Pelinal vs. Violent Tendencies

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  1. Violent Tendencies 24 minutes ago
  2. The demon kicked the bottom of her sword,causing it to flip from her hand and land into the Arena. Getting out of the stands and moving down,she gripped the sword and pulled it out of the ground. A gentle sigh escaping her as she stood in idle,waiting for her opponent to appear.
  4. Pelinal Whitestrake 28 minutes ago
  5. His eyes gazed around at the void around the Colosseum, before snapping down into the arena floor. Some sort of Daedra, or other outsider; he could tell by the smell on the wind, his prodigious nose picking up on the metaphysical nature of her being. He punted his own greathelm into the arena floor, as if to mock her entry, before lunging down into it to face her. "She-Who-Is-And-Is-Not-A-Daedra. Are you full of talk, or full of steel?" he asked, drawing the Sword of Arkay, and willing the Shield of Julianos into his left hand; the Star-Made Knight left his helm on the floor, for now, his white hair fluttering about his armored shoulders, his surcoat snapping in the wind. For once, the Mad Crusader took a defensive posture, shield raised, sword at the ready behind it.
  7. Violent Tendencies 26 minutes ago
  8. "Tell me when you are ready to begin." That was all that escaped the demon. Not much for conversation,or interaction with others unless it involved fighting,or something of violent nature. Seeing the male take his stance,she gently twirled her sword around,and pointed it at the male,until a response was given.
  10. Pelinal Whitestrake 16 minutes ago
  11. He tilted his head at her; had it not already begun, when he entered the ring? Setting confusion aside, the mad futuristic cyberknight bashed the flat of the Sword of Arkay against his shield, and shook his head,. "No more talktalktalking. ACT!" the knight ended in a shriek, sprinting forward in a straightforward charge, it appeared, shield leading. Though wearing a full set of armor, sans the helm he left behind on the floor, he moved inhumanly fast, even by the standards of ancient vampires and mythical ansu warriors; the most obvious explanation was that he was intending to simply bowl her over with a physicality that could equal a giant, but one could never be too certain of the Mad Crusader's intentions.
  13. Violent Tendencies 13 minutes ago
  14. So it begins,the fight starts. Letting her arm rest down to her side again,her eyes stayed on the male's. Watching him sprint towards her like that,the demon had a gentle smirk on her face. Confident,strong,brave. Signs for a good fight. Though she didn't move as he approached her,instead she waited. And once in range,the girl did a simple movement. She lifted her sword and slashed at the shield,if this were to connect,it would simply prevent the male's charge and keep the two locked in range.
  16. Pelinal Whitestrake 45 seconds ago
  17. The blade did indeed connect with his shield, but a one-handed swing alone would not be able to stop the entirety of that force and momentum. Particularly because his shield was center-gripped, it didn't remain static on contact, but rather turned to his left side, allowing him to take a step forward and slightly to the side, within the length of that sword, while his shield kept it at bay. His own longsword then thrust forward, the holy Sword of Arkay, forged by the Aedric God of Life and Death of the same name, aimed with lethal precision for dead-center between the demon's breasts. If the sword made contact at all, holy, metaphysical white-blue fires would erupt over the demon's body; divine as opposed to arcane in nature, they would eat at anything magical about the demon's person, while perhaps attacking her essence as a demon, as well.
  19. Violent Tendencies 19 minutes ago
  20. It's a good thing her Ward isn't a magical force,instead it's more of her spirit and or soul,depending on what you would like to categorize it. Though she wouldn't want the Ward to go to waste immediately. Seeing as the two were in range of each-other now,and the sword was being aimed for her chest,she did a simple retreat that involved a wings. With a quick flutter,she would hover backwards,basically causing the attack to miss her. With her sword being drawn back,and the male still in the same spot,she would allow her wings to vanish into her again. For a counter attack,she took her own blade and did a counter attack of her own. With one swift movement of her blade,she aimed for slice the male's extended arm that held his sword. A diagonal attack that started from bottom left and ended top right,if this attack connected,the blade would cut and cause a severe slash on his elbow. Not taking the arm off,but causing a decent amount of blood and pain.
  22. Pelinal Whitestrake 2 minutes ago
  23. The wings served to propel the demon away from the thrust of his sword, but she would be greatly mistaken if she believed the Mad Crusader would remain idle. The moment her blade slashed across at his arm, that arm was already retracting, and her sword would once again meet his shield as he swiped it across to take the blow. He bared his teeth, eyes leaking blood as he lunged forward with his weight and the unnatural strength of his body, to force the blunt edge of her sword back against her--seeking once more to impale her with the Sword of Arkay in that press, this time the blade seeking her gut, stabbing out from behind the protective barrier of his shield. "REMAN CYRODIIL! REEEEMMMMAAAAANN!" Pelinal shrieked in mad ecstasy regardless of the success of this maneuver, his deep, powerful voice echoing through the Colosseum.
  25. Violent Tendencies 18 minutes ago
  26. It's a good thing she didn't mind loud noises. Seeing her attack being blocked by the shield again,an idea popped into her head. Though not to execute the idea immediately,that could ruin her plan immediately. Once seeing his swing again at her stomach,she released a single and silent sigh through her nostrils. Turning herself in the direction of the male's shield,she would allow the blade to glide out completely and miss her once again. Counter attacking from this position would be stupid though. With another pivot,the demon attempted a single,backwards stab. If this were to connect,the blade would pierce through the male's back and exit out of his stomach.
  28. Pelinal Whitestrake 29 seconds ago
  29. The Sword of Arkay pierced nothing but air, but his left foot was forward as the demoness strafed to his left, seeking to get around his shield, no doubt. Pelinal would not give her that opportunity--it was a simple thing, with his weight forward, to pivot counterclockwise on the heel of his left foot with inhuman speed. Sparks flew as the tip of her sword, still moving towards him, grazed over his shield; and here, the demon had erred, in showing him her back. He let her sword knock the shield from his hand--opening his palm. A cone of golden light burst from his left hand; at this distance, the blast of obliterating light would consume most of the demon's upper half, if it hit. "10010101001011010TERMINATE_PROTOCOL_ENGAGED011010010010101001" he shrieked, successful or not, each binary unit represented by an incoherent noise.
  31. Violent Tendencies 6 minutes ago
  32. Well,it's a good thing she decided to not be stupid with her ward. The blast of light would connect with the girl,though for the duration of the hit,nothing would come out of it. Once his attack was over,she would turn and face the male,the shining white aura no longer surrounding her,now letting most of her features become visible to the eye. As a counter attack,she did a single and swift stab motion,aimed for his chest. If this were to connect,the male would have a blade go straight through his chest and pierce through the heart,a devastating attack indeed.
  34. Pelinal Whitestrake 6 minutes ago
  35. The light faded within a heartbeat, revealing the demon woman unharmed. Confusion passed over the Mad Crusader's face, before the obvious answer became apparent. A ward! Pelinal blinked, and then her sword impacted against the Cuirass of the Crusader, right over the Red Diamond that served as his heart. Though her strength was impressive, the Cuirass was god-forged, and imbued with a field of metaphysical protection--and more than that, she struck at the spot where the god-made metal was at its thickest, where there were no gaps that could be exploited even by a slender rapier, let alone such a large sword of Akaviri (Japanese) style. All that happened was a metallic thunk, the fascimile of his heart stitched into his white surcoat was pierced, and though the force of the blow did make the Star-Made knight lurch back, it also served to give him the instant he needed to lift the Mace of Zenithar into his left hand from the loop on his left hip. As he drew the mace, he slashed across with the Sword of Arkay in the same moment, stepping forward as he did, seeking to swat her weapon out of the way, and open her up to a powerful overhead chop from his mighty, earth-shattering mace, aimed right for that face of hers.
  37. Violent Tendencies 22 minutes ago
  38. The demon was impressed. Not many armors could take a straight blow from a sharpened sword along with her non-human strength. Indeed,this was a strong warrior,the demon had another smirk develop on her face. Seeing him lurch back like that,it was good to see the shield was out of the way,that would make this fight easier. Once her sword got deflected,she took this moment to activate her wings once more,but this was nothing but a ruse. Lifting herself off the ground again,it would appear that she was about to take off. But instead,she would do a swift movement of her free hand and instead grab the male's wrist,locking his mace hand in place and preventing that attack completely. As a counter attack,she would stomp on his lead foot,causing some pain and bruising on the foot.
  40. Pelinal Whitestrake 11 minutes ago
  41. He saw the wings as her sword was knocked to the side, his nostrils flaring--another retreat, was it? Fury welled up inside him for not bringing Mori with him, even as his mace swung through the air, only for the demon to make what was perhaps her final mistake, snatching his left wrist to lock it in place. His eyes widened, as if in surprise, even fear, as if he were made vulnerable--but when she stomped at his metal-clad foot, armored as it was by the Boots of Kynareth, he dropped his mace as if in pain--only to unleash another blast of obliterating golden light from his palm, aimed right for her face, practically point-black since the demon had done him the kindness of locking his left wrist in her grip. The result would be a headless demon corpse, he expected, as he hadn't seen her restore that glowing white ward. "10100101001010110100010YOU_SHOULD_HAVE_GONE_FOR_THE_HEAD101010010010100001001100" he'd scream unintelligbly if his expectation came true.
  43. Violent Tendencies 7 minutes ago
  44. That is a dangerous attack to say the least. Though,it was clear that she had lost,her ward hadn't been restored in time,and the attack connected, obliterating her. She had been defeated.
  46. Pelinal Whitestrake 6 minutes ago
  47. When the dust cleared, and Pelinal stood victorious--the Star-Made Knight impossibly unhinged his jaw, and vomitted a swarm of brightly glowing lunar moths. Those same moths seemed to spirit him away, the Mad Crusader not lingering to relish in the victory.
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