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  2. -Why is this not on steam?
  3. Devs have mentioned before they are considering releasing it on steam once the game is finished.
  5. -Which version should I try?
  6. Any version is fine and you can always upgrade to a higher version without issues.
  7. There is no difference between versions in-game when it comes to PvP, all you get from the more expensive versions is more room and a better starting pouch.
  9. -What is a pouch?
  10. Pouches provide a secure space for items that will not be lost upon death.
  12. -Does it run well?
  13. Assuming you have a decent CPU and an ok GPU you will mostly run the game very well, the devs continue to optimize the game with each patch. Just make sure you have more than 8GB of ram.
  15. -Is this game an unfinished mess early access bait?
  16. Although this comes down to personal opinion, I consider this game to have more content, work done and potential than any early access or beta I have ever played in my life, and I know for a fact the devs do deliver very sizable content at a steady pace and of the highest quality with constant balance hotfixes, way past rivaling AAA games... they easily surpass them.
  19. Will add keys, maps, and more links on the future, for now just google and wiki.
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