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andrewmyles Mar 28th, 2013 80 Never
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  1. /*Delete comments before copying and pasting into soup */
  2. /*Apprently soup's html cannot into html comments */
  4. I can make menus nao!!!1!!1111!1
  5. <div id="bar" style="background-color: rgba(255, 0, 0, 0); left:35em">
  6. /*This position the menu to 35em or about 560 px from the left of the screen*/
  7. /* input pixels or ems or whatever */
  8. /* This also uses the background of the bar over the bar itself, */
  9. /* it would look weird since it's half-transparent, so we set it to completely nothing */
  10.         <div >
  11.                 <ul id="menu">
  12.                         <li class="dropdown" id="" onmouseover="SOUP.Public.dropdown(this)">
  13.                         <a class="dropdown_head" href="#" onclick="return false;">
  14.                         <b>Your Menu</b>
  15.                         </a>
  16.                                 <div class="dropdown_body" "style="width="123px"> /* or leave style="..." blank */
  17.                                         /*all items should be placed in DIVs */
  18.                                         <div class="text"> This is not a clickable item</div>
  19.                                         <div><a href="">And this one is!</a></div>
  20.                                         <div><a href="tag/YourTag">And this one searches for a tag</a></div>
  21.                                 </div>
  22.                         </li>
  24.         </div></div>
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