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Magicsee N5 Bl301 injection

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Dec 27th, 2020
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  1. Starting bootloader blob BL301 injection tool...
  3. This tool can be used to update the bootloader
  4. blob BL301 of the vendor bootloader on the internal
  5. eMMC. This bootloader blob BL301 is customized by
  6. Team CoreELEC to support all wake-up features like
  7. CEC, Wake-On-LAN, IR, and GPIO wake-up from
  8. suspend or power off state!
  10. Device serial number: 210dc400cab3aa6b2f1467f5e0e76623
  11. Using CPU type GXL (21): S805X, S805Y, S905X, S905D, S905W, S905L, S905M2
  12. Using binary type because of CoreELEC DT-ID: Generic
  13. Using /dev/bootloader as bootloader partition
  15. Found a valid Amlogic v2 ToC header (0xC200)
  16. Amlogic magic: AMLC
  17. Old signature ToC: 8E8D793AB36251887A643A1F4E08E14C0F09F3F5E6BB24205EC04711EFC7CF4E
  18. Name: AA640001
  19. Serial Number: 12345678
  20. Flags: 0
  21. Found BL30 blob image at: 0x10200 (0xD600)
  22. Found BL31 blob image at: 0x20200 (0x18400)
  23. Amlogic magic: AMLC
  24. Old signature bl30: 03F15F4AD1075D256031ABCE39C4D10383C447092A968B4C18745CF82AF8A7A9
  25. Using bl301 blob: Generic_21_bl301.bin
  26. Using bl30 blob: /gxl/bl30.bin
  27. Use config.ini value: usbpower = 0x01
  28. New signature bl30: A2727D447BF890895709BB18F055E9F15EFC9F1C4BF4702E4F4F6A4EA2960E9C
  29. BL301.bin needs to be updated on eMMC
  30. Old signature bl31: 1F962E3E07224B9A40337007E1DC0A2210334FB3495B3EA77B8F9A2597B7AEB6
  31. BL31 time stamp: Built : 15:44:01, May 12 2017
  32. Using bl31 blob: /gxl/bl31.img
  33. New signature bl31: 263C8B2F85B75CD126F82D74828649553C5845063A245EA49ED00C3E9EB80C99
  34. BL31.img needs to be updated on eMMC
  36. Please confirm to write the bootloader blob BL301 to
  37. the internal eMMC! Please ensure to update first the device
  38. to the last vendor firmware! And remember if the vendor
  39. firmware get updated you have to do this step again as the
  40. bootloader blob will be overwritten!
  42. Continue? [y/n] y
  44. Warning! GXL support is still experimental!
  45. It is possible that the injection brick your device and it will not boot anymore!
  46. It will be needed to short out the eMMC to recover the Amlogic device.
  47. So there is no warranty by team CoreELEC if the injection will be successful or not!
  48. Please confirm again to write the bootloader blob BL301 to
  49. the internal eMMC on your GXL device!
  51. Continue? [y/n] y
  53. Make backup of vendor bootloader to: /flash/210dc400cab3aa6b2f1467f5e0e76623_bl301.bin
  55. New signature ToC header: FE05AD870D8D934E6F8DA41E5F0D7A649C41CB1CEFE57F066EFF352C08B835FE
  56. ToC header needs to be updated on eMMC
  58. Finished update of BL3* blobs on internal eMMC!
  59. Please reboot device now and enjoy the new CoreELEC wake-up features!
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