Celestia's Fertility Aspect

Oct 27th, 2013
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  1. Fertility Aspect
  2. *This is a shameless Fetish Fic, leave now if you don't want that.*
  3. *Contains: Hyper Preg, Anthro, Belly Expansion, Plot Expansion, Breast expansion, Lactation, Wardrobe Malfunction.*
  4. *Based on this pic:*
  6. Let us assume that Celestia has a secondary domain of power besides controlling the sun, and let us assume that if she isn't careful that domain of power can become backed up and 'release' its pent up need into her body. Perhaps even without her knowledge it could happen. I just imagine she was lounging in the royal bathhouse, wearing a one piece as it was a little less private because of a few servants or such that come and go from time to time. Her already rather large figure tightly snugged up in the thing, a little bit of cleavage showing, but not a lewd amount, as her mark barely shows under its snug wrapping. Her large thighs lightly gripped by the strong elastics in the suit.
  8. Then it would begin, the sensation of her belly being stoked with warmth and churns mistaken for a water stream in the tub glancing her body. Suddenly her plot is griped tightly as some part of her body is crawling forward, taking needed slack with it as her already bountiful hips are tugged sharply by this constant encroaching force.
  10. It wiggles and bumps her belly, sending a shiver through her body from the sudden personal connection to her. She groans lovingly as her belly is rounding out in front of her, the one piece tightly gripping the forming shape as it follows its pronounced curves that are growing outward in every direction, tiny bumps shivering across its surface as she coos with every one.
  12. Her body is swimming with sensations as she feels her hips lifting her slightly out of the water. The two meaty thighs she always had were softening and growing, pounds of new celestial plot slowly leaking out of the swimsuit as it starts to ride higher and higher on her rounding curves. The elastic stretching and pulling on it as she feels her marks bloating and widening ever more
  14. Her nipples were twitching, something behind them shivering for release. She kneaded them through the suit, unsure if the wetness was her own or what she was bathing in, and with every soft stroke she felt them stretch. Bursting forward as milky liquid pushed through her suit, her teets shuddering in her palms as the valves seemed to be opening wider. Her body abuzz as she watched them grow and part the neck of the suit wider, letting her bosom rock about and grow with hardy shakes as her arms were lifted and pulled forward with every healthy release she felt.
  16. She would squeak as she felt her plot be pinched tightly by its captor, a sensation brought on by her throbbing belly. Every beat of her heart jittering the womb in her body, every shake pressing it larger and gripping her plot harder. She would moan in ecstasy as it would grow again, the roundness getting ever larger as her strong pumps would send waves in the water, a small island rising up out of the shores. She would groan longingly as a pop signaled the appearance of a bug bite on its highest point. A bug bite that throbbed and wiggled intensely, every passing moment growing larger as the pressure in her womb grew even greater.
  18. The entire thing a fire of pleasure as her body's growth shifted about underneath the suit, her entire belly rubbed and pulled upon by the tightening outfit, more and more of its features becoming clear as it seemed to mold onto her engorging girth, the button pressing hard into the highest point. Her breasts squeezed tightly as milk leaked out from every crack. her belly pulled out so far it peaked out from parts meant to wrap around her crotch, and her plot would wiggle and chafe under the grasp of the tight garment. Her two mountains pressed upon harshly by a suit that dug deeply into her deep canyon
  20. Then it would begin to rip, ever so slowly, as her belly continued to burgeon forth, tugging and pulling at her plot until the crease dug deeply in her rump split down the middle. Letting her healthy foal-bearing hips spread and engorge themselves on the room, two tight remnants of elastic swimwear pressing deeply into the white marble mountains that were lifting the enraptured mother ever higher. As the nub upon the mountains tip pounded and pounded with her heart, growing higher and higher as she seemed to be throwing water around with her girths heavy contractions and thumps, an untold number of internal movements visible on the surface sending rapturous feelings through her girth.
  22. The sides of the suit began to rip, more of her belly billowing forth as it was given room in the minute cracks. Then more, and more, every thump separating more strings as it pounded deeply with her heart, moaning meekly as the motions catapulted her senses higher. Her breasts slowly snaking their way forward over the girth, ripping up fabric as they went, her teets showing and bleeding through two small hole that had been ruptured open wide to let her milk run free, bathing her body in their constantly releasing juices.
  24. Then she would hear a snap, as the two remaining straps on her plot loosed. Her widening hips growing firm with hefty flesh as they swelled and shivered against each other. Softly rubbing against her own flesh that tingled and shivered with bloating warmth, her legs wiggling and shivering to cause herself no end of lovely delight in her favorite area as those two bloating suns pressed on to greater sizes.
  26. She would cry out in a messy fit as her belly punched forward, digging those constraining strings into her backside. Her insides alive and moving with life as she would watch it grow and widen, holes opening up all over the swimsuits surface as white flesh bleeds through every honeycombed hole. Then she would feel the contraction rise, her body flexing with the force of her uncontrolled climax, as her plot burst forth from its hold. Spreading far and wide as the string finally let loose. The suit flying apart as it was ripped off, uncountable shards splitting apart as her body grew out from under it, shredding it apart as seams and tailored fixes popped loose in a storm of noise.
  28. Her womb swelling until she was a large jiggling island in the ocean of her bathhouse, feeling her insides churn with life and movement as her heavy breasts sat atop her unbelievable womb. Her plot pressing up against the far wall of the pool, barely peeking over its edge as it grasped and wrapped itself around whatever or whoever she may sit upon. Softly and carefully stroking her womb as best she could, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share herself with the first thing to walk in on her sudden maternal form.
  30. The End
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