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Mar 25th, 2016
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  1. Team Negative1 : Presents
  2. =========================================================
  3. The Empire Strikes Back - Grindhouse (version 2-DCP sourced)
  5. Welcome to our second official release, the 35mm version
  6. of The Empire Strikes Back.
  7. --------------------------------------------------------
  8. January 2015,
  10. As a thank you to the OT community, and our fans, we are
  11. releasing another early version of the movie. We hope that
  12. people everywhere can view the original version as
  13. Lucas released it back in 1981.
  15. We understand there is still a need for the fully restored
  16. version to be completed. However, we think that documenting
  17. the other prints we have is also needed for historical
  18. perspective. Some, but, not all of the flaws are kept intact
  19. to be indicative of the condition of the print.
  21. --------------------
  22. Format : WMV
  24. VIDEO : 1080p
  25. AUDIO : From Japanese Special Collection laserdisc(?)
  27. Where : Currently, it will be uploaded to MySpleen
  29. x parts as multiple files, with PAR files for correction.
  31. We anticipate releases on a.b.StarWars & Other torrent sites shortly after. Contact us
  32. if you have experiences and credentials with the major ones.
  34. ----------------------
  35. Corrections : Minor cleanup with major color correction done.
  37. History : This version is based on the Eastman print for some
  38. reels, and partial Fuji for the rest.
  40. Some scenes had warping, and all the heads and tails had
  41. damage on them.
  43. Technical : Scan resulted in a HD 1080p version. There have been
  44. several downscales to 720p and 480p files.
  46. Compatibility :
  47. At this point, there is no GOUT compatibility or subtitle support.
  48. Also, the audio is English only.
  50. Methodology : This version is a color corrected version
  51. similar to the first version in sources, It was created from a DCP
  52. that was used for a theatrical screening in 2013.
  54. Raw Data : We currently have no plans on releasing the raw frames of
  55. this version, however, if you have a project that needs certain scenes
  56. we will consider it.
  58. Future : There is possible news of the rumored LPP foreign version of
  59. the Empire Strikes Back, this is still being followed up on.
  62. =================================================================
  63. Conditions of use : All previous conditions for Fanedits apply.
  64. NOT FOR SALE, REPACKAGING or any for profit projects.
  65. For private viewing and use only.
  67. Legalities : We are not affiliated, sponsored, or related to
  68. Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, Disney. All properties
  69. are (c) and (r) to them.
  70. =================================================================
  71. If you want to use this for your own project, please contact
  72. us on the board : Team_Negative1
  74. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  76. Thanks to George Lucas for his vision, Fox for releasing it, and
  77. to all the artists, actors, writers and creative people associated
  78. with this. And for all the inspiration and hard work that was put
  79. into it.
  81. Please support the official releases, and purchase the DVD, Bluraysand other related works.
  83. Team Negative1
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