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  1. /me Complacency and isolation, silence and peace. In another life Satori could have found himself happy in this desolate room where the outside world was almost an illusion of the mind. One could easily loose time and sense of self there buckled and strapped to little more than a elaborate medical table. Ever the failed experiment of society and relegated to imprisonment in a world that lacks the conviction to correct its mistakes properly. Had the decision been left to him then perhaps he would have stayed there like a good monster, soon to be forgotten by the masses as if he never existed in the first place. It was intelligent, sublime even, the easiest way to quench fear was to forget that it ever existed in the first place. This would not suit him though as his life was not his own to dictate the fate of. It belonged to a higher calling. He had been staring at the door in front of him in thought for days now, it was time to rejoin the world. The cold crept up through his body slowly, allowing his muscle and organs to acclimate it slowly as that numbing ache settling into his muscles and towards his heart. There were two things that dictated immediate action in the cells, violence against others and a medical crisis. His isolated state prevented the former but the latter played to his advantage much better. He released a slow breath chilled into an icy fog before his pulse slowed more and more, the beats became fewer and fewer before he was soon inducing a near death state. It was no innovation of his, monks had studied to do this exact thing in the frozen mountains to mediate without nourishment for long periods of time. Still, it carried the results he desired. Soon the alarms were triggering and his slack form was allowed to hang limp in his bindings. Were he still in the legitimate medical field he would have been jealous of the response time. Thirty seconds? A minute before his form was being unshackled and draped over a gurney towards the medical bay? It didn't matter, he would never make the full trip there. The leather straps that bound his wrists to the cart were pulled upward with the metallic tube that connected to the frame and the jagged edge was dug into the hip of his closest guard. He rolled off the gurney and hoisted his fresh human shield up in front of him by the makeshift weapon and used it to soak up the responsive fire from the others. It served its purpose well enough and soon Satori was plunging the area into the full extreme of his cold. Bulletproof glass and walls fogging up with the sudden chill and the guards quickly covering their mouths and clutching at their throats when the venom of frozen air sunk into their lungs, caking them with the frost of their own fluids and setting in the immediate frostbite. Dropping his bullet riddled corpse shield the acquired a fresh guard and pushed her towards the door, pushing her facemask over her mouth and clutching her by the helmet. "You have thirty seconds to get out the area of my cold or you will die. Open the door." It was spoken calmly and without malice, this all was simply means to an end and he needed to leave quickly. With the swipe of her card and a passcode that was quickly memorized he threw her far behind himself before exiting the area, most of the guards would likely survive with slight respiratory problems if the medical staff was quick to get to them as they were to getting to him. Again, very efficient. He made his way towards a side exit, though that may be a slightly improper tone. It was the cafeteria, Satori was not a very high profile criminal, he lacked acknowledgement and reputation like many did, especially in the League, his easy capture and almost catatonic compliancy to that point had afforded him a medium security incarceration. In that state one fo the few glimpses of the outside world came in the instance of when everyone ate. He climbed up the high walls and pressed his hand against the bulletproof glass, letting that chill sink into it rapidly mixing with the sunlight that struck it from the other causing a clash of temperatures and cracks began to form, they were assisted with several pummeling strikes before a bloody hand crashed through and soon a body slithered out behind it back into the fresh air of the real world once more. He was not free, he was outside. First he needed to find one of the safehouses. From there he could find Sir and the others and see what needed to be done. It was likely that another message would need to be sent and he knew someone that was very good at remembering what they were told. Perhaps he would start there to remind heroes that terror still does exist and that it could find them when they were the most alone and vulnerable.
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