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  2. Hello,
  5. this doesn't really need to be coated. It's just reposting his own stuff from somewhere else. But big not an important source. It's not like he's quoting his own book, or even a email or document or blog comment with a link to it. Just sort of, it's sort of like saying, I said to my friend, quote, blah, blah, blah. It isn't exact quote, it's okay to quote it. It's not wrong. But it's sort of like an initial contribution to the discussion is starting like new material from himself. It's a little like if he wrote it, and then notes file on his computer. And then he said, yesterday, I wrote in my notes, file, quote, and then he quoted himself. Which isn't like wrong. But normally, it makes more sense to just be like yesterday I wrote in my notes file and then just paste it as a non quote, because that's your own writing that you're writing and sharing now. Anyway, it's a minor thing, but it looks weird to have someone to quoting when there's also um there's so many paragraphs like there are these really short lines because it's from Discord. It makes it look sort of choppy to have the quote markers Mark every new paragraph and there's a lot of new paragraphs that makes them stand out more
  8. minor comments.
  11. I don't know much about Plan Pro up. I'm going to stream today. So questions would be good.
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  14. Anyway.
  17. Alright, Sunday, like this needs quoting. Yeah. How did he do that? What? x? back. There's a quote, but it's very personal. I don't know if it's an exact quote or not. Enough, they're slaves. Maybe they find that human useful in some way. I don't think being written on is inherently a bad thing. If I was a star, I might let my friends ride on me because it's easier than like waiting for them when they walk. They like they walk slow. If I was on sound hard be like, why are you so slow? If I was a dragon, I'd be like, why are you so slow? And also you got just get stuck when there's a mountain? I'd prefer my friend road. Those they're too bad at travel. This is completely correct. Let's not bias. You said you don't understand what it was. But I guess maybe mostly true. But I think that's an interesting comment. is they also say, it seems like they're putting the girl in some sort of more powerful role intentionally. That is correct. So that shows some understanding of what was going on. There was at least some understanding. I guess he specifically says what he doesn't understand was the dialogue that was supposed to be banter. But that's a lot of where the more powerful role comes. First. It wasn't irrelevant to the plot of the movie. I mean, I don't think it was I haven't watched the movie. I'm pretty sure it was relevant. They really put irrelevant stuff in movies. Unless it's like a very short side joke, but that was like character development with main characters. They plan out all the scenes and like, every scene is there for a reason. But they'll throw in jokes for like comic relief, because audience likes jokes. But any like plot point kind of thing is there for a reason. I don't think it's irrelevant. This is a common movie thing. And it's kind of silly, or they just, they want the characters to talk. And everyone cares more about the social relationships and the talking than the actual action. But instead of just having them like sit around at home and talk, movies are like, well, action is cool. So we'll have action. But then they just have to like set their character development in the middle of action sometimes. You see people on like a fucking quest or adventure or whatever. And they got like a one second of downtime and they start talking about their relationship. Not necessarily romantic relationship, just like personal stuff. That's not part of the mission. Like Hurry up, get to the next step in your mission. Like you're under heavy time pressure. They're like now we'll just talk for a minute. The fact is straight man mean, I don't think it means heterosexual. As bad as a term like straight man, or generally means heterosexual, in a context where there could be like, dating flirting, actual relationship because that's at least ambiguous and possibly confusing or misleading. BRIAN GREENE has rockets. No idea if that's true, but okay. Sounds like a pronunciation issue. Like a test of pronunciation. I do not claim to be particularly good at pronouncing things but whatever. I think maybe straight means serious like not joking, like playing it straight instead of rolling something. I don't find it clear. The straight man as a stock character in a comedy performance.
  20. Okay.
  23. That's sort of like the ballpark of what I was guessing. I don't think it's a good jargon term. Like it's not recognizable enough as being a specific thing with a meaning. In it, it's too ambiguous with heterosexual. What's up Alan asked me questions about a customer about epistemology. Why are you reading high EQ? Like you're fighting shitty stuff to criticize?
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  26. But
  29. why prioritize during that? over I don't know, inventing an AGI or something. Okay, so head over review request, or drama club. But Melanie Martinez lyrics, though. slang, haven't watched the song yet. I'm just going to skim the song to see what it looks like. And then look at the lyrics. Oh, it's not a music video. Right? It was just an M. million views. Is that updated? Yeah, 3 million. So not ultra popular. Okay, so this was trying to claim that the other person was low status, which is a fancy way of saying that you're hanging on my sentences means you are chasing me. You're putting effort into this stuff? Do? You're following me? not vice versa? I don't hang on your sentences. I don't really care. But you say you perceive me as high value but I don't perceive you as high value. That's what this means. Which is offensive? Oh, yes. You do offend people, you're mean to people? Oh, no, I'm soft as a way of attacking them. It's a blaming them or finding her mean? The rough meaning is if you are better at social games, instead of being harmed by my social attacks, you would fight back as an equal. So what she's kind of saying is that better at social popularity contests like me. So this is very mean and aggressive. And it's in disguise. It's fake. It's fraudulent. She's trying to pretend that what she's saying is thick skins are good. People shouldn't be offended so easily. She's doing that as a way to attack people. It's not like self help advice about how to be less of a victim of people like her. It's part of the victimization. She's trying to make them feel extra bad and guilty about it. She's trying to pretend she's not doing anything. Like, Oh, I just said some words. Why are you so sensitive? Um, it's part of pretending she's not so aggressive as she has. Looks like extra extra nasty. It's denying the reality of what's going on of how aggressive she has. It's taking reality. It's trying to tell people, this thing they're experiencing they experience being attacked and hurt and so on. It's telling them that doesn't exist. It's all in their head. They're making it up. It's their own fault. You got an aggressive, especially aggressive person or that kind of messaging is really nasty. Anyway, that's what I think this is about from the very beginning. You can keep your costume and keep your mask. I mean, take a bath so you can kiss my ass. Yeah, so she's pretending to be high status and doesn't give a shit low effort. People come to her she doesn't chase other people. People try to please her. She doesn't try to please other people. She's calling other people fake. They wear masks and costumes. The however is the star of the show. Who bows and is genuine. But she's caught saying all you guys are not genuine. I'm genuine. This is a social status game. It is her costume. That is her mask. She's such a liar. I never signed up for your don't you're the person creating drama. Absolutely. The drama creation type. She's This is a social attack. And then she says they never signed up for your drama. You just initiate a drama You're such a liar is a drama club leader is cruel to people and then pretend she didn't do anything. And then she friends. They are the ones who created drama club which drama club is a metaphor for social popularity status contests on social economy. Oh, she's like a leader, an expert of this game. And she's saying that she's not part of the game. Because that is a way to play the game. To finish line ZF tomorrow, but she's saying she's genuine. She She says what she wants but other people are not genuine and just read line. So how to come off as genuine is a charisma trait. It's a thing that highly socially calibrated people are good at. That's part of the the social game how you become popular as you figure out, how do I seem genuine? How do I say exactly the right things? Well, it seems natural rather than fake and memorize. what she's doing here is reinforcing this fraud, where she pretends her lines are natural. The other people who stutter and say the wrong things, they're actually being more natural. They're less carefully following the game rules and just pandering to what other people want. And behind her disguise, do you even have a brain right? She's accusing other people of not having a brain is so mean. Like she's accusing them of starting drama, and then she calls them brainless. stalking her page. So she's just extremely aggressive about people who fit in a little bit less, or they're less good at social games. And she's just being as cool as possible to his as possible as an exaggeration, but she's trying to be extremely cruel and mean. Do the last several kids be people who are not pop stars. And she has been extremely dishonest about what's going on. It's really gross. People like her are a problem like the main problem. They're the ones who are initiating a lot of the cruelty and are initiating people who don't play the game. Like she's an enforcer like a social world policeman. I never sign up for your drama club now. You're an enforcer who hurts people who don't sign up, you're pressuring people to sign up. But the point of the song is to make people sign up for drama club and call anyone who doesn't brain lust a costume wear a mask, wear a line memorized. A thin skin sensitive person in a bad way, etc. And the people in drama club are the ones who got to be on stage bow have their ass cast, etc. That's what she's saying. Oh, extraordinarily dishonest. I don't want to be an actress. Yes, you do. That's what you are You liar. But anyway, these are just accusations in the skies, anyone who's less socially calibrated than her as an actress living by a script, who practices their lines, that she claims she doesn't give a shit about the social games that she spends her entire life going to be extremely good. You're overanalyzing every word I sent you. This is not true. The word she said have more meaning than she lives on. And more meaning than most people manage to analyze our state not last. Anyway, yeah, a lot of people find like the Mean Girls and the cliques and stuff objectionable. So what do we have the Mean Girls, the clicks, the popular types, etc. Thinking about how bad that stuff is, I'm posturing against the stuff, they're leaders of. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Songs are very repetitive. Most people just don't want to hear many different ideas like this is about how much ideas people want, is they're going to listen to the song like 200 times or whatever. Like if it's a radio song or whatever, you know, people hear a song like 200 times have like 123, or four paragraphs or their content. And they'll read and they'll hear a 400 times, like 100 lessons per paragraph. That's the sort of ratio of how many times people want to hear it versus how much content they want it to have.
  32. Drama Club.
  35. Direct
  37. 22:07
  38. was in possession on people considered dangerous to oneself and others. Okay, well, dangerous yourself doesn't make sense.
  41. In general,
  44. people do what they want to do. If you want to die and you kill yourself, you weren't dangerous to yourself, you are accomplishing your goal. Things that are dangerous to you are things that go against her values that prevent you from accomplishing your goals, not your own actions, you act for your own goal. They're like very short term exceptions, like if you're, you take a bunch of psychedelic drugs, and you're extremely like confused by the Holy snake might be dangerous to yourself, because you might say,
  47. walk off a high
  49. 22:59
  50. place, you don't realize it's a high place, or you might walk into the street and get hit by a car because you don't realize there's a road there. So I mean, like, yeah, on a bunch of hallucinogens, you could be dangerous to yourself. And sometimes it's really that the holy segments are dangerous here. But like there's a reason to restrain a person who's on hallucinogens, they don't do something that they will regret when they're not unholy. So that's a very short term temporary thing. But for like longer term stuff. People do what they want to do. Often, they're conflicted. And they'll go back and forth on what they want. But being conflicted and having different values is not being dangerous to yourself. being dangerous to others is completely fucking different than being dangerous to yourself. It is an issue of criminals. And we have, you know, courts and police and stuff to deal with that. And we largely do not go after people preemptively. or potential criminals. We do in certain cases, like if they bought bomb materials, and we can actually they find evidence of that they're planning to do a bomb, we can catch them before they actually that need the bomb. But if we're just like, well, his personality seems like he might murder someone. You don't get to put someone in jail for that. People are often confused about their values, you can help them on a voluntary basis. Do they think they're confused? Do they want help? Do they want your help? It is up, it's up to them what to do about their confusion. It's not up to you to say I think you're confused. So now I'm going to use force and violence against you. As long as you keep it voluntary, it's okay. If you use for some violence, it's not okay. Which is exactly issue with dangerous to others. dangerous to others means like threat of force, violence, robbery, rape, etc. dangerous to self means none of that. dangerous to others should not be handled by psychiatry, it should be handled by police investigators who find evidence and use courts and juries and so dangerous itself, on the other hand, should also not be handled by psychiatrists. Um, it's just a personal matter for the person. You decide. in general. You want to kill yourself, that's your choice, no one should forcibly restrain you. That is violence. You know, people kill themselves because of that violence. People kill themselves because they know they won't get the chance later if they're in jail, or in a psychiatric prison or something, like kill themselves preemptively while they still have their freedom. That is one of the things that happens. Another thing worth knowing is suicide hotlines will do things like call the police on you, the police will come and prevent you from killing yourself. They're not on your side. They're not helpers who are helping you sort out your confusion and pursue your value. They have an agenda, a pre determined conclusion that no matter who you are, and what your situation is, they don't want you to kill yourself, and they're going to try to stop you. So those those places are not there to help you. This is a song from movie there's a guy that insulted her right before the song built him back and he got offended than the song started. Yeah, that just makes it more dishonest. Like she insulted him actually was doing drama. Anyways, why does she care that he insulted her because she is actually sensitive to that kind of thing. She's highly sensitive social dynamics is paying attention to who and sold to who was gaining and losing status, etc. And then the entire purpose of the song is to raise her social status and lower his to attack other people. It's like an extended insult against that guy. Of course, he got to find out she wasn't mean to him. He is good at being mean to people. She's very pushy, pressuring etc. She's so aggressive. And then she's pretending like she's this innocent Angel. Which makes it meaner because people are like, well, you are mean to me and then also you're pretending you didn't do anything like denying the reality that they just experienced? Is like extra nasty. Oh, yeah, that is unsurprising. have two more blog comments. There's a different one. There's also request. principle I Melanie mark.
  53. Derek.
  56. That's redundant greedy money seeking those are the same thing. Not like 100% but pretty redundant. And they're being associated with sneaky so anti capitalism. Always PPN factoring creeping YY is like creepiness and greed being associated scalar the penis is about like
  59. acting
  61. 29:32
  62. in a social situation not according to the rules of drama club. So she's saying people who do not follow the scripts the lines drama club are creepers. He finds people creepy. Don't follow all the social roles and she just wrote a song attacking people for following social roles, but she wants them to follow that script because anything else is creepy. Anyway, somehow she associates that with greed and money. Makes no sense. On the download you're always wiki but if I told you her mother her son was a cruel mother fucker. Haha is us she's such a like vanish full batch. Going to someone's mother. And insulting the sun is such a mean way to deal with someone in high school. This so aggressive. It's not just me. It's everybody who thinks that you're affecting ugly. This so mean? You come in to hurt us just so you can get your money out man. What is she talking about? First of all, the leader has been the fuck. Okay, apparently she doesn't like her principle for some unclear reason. So, these mean, vague social accusations. Now psychiatry is closely related to the Inquisition. Been any different? You could say yes. But there are major similarities. But it's something that sauce has compared. Like I interests are the forces of the desires of powerful people and have been mainstream social rules. They punish and deviants and heresy. That's what they do. And they have pseudo scientific excuses for why they're punishing heretics. Not burning them for being witches. We're not burning them for being demonic Lee possessed. We are helping them not burning them. And we're doing that. Because scientifically their brains are broken. And how do we know that their brains are broken? What is our evidence? Well, it is nothing other than their heresy. we diagnose them by heresy. And we say we scientifically know their brains are broken. It's kind of ridiculous. I don't think a principal taking a salary and being paid for his job is the problem here. That's ridiculous. I think she's anti capitalist. And she is a cruel social climber. Okay, seems like really incompetent. This is argued, person with no research. I'm not very interested in talking to this person. All of their comments are terrible. And really aggressive. They don't want to read anything. They don't want to get specific, length them to a blog post. And they won't quote anything and reply to it and point out any errors. They just make
  65. over
  68. really vague, broad overall comments. And I'm like, and then misunderstand my position really badly. And don't ask questions. Okay, so the issue was not what I threatened to ban someone for being hostile. Purposely The question was what I consider that force did not claim that was fourth. He should really put some sort of divider after the log. He didn't, he didn't block quote, anything. Which is like, reasonably okay. But if you just put like three lines on the logins and he switches back to his own tasks, like a divider, it would be a lot better. It just literally transitions from peace, which is apparently in the log. Do I'm not sure. Okay, well, this person is an unrealistic and gullible fool. I didn't check him out. He was already trolling for a while he was repeatedly, every single conversation he was on. He was an asshole. He was not interested in learning, or thinking. This is just a bunch of socially pressuring euphemisms. I don't want to talk that way. It's evil. This kind of thing does not solve these problems. This doesn't work. Tell me examples where this shit works. Sometimes people pretend it works. But it's extraordinarily rare for this kind of thing that actually solve the problem. Instead of people just trying to hide the problem, or just getting even more mad when you say stuff like this. I didn't escalate to a band. I did not ban him. I asked a question. So quickly, this is after like five conversation. This also is not the start of the discussion. Alex was not trying to find out what has already been explained he was not trying to read our resources and find out how to use FI therefore. You can't do this. There's no way to do it. He did not ask how do I use FI he did not read guides to use enough I he did not try to learn what this place says. That's on him. There's information available about it. He got extra opportunities. He acted badly in every conversation. He never bowed value curiosity or anything. He still had several conversations before he chose to leave after he chose to be hostile. The reason he came was to pretend to be smart to his friend who invited him. You don't want to tell us friend? Oh, no, I hate ideas, thinking of reasons I'm not going to join. That's why he dropped. This is someone who won't even read boi. But will say he's going to read BIY for months while lying in order to save face and pretend to be smarter and more interested in ideas than he has. But if you think you can do better, you can talk to people Good luck. You explain it to them, new people come tell them whatever you want, try to help them. Maybe you'll find when you attempt it yourself. That is not as easy as you think it is. I know you'll find that. I think you'll find what some of the problems are that you didn't realize that people are hard to talk with hard to work with. You think you have a solution for how to get people interested in reason or whatever. Good luck more power to you. instead of complaining that I don't do it. To me, you do it. Of course, I think you should start with yourself. Convince yourself to be interested in reason you have learned very little in your life you have participated are five very little in your life. Though, if you know how to help people deal with that fine, better use that on yourself and actually got significantly involved in FI and learn a lot and become really smart and good and stuff. You can't even do it on yourself. I don't know why do you think you could help Felix? Anyway, he seems to be making tons of assumptions, very unreasonable assumptions. Like he never does actual analysis. Like he doesn't take this sentence and analyze what it means. He just assumes what it means. Doesn't say what he assumed and then talks like it means what he assumed it means he's skipping so many steps. It's really hard to talk to him the model he quotes this but he never directly says anything. Is he trying to contradict me as he trying to disagree about something? Does he think I made a mistake? He doesn't say he doesn't explain this point. He dropped he also dropped the context of this. me he also does not ask many questions. These ones are quote so there are no questions until this last paragraph. Let's see what their Yes, I know this depends what you mean. But could sure or some meaning of this it is true fine. Okay, conscience. hypo, you mean or non CRS?
  71. Or, okay.
  73. 44:50
  74. Right.
  77. Well, you could point out criticism of it particular thing that I wrote and sort of saying, What if you're wrong, you could point out what you think is an error. aware of the general possibility that I'm wrong, I've taken what I think are appropriate subsea with it, you can either point out a problem with my methodology, or a particular message that you think you see a flying. You have done neither. You don't seem very familiar with car. Like you're saying some stuff that shows you have like, you've heard of car. This is like a standard bad argument. It's like saying you're fallible as if that was an argument against a particular thing someone wrote. It's also a socially nasty phrasing. This is kind of aggressive and hostile. It shows that you're not so diplomatic and tactful as you think you're actually being kind of mean to me. Again, right? Well, I have written about this literally wrote a five posts about this the other day for and around, no one replied, No one else criticism, I have put a lot of thought and effort into analyzing this being good at it, etc. Um, you are welcome to try it your way, or to criticize my methods or to criticize my analysis or to criticize my particular actions, but not to ask open ended questions. What if you suck that is not productive? That's not rational discussion. Me, I'm not going to ban you for doing that. But you're not welcome. And that like, I don't appreciate it, I don't think it's a good idea. It's not something I would suggest you do. Whereas those other things are saying you're welcome to do like, you know, I'm happy for people to try to do that. Or is this like, I'd rather you didn't? This is a bad way of me. What if again, this same? This is aggressive, hostile, pushy, unfriendly.
  80. Yeah. So
  83. I'm Dr. Anything else to say with after post, I have to update the timestamp when I post this. Let's see. There's a major topic change, like this person is not acknowledging what I said about force. Did they find my explanation useful? Did they agree with the stuff I said, they dropped all of this explanation? And they also I had already told them they can criticize particular moderator actions.
  85. 48:24
  86. Um,
  89. but they didn't. Do they think there was a moderator action here there wasn't think of someone will leave. If someone is bad, they are negative value. And they will leave just because they find out we think they're negative value and don't appreciate them. But that it's good. They leave they don't really want to be they're not going to ban them. Just because I think that they're low value or negative value. But I will tell them what I think that was going on and they want to leave if they don't want to be somewhere they're not appreciated. That's fine. We can agree on that. He left voluntarily that was his choice.
  92. I'm fine with it.
  95. Why is my computer fan now loud? back by since doing a back do we should stop at time machine to also skip time machine. Back place might have just been doing us back by soft and I told time Ustream to skip the fan seems to be calming down. Yeah, that's not that's not like an unbiased, double blind scientific controlled trial is a non blind non randomized non controlled trial where data is not actually being written down in any systematic way. You got like cherry picked results where some people emphasize the results and others don't. You got selection of facts like the people who are the most happy or upset with the results are going to yell the loudest about it. And the majority of people who got results from more in the middle are in their opinion are not going to yell so loudly. The idea of internalized oppression is a good one to talk about. A common example you can use is women wearing makeup. Do women wear makeup because they want to and they value makeup or because they have internalized oppression they've been taught from childhood to wear makeup now they think they want to but that was something pushed on them from culture a lot of people who are reasonable can see that there could be something wrong there the fact that the woman today as an adult believe she wants to wear makeup does not mean it's really her personal choice and value I can still be conformity I want to take up Patreon my RSS feeds oh
  97. 54:22
  98. do i do that
  101. there's some further discover ability what happens if they just put this on your subscription scribe will that work will it find it found some cows are found the feed automatically and just which the URL to the feed
  104. perfect
  107. okay so there's only posted twice this year and once last year very sorry about this sorry about that so thoughts cash rules everything around me was the original any there was some sort of everything around MIMO mean maybe its rules everything around me dreams rule everything around me dream drugs ruled passed on I see there's a ice cream store called like cookies roll everything around me or cream does or something what's next it's just like don't worry about it
  109. 57:39
  110. what what the hell
  113. are no comments on this path somebody
  116. anyway
  119. read these read those these I might not have read open these and take a look
  121. 58:52
  122. yes
  125. there is a modifier object have this speculation I think your name example where that actually happens or comes up but you don't have here Here it's just like a straight normal addicts haven't there's nothing weird about these are out of order the sons of life one was first put them up like only like 20 minutes apart or something they got found at the exact same time. Oh, let's check out found at 5pm
  128. Oh no, that's um
  131. it's because it's UTC midnight it just means there isn't an hour given it only has the date so it thinks it's just automatically midnight is like the default and then when you switch it to Pacific timing up four or 5pm depending on whether it's daylight savings or not these until actual times or this one this morning working there's like a exclamation point but so at last updated on September eight, that's a while ago. Well cooking was not what I wanted. Be fresh. Yes, it doesn't work. Let's Mark diesels around at 11 output dropped on he joined stripe I think of his like personal web presence. Except Twitter, he still tweets a lot. It wasn't like that high before. This Hacker News. output has been down for a while. So the title is already changed when I read. This was not the title he was complaining about. He should have quoted the title by not quoting the title it gets like confusing when it's edited. And he was like suggesting it be edited. So you know that might be edited. So he should have quoted his lack of f5 made things worse. I'll give this link by the way, this is just only patio Ivan's comments on Hacker News, direct link. This is extremely confusing, right? All right. I think the AMS represent thousands on the wise and axes are both single digits. I think it's just terrible. Me confusing now. And it's ambiguous. This is very good tax. For someone who doesn't know anything about banking regulations like this is just generically useful, good scrapped. The time sensitivity here is weird. And dad, um, he could come back to this on a day when he does have time if he wants to. But he's not rationally optimizing his schedule to what he wants to do. Is this happened to come up on a day when I happen to have time for it, then I'll write about it. And then if it happens, come on a different day. He won't write about it. There's a lot of randomness. When students, which questions does he happen to see and as it happens, not very busy. Rather than making intentional choices about what he wants to spend time on, and saving things for later that he actually thinks are valuable, he should be taking the best things that he doesn't have time for, and saving them for later. And then doing the Mondays when he's less busy, and cutting out some of the less good things and just don't do them ever. And use the save time for things that you saved on prior days. Avia was into this stuff before he worked for a stripe. He literally like used to post on some forum where people have like banking and credit card problems or something and he had like, help other people write letters to banks and credit card companies and stuff because he was good at it. People would be so bad at it and he'd be like well I can write a good letter in 10 minutes I'm just going to write it for you so he did that for a lot of people as like an old hobby. So it says beat a lot more than he works at a payments company now. Oh, it was Identity Card theft apparently there's some stuff about his old hobby right he also did online payments for his own businesses before working at stripe CX Learning Series I'm talking to our what's GSB hidden to find out government sponsored enterprise okay thinking it might be the government thinking let me like security don't see button the word like the right diners alright pension tsunami let's find like a couple of things that are going on. Like the latest news I want like the best story from the last year or something.
  133. 81:29
  134. What should I care about?
  137. Like a summary or something? It was keep saying they're taking breaks What the fuck is this? Okay, this one looks kind of generic.
  140. But let's say it's broken.
  143. Refreshing them hell reader mode Nope. No, that's that's just broken. Click on a thing with the Broadcom that's just an off site article.
  145. 82:18
  146. Whatever.
  149. Alright, what's next?
  152. I thought I saw a shadow on the sidebar.
  155. Anyway,
  157. 88:43
  158. it's not just like a rule following and doing right you're supposed to kinda like being a co I'm Ustream producer. me read the beginning of this. I don't know where I stopped. Like, medium Lee long but not super long.
  161. Bye.
  164. I already wrote today before I stream it's just getting kind of tired. I don't think I have the focus to read this.
  167. Imma stop later, guys.
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