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  1. [7:46:40 PM] Shinfo: [1:14:53 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: you are msging me based on an assumption, which is wrong, should I block you now or do you have something of meaning to relay to me?
  2. [1:16:43 PM] Shinfo: Assumption? You've tried to control the subreddit through me, and I have direct communication with the moderators you are abusing right now.
  4. If you'd like something something to come of this, it's keep your dirty hands off of something you have no place in messing with, else you will see your lackeys completely removed from reddit. Either live with the promotional tool or have it taken away completely.
  5. [7:48:12 PM] Shinfo: [7:47 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman:
  7. <<< Really? Quote me on this
  8. I have have never tried to conrol anything on reddit
  9. ever
  10. period
  11. [7:49:52 PM] Shinfo: I will be sure to quote you.
  13. [1:18:27 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: im sure you will
  14. [1:19:22 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: have fun in you rimaginary world
  15. [1:19:48 PM] Shinfo: Lol. Now that's an ironic quote.
  16. [7:54:57 PM] Shinfo: [7:53 PM] Shinfo:
  18. <<< Let me know if you need a job when you guys go under. We would probably use someone to sweep the floors when Dead Matter is release.
  20. Catch you later mate ;)
  21. [7:56:04 PM] Shinfo: [7:55 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman:
  23. <<< thats pretty good, did your mom wright that for you... oh wait I will ask her in a couple of minutes.
  24. [8:03:14 PM] Shinfo: I doi fancy aussy chicks
  25. [1:25:57 PM] Shinfo: Hahaha... really? Did you just pull a 12 year old twitch COD gamer insult?
  26. [1:26:11 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: kinda works hand in hand doesnt it?
  27. [1:26:23 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: you cry like a bitch and I reply like one
  28. [1:26:30 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: magic ensues
  29. [1:26:39 PM] Shinfo: Well, I'm glad you are able to admit your faults.
  30. [1:26:42 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: see what I did there?
  31. [1:27:06 PM] Shinfo: I see a man in his... what? Late thirties at best? Acting like a child...
  32. [1:27:26 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: when you are in your 30's we will revist this
  33. [1:27:36 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: and you will not have advanced, at all
  34. [1:27:45 PM] Shinfo: Oh, I'm sure.
  35. [1:27:52 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: "clearly"
  36. [1:27:59 PM] Shinfo: That's a bingo.
  37. [1:28:39 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: I will say, once again, I have never tried to influence anyone on reddit
  38. [1:28:53 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: none of the mods even talk to me on reddit
  39. [1:28:54 PM] Shinfo: It's actually quite clear now, the baffling decisions that have been man with this game.
  40. [1:29:04 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: make sure to include that on your screenshot
  41. [1:29:49 PM] Shinfo: Ah, so... SlyJesse, one of your (previously) most vocal supporters, the guy you banned and completely fucked over. He's just lying is he?
  42. [1:30:02 PM] Shinfo: I'd say he has a better track history for the truth that yourself, Patrick.
  43. [1:30:07 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: you need to comne to grips
  44. [1:30:11 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: jesse is a hacker
  45. [1:30:12 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: period
  46. [1:30:15 PM] Shinfo: And since we're on a name basis, you can call me Tom.
  47. [1:30:29 PM] Shinfo: Please do explain how Jesse is a hacker.
  48. [1:30:32 PM] Patrick "Kewk" Bowman: I wont call you anything but blocked
  49. [1:30:41 PM] Shinfo: His every moment was captured on video.
  50. [1:31:34 PM] Shinfo: Easy done. Enjoy all that money mate. Enjoy the burn and crash as well. You don't have mine any more though. ;) I have my refund and I can still play. Nice
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