01: <Barkeep> "She actually really likes flowers... if you're looking for a birthday present, maybe a music box could be good, though they can get a bit pricey..."
  125. 08:18:29: <Barkeep> "Oh, her birthday is on the 24th just as a note. The day before the tomato fight."
  126. 08:18:51: <Raven> "Well, you could try to go find some apricorn trees."
  127. 08:18:53: <Raven> "Or something."
  128. 08:18:58: <Barkeep> "When you really want to take things to the next level, you could try to ask her to the hot springs up on Amaranth."
  129. 08:19:20: <nike> "He does like working, and helping him work would help you two bond and get closer."
  130. 08:19:21: <Barkeep> "But I'd definitely wait a bit for that. You don't want to come on too strong."
  131. 08:19:30: <Submission> "Well, my father always said handmade was better anyway. I... made this," he taps the sack, which is looking awful box like, "With the intent to give it to her, but if I can put it to better use if I talk to someone with some mechanical knowhow."
  132. 08:19:46: <Raven> "He does like his balls."
  133. 08:19:50: <Raven> "...that came out wrong."
  134. 08:19:57: <Nephene> "....yes. Yes, it did."
  135. 08:20:53: Barkeep nods.
  136. 08:20:55: <Nephene> "So I have a few options. It's just a matter of picking correctly."
  137. 08:21:09: <Submission> "That sounds smart. I'll save that for later, I think. That's my favorite place in the valley, anyway, so it seems right to go there eventually." Submission finishes his mug and puts it back down, not asking for a new one directly.
  138. 08:22:02: Barkeep picks up on the subtle visual clues and pours him another one.
  139. 08:22:08: <Nephene> "Maybe a picnic amongst the apricorn trees will work."
  140. 08:22:20: <Nephene> "At the very least, it's a place he's comfortable with, yeah?"
  141. 08:22:35: <Raven> "Well, like I said, he's from Imperia as well, so he probably doesn't know what you're expecting. Just pick something?"
  142. 08:22:52: <nike> "And remember...take it easy. Don't feel like you have to rush anything or make it super meaningful fairy tale like."
  143. 08:23:09: <Nephene> "Maybe I'm just desperate."
  144. 08:24:07: <nike> "I wouldn't say that, Nephene. Arawn's a handsome man, and he's a genius when it comes to his craft. He's certainly attractive in his own way."
  145. 08:24:12: <Raven> "I'mmmmm gonna need a pint of Haxorus Piss after this," she says.
  146. 08:26:19: Nephene raises an eyebrow at Nike at the mention of Arawn being handsome.
  147. 08:26:25: <Raven> "Sorry I'm not very helpful this is just awkward for me to give advice on considering uh. I'm dating your brother."
  148. 08:27:04: <Nephene> "Right, right."
  149. 08:27:49: <Nephene> "I just figured I could probably get the best advice from you two first. You two are my best friends, after all."
  150. 08:28:25: <nike> "I'm touched you think of me as such. And I hope I was able to help." Nike was confused as to the eyebrow raise, though. How odd.
  151. 08:29:17: <Nephene> "Guess all that's left is to play my cards right."
  152. 08:31:13: <Raven> She chuckles. "Well that beats the 'valued customer' you always used to refer to me as. I dunno you're probably over thinking it."
  153. 08:31:26: <Submission> Submission drinks in silence a moment, then says, "I appreciate the advice. Didn't really have anyone else who would be that helpful. Figured you were the best to look to. I'm getting to a point in my life things that weren't as important before become more important, and... Neph's a strong woman, beautiful. Hard to pass up, y'know?"
  154. 08:33:01: <Nephene> "Maybe. I hope I am, anyway."
  155. 08:34:12: <nike> "Cool as a Tentacool."
  156. 08:34:23: <Nephene> "...."
  157. 08:34:51: <nike> "...Would you prefer Cool as a Jynx? I'm trying to say you should play it calm and keep cool."
  158. 08:35:14: <Raven> "Just don't try to get him drunk. I bet he's an angry drunk considering half the time he's all 'GRRRR I'M GRUMPY GRRR,'" she says with a terribly comical impersonation.
  159. 08:35:22: <Nephene> "Just the gist of with without the Pokemon metaphors would have been best, I think."
  160. 08:36:37: Barkeep nods thoughtfully. "Yeah... she is."
  161. 08:37:00: <Barkeep> (he doesn't drink raven :3c)
  162. 08:37:08: <Raven> (she doesn't know that :V)
  163. 08:37:51: <Nephene> ".....and about your drink."
  164. 08:38:51: <nike> "A usual for me and a Haxorus Piss for Raven," Nike remembered.
  165. 08:39:09: Nephene motions to her brother. ", actually, two Blood Cherrims, and noIamnotorderingthat"
  166. 08:39:38: <Submission> Submission takes another drink, only barely feeling the effects of his beer. "I'll, uh, wait a while before saying anything tonight, I think. She seems like she has something on her mind..." He finishes right as Nephene waves over Barkeep and continues to drink in silence.
  167. 08:40:39: <Raven> "Oh, right," she scoots back down to the other end of the bar since this is resolved, she thinks. "Well if you're not ordering it I am!"
  168. 08:40:49: <Nephene> "Oh, dear."
  169. 08:41:05: Barkeep briefly considers who can punish him worse for disobeying him, his sister or his girlfriend. He takes a moment to reflect on the state of his life, and his complete lack of self control over his own destiny.
  170. 08:41:23: Nephene sighs. "One Haxorus Piss, then."
  171. 08:41:31: <Barkeep> "..."
  172. 08:41:35: <Barkeep> "Huh? Oh, okay. Coming up."
  173. 08:42:51: <nike> Nike sighs, and shakes her head...but can't help but smile, a little. "So, how's the town watch?"
  174. 08:43:19: <Nephene> "Haven't been pulled out for active duty yet."
  175. 08:44:36: <Raven> She laughs. "I'll control myself, a little. And the watch has been uh...uneventful for the last few weeks, but I'm worried about those bandits."
  176. 08:44:55: <Nephene> "Any activity from them?"
  177. 08:45:28: <Raven> "Naw, it's just like what I told you a few days ago. Just...I know where they are, but can't do anything about it."
  178. 08:47:09: <Raven> "Outside of that I've just been uh..." she watches Claud go about his current task. "preoccupied."
  179. 08:47:27: <Nephene> "Preoccupied."
  180. 08:47:52: <Barkeep> "Hmm. Hey, Submission."
  181. 08:48:05: <nike> "Preoccupied." Nike nods
  182. 08:48:18: <Submission> "Hm?" Submission looks up from his beer. "What do you need?"
  183. 08:49:22: <Barkeep> "Have you ever thought about joining the guard?"
  184. 08:50:59: <Submission> "I think Raven asked me at one point. I don't have a lot of time to commit fulltime though... I'm always on the lines when the village needs me anyway, though... I guess it wouldn't be too much of a leap to join somehow..." Submission says, looking over at Raven. "I've a lot to look after with Mirror Move and my carpentry though..."
  185. 08:51:00: <Raven> She looks a bit flustered by the echo of that word, but picks up on the question aimed at Submission. "My offer does still stand, Submission, I've asked ya about it before."
  186. 08:51:49: <nike> "I've been thinking..."
  187. 08:52:01: <Nephene> "About?"
  188. 08:52:26: <nike> "After this expedition, following the map I showed Maka...maybe I should join the watch?"
  189. 08:52:59: <Raven> "Even if you don't want to join full time, just coming to the aid of the town when needed is enough."
  190. 08:53:24: <Barkeep> "You did a great job when those bandits attacked, Sub."
  191. 08:53:27: <nike> "I promise." Nike still felt bad being separated from everyone during the bandit raid.
  192. 08:53:38: <Raven> "Granted I can't really do much about stomping out the bandits in the surrounding area, at the moment, I'm not a one man army."
  193. 08:54:33: <Submission> "Of course. Might be good to learn a fair bit of tactics though," Submission answers Raven. "Tell you what, though, consider me available for when you need someone to train with, go after bandits and things."
  194. 08:55:26: <Nephene> "Amonson-sensei might be a good person to ask if you need help with training....assuming he's willing, anyway."
  195. 08:57:33: <Raven> She eyes Submission susipciously. "Submission, I'm scrappy with a knife but a marksman by trade. I'm proooobably a bad sparring partner for you. Stab wounds don't do well for that."
  196. 08:59:03: <Submission> "Well, then maybe I could teach you a bit of hand-to-hand. You won't always have a weapon on you. Best not to get caught pants-down, Raven," he says, smiling for the first time all night.
  197. 08:59:56: Barkeep suddenly chokes on a glass of whiskey he was drinking, coughing loudly
  198. 09:00:41: <Submission> "Figure of speech, Barkeep," Sub ammends quickly.
  199. 09:01:43: <Raven> "Well, that's what my little hound and lion are for - that and and the armor I got from Arawn - oh Claud you card."
  200. 09:02:17: <Barkeep> "That... no."
  201. 09:02:58: <Nephene> "Do you know any hand-to-hand combat, Nike?"
  202. 09:03:26: <nike> "Hand to...well, I've got melee combat training. Martial arts?" She considers. "Been meaning to learn..."
  203. 09:03:29: <Submission> "Well, offer stands. Best not to be unprepared, I figure," Submission says, returning to his mug.
  204. 09:04:26: <Raven> "That and this," she fiddles with her styler. "Held Ricki pretty tight, which is pretty good I'd say considering the kid has muscles twice the size of his brain."
  205. 09:04:32: <nike> "Hmm..."
  206. 09:05:50: <Submission> "Might not have been clever enough to get around your toys, Raven. Ricki isn't a bandit. Doesn't fight like one."
  207. 09:06:01: <Barkeep> "When we do go after those bandits, I'm coming with, Raven."
  208. 09:07:17: <Raven> "Well the last bandits we fought had a hard enough time taking out Henry. Wearing nothing but a suit and beating them with a chained pocket wa - wait really?" She seems genually surprised.
  209. 09:08:04: <Barkeep> "Of course. I'm gonna do my best to keep our town safe. And you too."
  210. 09:11:50: <Raven> " did help last time too, yeah," she says after fidgeting a bit. "I do wanna try to teach you something first, though..."
  211. 09:12:01: <Barkeep> "What's that?"
  212. 09:15:28: <Raven> "Well...I dunno about teaching you to use a rifle, that might end poorly, but..." She pulls out a hunting knife and places it on the bartop. "You should least know how to handle a knife well, I think. They're light, effective, and easy to conceal. That and with a little practice they're pretty easy to throw."
  213. 09:18:08: Barkeep smiles, "You don't think I could defend myself in a fight?"
  214. 09:18:48: <nike> (And this is where I log out for the night. Sorry)
  215. 09:19:08: <Submission> (Night~ Sleep well.)
  216. 09:19:10: <Raven> "I didn't say that, but I figured it'd help..."
  217. 09:19:21: <Nephene> (I probably want to turn in soon, too )
  218. 09:19:38: <Barkeep> "All right, all right."
  219. 09:20:01: <Submission> (Well, then let's get to wrapping this up. Submission still needs to address Nephene specifically.)
  220. 09:21:22: <Barkeep> "You know, I'd actually like to talk to you about that for a bit in private."
  221. 09:21:37: <Barkeep> "Customers look like they've about dried up... do you mind?"
  222. 09:21:47: <Nephene> "Should probably think about prepping for closing time...."
  223. 09:22:19: <Raven> "Knives, or being caught with your pants down?" :3c
  224. 09:22:28: <Submission> Submission finishes his second beer, looking towards Nephene. "Well, before you get to that, Neph, mind if I ask you a favor?"
  225. 09:23:31: <Barkeep> (wanna do our thing in PM raven)
  226. 09:23:54: Nephene wipes down the counter. "Go ahead."
  227. 09:24:18: <Raven> (sure)
  228. 09:26:02: <Submission> "Well, Mirror Move's been out of sorts lately, and I wanted to make her feel a bit better. I heard you liked flowers, so I was wondering if you would come out and pick a few with me. You might know better what ones look best and keep longer," Submission says, trying to seem confident and not give away any intention.
  229. 09:26:47: <Nephene> "I could suggest a few."
  230. 09:26:55: <Nephene> "Let me get a piece of paper."
  231. 09:28:32: Nephene tears out a sheet of paper from a notepad, and scribbles down a few notes.
  232. 09:28:54: <Submission> "Well, um, whenever you're available, you could show me which ones you mean? I know the local area, but flowers aren't my expertise..." Submission replies, looking rather nervous.
  233. 09:29:11: <Nephene> "Hm."
  234. 09:29:24: <Nephene> "It'd have to be in the morning."
  235. 09:30:50: <Submission> "That's fine. Whenever is best for you," Submission says, smiling broadly. He stands up, grabbing the cloth sack. "Have a day in mind?"
  236. 09:31:12: <Nephene> "I'm not sure. This is for Maka, after all."
  237. 09:33:07: <Nephene> "You don't know what she likes?"
  238. 09:34:24: <Submission> "Well..." Submission responds, seeming kind of flustered. Oh boy, it's obvious now. "Not really... She's fond of blue."
  239. 09:34:38: <Nephene> " something wrong?"
  240. 09:36:58: <Submission> "Oh... no," Submission answers quickly. "Must be more tired than I figured. I was working a lot today." He kind of shuffles on the spot. "But, uh, I'd appreciate it if you helped me find a few flowers for her..."
  241. 09:37:33: <Nephene> "....alright. There are a few blue flowers that grow nearby. They shouldn't be too hard to find."
  242. 09:38:51: <Submission> Submission seems relieved. "Thanks, Neph. Just, let me know when works for you, okay? I, uh, should let you get back to cleaning up..." He's still beet red, though, which is strange for Submission.
  243. 09:39:24: <Nephene> "....isn't this for Maka? What day's good for you?"
  244. 09:41:02: <Submission> Submission gets redder as he feels himself being seen through. "Any day, really. I don't have a lot of contract work right now, but I'm sitting on a fair amount to get by for the time being. I just make myself useful how I can..."
  245. 09:41:31: <Nephene> "Sub. Talk to me."
  246. 09:41:37: <Nephene> "What's wrong?"
  247. 09:43:28: <Submission> "Nothing, Neph, I... uh... figured I would just ask someone I thought knew more about flowers and uh..." He trails off. His eyes shift from side to side. He's a damn terrible liar. "I just wanted to spend a little time with you outside the Slaking, y'know? Um..."
  248. 09:43:52: <Nephene> "....this isn't for Maka, is it?"
  249. 09:46:02: <Submission> "Well, I did want to get her something, but... your brother suggested I just try and talk to you outside work and uh... I'm not very good at this part..." Submission looks away, eyeing the floor. It's strange to see the normally taciturn and direct man so shy and timid.
  250. 09:46:18: <Nephene> "Take your time."
  251. 09:49:14: <Submission> "Well, I've spent a while in here, and I've always admired you and, well, after the Swimming Contest, I... decided I would try and ask..." He trails off, unsure of what to say. "You're very beautiful and a strong woman and well..."
  252. 09:49:34: <Nephene> "....Sub."
  253. 09:49:37: <Nephene> "I'm flattered."
  254. 09:50:24: Barkeep comes back down the stairs with Raven
  255. 09:50:38: <Barkeep> "Hey sis, gonna spend the night at Raven's, see ya!"
  256. 09:50:51: <Nephene> "....hey, wait!"
  257. 09:50:56: Arawn takes the cue to arrive as Barkeep and Raven are exiting. Nearly walking into them in the process.
  258. 09:51:18: Barkeep walks out before he can notice the situation.
  259. 09:51:28: <Raven> "Yeah see you guys later!"
  260. 09:51:34: Nephene sighs.
  261. 09:51:48: <Barkeep> (you'd be distracted too if you knew what they were up to)
  262. 09:51:59: <Nephene> (they are up to sex)
  263. 09:52:22: <Submission> "Well, I..." Submission starts before all the hubbub. He's very quiet during and after though.
  264. 09:52:30: Arawn watches them wander off. "Gee, I wonder what -they're- up to," he muses, almost sarcastically, as he finally gets into the building.
  265. 09:54:35: <Arawn> "Anyway, evening, Neph--oh, and Sub. You're quiet for once, I almost didn't notice you for a moment." how the fuck
  266. 09:54:51: <Nephene> "Oh, hello, Arawn."
  267. 09:55:15: <Submission> Submission kind of shuffles out of the way of Arawn, standing off to the side, watching Nephene patiently.
  268. 09:55:39: <Arawn> "...? Was I interrupting something?"
  269. 09:55:58: <Nephene> "....give us a minute, Arawn."
  270. 09:56:44: <Arawn> "...Sure. It's the end of my day anyway and it's just something quick, it can wait. I think."
  271. 09:56:55: Nephene motions over towards the counter to speak with Sub in private.
  272. 09:57:14: <Submission> Submission follows patiently, silently preparing for the worst.
  273. 09:57:55: <Nephene> "I'm flattered, really, but....."
  274. 09:58:10: Nephene tries to find a kind way to put it. Words are failing.
  275. 09:58:33: <Nephene> "You're one of my most dependable friends."
  276. 09:58:40: <Nephene> "Strong. Reliable."
  277. 09:58:45: <Submission> "No, I... understand," Submission says, "Your brother said not to come on too strong. Guess I failed there."
  278. 09:58:52: <Nephene> "....Sub."
  279. 09:58:59: <Nephene> "There's a lot to like about you."
  280. 09:59:02: Arawn takes a seat near the door and relaxes a little, trying not really to listen but it's kind of hard, it's not like there's much else to listen to except the clank of Marcel cleanin glasses or something.
  281. 09:59:16: <Nephene> "And I -know- you're going to make someone very happy someday."
  282. 10:00:21: <Submission> Submission is staring at the grains of the wood in the bar, unable to say anything. Boy, he's taking it well!
  283. 10:02:10: <Nephene> "...."
  284. 10:02:22: <Nephene> "I'm just....I really don't know what to say."
  285. 10:02:35: <Nephene> "I feel like I should apologize."
  286. 10:03:15: <Submission> "No, it's... okay... really, it is. I should apologize for wasting your time. I should let you... get back to work..."
  287. 10:03:53: <Nephene> "You didn't waste my time."
  288. 10:04:26: Nephene sighs. "It takes a -lot- of courage to admit something like this. Believe, I know."
  289. 10:04:30: <Nephene> "And really?"
  290. 10:04:40: Arawn leans slightly. Given up on not listening. This is... well, fuck, he's pretty sure he knows exactly what's going on.
  291. 10:04:43: <Nephene> "Picking flowers with you sounds like a good time."
  292. 10:05:26: <Nephene> "Taking in the morning air, enjoying the calm, the colors...."
  293. 10:06:32: <Submission> "Well, I guess I can't back out now. Wouldn't be 'the gentleman's decision', like my dad used to say..." Submission says, giving a half-hearted laugh. "I guess you've had eyes for someone else, then..."
  294. 10:06:50: <Nephene> "...maybe. I've had a boyfriend before, though."
  295. 10:06:57: <Nephene> "It didn't last long, but still."
  296. 10:07:18: Arawn tries not to facepalm too hard. Mostly so neither of them really hears.
  297. 10:08:00: <Nephene> "Look, just because this didn't work out doesn't mean I don't enjoy spending time with you."
  298. 10:10:39: <Submission> "Well, I guess I can't fault you for being up front with me..." Submission replies, now trying to figure out how to put down the shovel and stop digging his hole.
  299. 10:10:54: <Nephene> "I'm sorry."
  300. 10:11:32: Nephene pats Submission on the shoulder, and goes over to Arawn, occasionally pushing in a jutting chair or two.
  301. 10:12:08: <Submission> "No, no, it's... okay. I'll, uh, just get back to Mirror Move. Let you take care of things here..." Submission eyes Arawn as he stands up to leave, not with any resentment, but with a kind suspicion. "Have a good night, Neph."
  302. 10:12:24: <Nephene> "Good night, Sub."
  303. 10:12:29: <Arawn> "...Neph, you'd better not be turning him down for me."
  304. 10:12:49: <Nephene> "....what am I supposed to do?"
  305. 10:13:21: <Nephene> "I'm not going to lie to him."
  306. 10:13:25: <Submission> Submission wanders out, quietly walking through the village towards home. He doesn't say a word to anyone at all on his way.
  307. 10:13:35: <Nephene> "I have too much respect for him to do that."
  308. 10:13:53: Arawn raises himself from his hand and props his chin onto it instead. "If it wasn't for me, would you have changed your answer?"
  309. 10:14:15: Nephene sighs. "Probably not."
  310. 10:15:21: <Arawn> "...Neph. What are you after from me?" Arawn's suddenly not exactly meeting her eyes. And no, for reference, it's not because hugetits.
  311. 10:15:40: <Nephene> "A chance to know you better."
  312. 10:16:49: <Arawn> "...No, I mean... when you asked me out. What are you envisioning?"
  313. 10:17:47: <Nephene> "Where it'll be, you mean? Or what we'd do?"
  314. 10:19:18: <Arawn> "No. Well, maybe, ugh..." Arawn presses his forehead back into the palm of his hand. "Out here, you guys... are looking in the long term when you ask someone out, aren't you?"
  315. 10:20:19: <Nephene> "....generally, yeah. If everything works out."
  316. 10:20:33: <Nephene> "Take it slowly, if need be."
  317. 10:23:42: <Nephene> "What about you?"
  318. 10:27:58: <Arawn> "...That's why it won't work out," Arawn shakes his head. "That doesn't appeal to me at all."
  319. 10:28:38: <Nephene> "....ah."
  320. 10:30:08: <Arawn> "Sorry. The only entity I want to be tied down to is my work, Neph. I mean, I'm happy you're interested, and it's not like I really want to turn you down. If we met in Imperia, I wouldn't have hesitated."
  321. 10:30:22: <Arawn> "...But if that happened, that would also be the last night we'd have seen each other. If you understand."
  322. 10:31:20: <Nephene> "....I see."
  323. 10:34:06: <Arawn> "..." Arawn goes sort of silent for a bit. "Sorry if I got your hopes up. The line, I think, is... it's not you, it's me. I'm not suited to this kind of place."
  324. 10:34:40: <Nephene> "Why are you here, then?"
  325. 10:36:30: <Arawn> "...Because out here I can work at mastering my trade without having to worry about being undercut and lynched by competition, no worries about midnight breakins stealing design notes, none of that nonsense. And... other things, too, but those aren't as important."
  326. 10:38:19: <Nephene> "....alright. I understand."
  327. 10:42:10: <Nephene> "I'll leave you to that, then."
  328. 10:42:28: <Arawn> "...Sorry." Elipses everywhere. "I'd still like to just have a relaxing dinner with you sometime... but I'd rather agree to stay friends rather than screwing everything up."
  329. 10:43:20: <Nephene> "I was planning for a picnic."
  330. 10:43:33: <Nephene> "Amongst the apricorn trees."
  331. 10:44:09: <Nephene> "I have a few ideas."
  332. 10:44:15: <Nephene> "We could go to Flynn's, instead."
  333. 10:44:56: <Arawn> "Either works, really," Arawn nods, seeming to relax a little.
  334. 10:47:30: <Nephene> "What would you prefer?"
  335. 10:48:41: <Arawn> "I've wanted an excuse to go to Flynn's, honestly," Arawn answered after a bit of thought. "See if it's worth going to an actual restaurant in a small town like this."
  336. 10:49:14: <Nephene> "I can vouch for him. He's an excellent cook."
  337. 10:49:47: <Arawn> "I've got picky tastebuds, you should know this~"
  338. 10:50:01: Nephene grins. "Of course."
  339. 10:50:19: <Nephene> "But if you think my food's bearable, you should like what he has to offer."
  340. 10:51:07: <Arawn> "Yeah. When'd you wanna do that, then?"
  341. 10:52:15: <Nephene> "I should be free a couple of days from now. That night of the week tends to have the least customers."
  342. 10:52:36: <Nephene> "Should be manageable for my brother and Amon, assuming the former doesn't run off again..."
  343. 10:52:44: <Arawn> "Sure. Sounds good then," Arawn manages something of a smile again. "I should head out so you can close up for tonight, then."
  344. 10:53:06: <Nephene> "It won't take too long. Good night, Arawn."
  345. 10:53:55: <Arawn> "G'night, Neph," Arawn gets himself up from his seat and heads out, waving back to her. Totally knowing it's probably not gonna be a good night for her.
  346. 10:54:33: <Nephene> As soon as Arawn's out the door, she takes a seat at the nearest table.
  347. 10:55:05: <Nephene> Her expression isn't sad - more confused. She simply stares wordlessly at the ceiling.
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