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Aug 26th, 2019
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  1. 2-1 ( 04:00 ) : I consider this an unlucky start (no decent unit, but good shop and a few pairs)
  2. Lately, I almost never open with knights / nobles if I don't have at least 1 2star unit (tons of people will be stronger)
  3. So I would either have :
  4. - Buy Lucian, sell Kha/Graves/Darius and buy Morgana -> Pair of Ahri plus a Morgana early, that can be strong real quick with a sorcerer buff
  5. - Sell everything but Garen and Darius to open fort (if you don't know what that is, here's a youtube guide from a challenger : , and a text version : )
  7. You built the statikk really early, once again I don't like making full items before first carousel if i'm not sure it's an essential item to my game
  8. Statikk is not godlike as it used to be, and there are many better alternatives to a bow and a tear imo
  10. 2-2 ( 05:00 ) : Here you could have had the 3rd sorc if you took the Morgana in the previous shop, but instead you're stuck with not such helpful stuff
  11. You chose to level up while having 2 pairs in the shop and you had nothing important to put on board (2star unit), seems like a waste of gold to me
  12. Why did you buy the Nida/Graves instead of a 2nd darius to go knights?
  15. 2-3 : Here I think you did a good job, you saw them sorcs, you saw them yordles, and took opportunity. Good thing, best thing would be to find a poppy soon and you'd be good to go 2 knights/3sorcs/3yordles
  17. Carousel (07:00) : Bad thing about this is, you don't have a really strong board right now, and yet you're 2nd, so you're last pick on the carousel
  18. If you tanked some dmg early, you could have went with the Chain Vest pretty easily and get an early GA
  19. Without building the statikk shiv earlier, I'd 100% go for Garen with a Belt, make redemption on him with the tear (redemption and GA are really huge right now)
  21. 2-4 (08:00) : Yay Ahri 2! Could've also get Garen 2 but it's ok
  22. You chose to level up as well, it would have been great to do 2 knights / 3 sorcs to keep the winstreak, but at this moment I don't think an extra garen is useful to your board
  25. 2-5 (09:00)
  27. Krugs (10:00) : Here you're strong enough to defeat them, Elise 3 is pointless though, you should have gone for 20gold economy by selling Lucian/Elise and Kassa or TF
  29. 3-1 (11:00) : Okay, lets look at our state right now, we have 3 sorc / 2wild and a Garen 2, 20 golds in the pocket, 2 pairs (with lulu in the shop).
  30. What I think would have been best :
  31. - Refresh the store untill I complete my pairs find some interesting units (Poppy/Kennen/Gnar/Brand/Sej) -> would have probably make you stronger, and then level up in 2 rounds
  32. - Buy Lulu, sell Lucian, and try to econ and level up after next carousel -> You still have a lot of HP, but not that good of a team, you're gonna need economy to build a good team and the need to pick at carousel
  35. Regarding to what you did : Elise 2star, still really really bad imo, not worth having that demon buff for a 1star morgana, Garen still better as a frontline for your sorcs to do dmg
  37. 3-2 ( 12:00 ) : You found a Brand that early? That's early Christmas
  38. I think you did the right thing, putting in Vi instead of Reksai, but should have put Garen back instead of Brand (especially since he's on the frontline)
  40. 3-3 ( 13:25 ) : Ah, found a draven at 11 gold :D, and you can have a BT + Bow as item on him, that's interesting, but I still don't think you got the setup to play Draven at the moment, probably should have left him off
  41. You still have a lot of 1star unit, I think you should have refresh the store to find some missing pieces
  43. Carousel ( 14:30 ) : Making another Statikk I see :D, at this point it's OK tier ! I probably would have gone for the GA at this point
  45. 3-4 ! Nothing good in the shop, I would have sold draven and buy Veigar just in case, but you did good at econing right now I think
  47. 3-5 : You really need them 30gs, should have sold draven
  48. PS : 4 Demons / 3 Sorcs, not a big fan, especially with these unit and 1star
  50. 3-6 : Here you need to get to 40 gold as well, you did a good thing selling that draven, but he still cost you a lot of money ! Ruined 3 rounds of interest
  52. 4-1 : You've got 39HP, 50gold in the bank, it's time to go crazy, level up to 7 and refresh store untill you can build the best comp or you're gonna take huge amount of damages
  53. You had the idea right there, but execution a little slow, first : i think the rolls are more important than positioning, while you did the opposite, position first and then roll during the round, it's not worth it at all (you can see that you could have Kassadin 2stars but you bought him after the start of round)
  54. Also, I see that you levelled up just to put a 1star Kennen, with no synergies at all? Why was that?
  55. Good thing is, you only took 7 damage this turn ! And you had good shop imo
  57. 4-2 : Once again, you lose wayyyy too many times with positioning / team comp with that Lulu, right now you definitely need to refresh for your life
  58. Since the round has started, sell Elise to have 30gold interest
  60. 4-3 : I can see you're panicked / in a rush, during fights, look at your composition, and try to give yourself goals for the next round.
  61. IE : Here you have 4 sorc and only 2 void, maybe try finding that last void to fill in a useless sorc ? or look for them yordles ?
  63. 4-4 : Once again, you need to be quick for your life here, I think you chose the right path wiith the Gnar and Poppy, but you missed a Lissandra in the shop, could have gone with 3 elems, 3yordles, 3sorcs
  64. I think you did good at getting that Aurelion Sol, but once again, because of your speed you start the round with a 1star Gnar instead of a 2star
  65. But it's okay, you won that round ! Could have cost you lots against another opponent
  67. 4-5 : Brand 2, and yordles on the field? You definitely need to aim for the elems !
  69. 4-6 : Now will be your clutch time, you have to think fast, sell that elise for 30gold interest, and get ready to roll quick
  70. PS : That Elise have cost you A LOT of gold in the whole game !!!!!
  72. 4-7 : You did good I think with what you were given ! GA on Aatrox is nice
  74. Carousel : Yeah, that Guinsoo was the best thing out there obviously, nice one putting it on brand, could have also gone for gnar
  76. 6-1 : Good job, nice rolls, nice execution on selling Ahri / putting ASol in ! But, to be frank, you should have replaced ASol with Morg most likely, because Ahri is good for Gnar with the wild buff, and you have 3 demons
  77. But well... Can't cast spell when you're frozen anyway !
  80. Conclusion :
  81. So, from round 4-7 I think you did everything right. You ended up with a top 4, and a not bad composition, an OK game I'd say.
  82. Here's the global things I've noticed :
  83. - You have great knowledge of the game, but you're pretty slow on execution. For this, I advice you to start playing with the hotkeys (E to sell, D to roll, F to level up), and giving yourself challenges for some clutch round
  84. ( i.e, at 4-1 here, you should have said to yourself 'OK, let's do the whole roll thing in 20seconds then I'll position in 10seconds' and try to get faster and faster)
  85. - Don't be too greedy with units/synergies ! That Draven and Elise, and others cost you a lot of gold ! You need to have more awareness about the strength of an economy
  86. - Don't play with fire too much ! You let yourself lose a lot of HP in the late game, while you were pretty conservative with them in the early, I think it should be the opposite !
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