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  2. 1. You vote in Politics for your monarch.
  3. 2. You do not build a rainbow strat, which is 50 banks, 40 farms, 10 thieves' dens, 5 dungeons, 10 training grounds and so on. Basically, a bit of everything. The buildings in Utopia are said in percentages. If you have 1000 acres and 100 farms, you say you have 10% farms.
  4. 3. You can be an attacker, a TM (Thief Mage), or combined. An attacker for example will have extra training grounds, barracks, basically attack buildings. A TM will have some thieves' dens, extra guilds, no stables. However, no TMs for now, we need attackers. You can be a hybrid, AT, or AM, or if you know stuff, ATM. Which I doubt :)
  5. 4. Draft stays at least 58% or so. Those who know how to play keep it over 60-65%, but as a beginner, that is not needed.
  6. 5. A good defense for attacker in this kingdom would be 8-9 DSPA (Defense specialists per acre). That means about 40-45 DPA (Defense per acre). If we were a top kingdom now, it would be too much. But at our size, it is ok.
  7. 6. TPA (Thieves per acre) should be at least 1.5 for an attacker. Then the rest goes in offence. Offensive specialists, or you can build some armouries and then train all elites. An elite is the troop that has both offence and defence.
  8. 7. Communication is the key.
  10. These are a few first steps for our complete beginners. They are basic and once someone gets advanced, they change completely and increase in their values.
  12. Here is a basic strat for an attacker not in war, but who makes hits and also trains and builds.
  14. 10% Farms
  15. 20% Banks
  16. 20% Training Grounds
  17. 13% Guilds
  18. 6% Towers
  19. 10% Stables
  20. 1% Dungeons
  21. 20% Free for a) Guard stations if you have lower defence. b) Barracks, during war, otherwise it's useless. c) Hospitals+Forts if you are full elite and you have a lower defence. d) Armouries+Banks if your elites are expensive.
  23. And o on... This is just something basic you will adjust to how you need.
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