Koyomi Sandwich!

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  1. Notes
  2. -===-
  4. SaGa Frontier -
  5. An old PSX game. Turn-based RPG.
  6. Characters are able to chain skills, resulting in stronger combinations if the chaining is done right.
  8. Questionnaire -
  9. Questionnaires are included in manga magazines, for readers to vote on their favourites.
  10. The publisher uses that to judge series' popularity and the order is decided based on that.
  12. Nadeko -
  13. The kanji used for Nadeko are usually read as Nadeshiko instead.
  15. Hitsuuchi Yorutsuki -
  16. Character from the Sekai series, written by NisiOisiN.
  18. SAI -
  19. A painting computing software.
  21. Eretto -
  22. Another illustrator.
  23. Creator of Churuya-san (nyoro~n).
  25. "Wiffle through it" -
  26. Crappy attempt at translating a Japanese pun.
  27. 'Riffle through it' + 'Wife'.
  28. Original pun involved 'Bride (yome)' and 'To read (yo-me)'.
  30. Instant Block -
  31. A type of guard activated when guarding right before the attack hits, in the fighting game, Guilty Gear.
  32. The character turns white to show that it happened.
  34. Hokuto -
  35. Probably referring to the fighting game based on Hokuto no Ken, also known as Fist of the North Star.
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