Fizzling Magma 12 (AiE; Fizzle)

Jul 13th, 2014
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  1. >Be Fizzle still
  2. >My eyes still feel heavy but the sun is on my face
  3. >I need to get up
  4. >Who has a nap right after sleeping?
  5. >Plus I'm all sticky and...yea
  6. >Crawl out of bed on all fours, grumbling
  7. >Waking up alone stinks, even if it's in Anon's house
  8. >I look back to his bed, longing for--
  9. >Uh oh
  10. >I must have rolled over while I was napping
  11. >I'll need to change the sheets before Anon comes home!
  12. >Get up and strip the bed down
  13. >Ball the evidence up and toss it into the hamper
  14. >I'll get it washed before he knows it
  15. >Go to the bathroom and run the shower
  16. >The hot water feels really nice on my scales and I sigh
  17. >It helps wash off my earlier excitement.
  18. >Not totally so I have to scrub myself down
  19. >All the rubbing makes me get a little..heh heh
  20. >I wish Anon was here I'd ask him to use his mouth on me
  21. >If he wanted to I mean!
  22. >I'd never force him to do anything!
  23. >Scrub scrub scrub
  24. >Anon got me some really rough pads for my scales and I'm all shiny when I get out
  25. >Shiny and warm, like a good dragon
  26. >His best dragon~
  27. >Stretching and spiking up my headscales in the mirror, I strike a pose
  28. >Fizzle you are one...umm...
  29. >Hmm...
  30. >I'm not all that big or mean looking for a dragon
  31. >Even Anon is taller than me
  32. >But I'm...handsome?
  33. >Right?
  34. >My ears droop a little
  35. >Come on, Fizzle, don't get all sad now
  36. >Whole day to hang out in Anon's house and relax waiting for him to come home
  37. >Wonder how long he's gonna be today?
  38. >He didn't mention what kind of work he had today
  39. >Maybe he'll come home for lunch and we can have sandwiches and sit in the hottub
  40. >Hmm, hottub doesn't sound like a bad idea right now
  41. >Let myself out of the bathroom and nearly walk right into a mintgreen pony
  42. >What?
  43. >"Hi!~"
  44. "Umm...hi?"
  45. >Good thing I wasn't thinking too much about Anon cause her head is right where my thing is
  46. >"Me, Berry Punch, Colgate, and CarrotTop were having our Scrabble game and BawnBawn got all mad and yelly so we moved it here, k! Thanks!"
  47. >She nudges past me and goes into the bathroom.
  48. >I look into the living room and sure enough there are three other ponies around Anon's coffee table with a board game
  49. >They were all chatty and waved to me when I walked in
  50. >I waved back but I didn't know what to do
  51. >Is this why Anon said to lock the door?
  52. >Ponies come over and play scrabble?
  53. >That doesn't seem so bad...
  54. >I shrugged and went back to the bedroom to put new sheets on
  55. >"Your bed doesn't have sheets!"
  56. "I know I...Pinkie??"
  57. >Pinkie Pie was jumping up and down on the mattress.
  58. "What are you doing here?"
  59. >"The door was open and I saw Lyra's friends come in and I know Anon doesn't normally let ponies hang out unless he's having a party soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I guessed that's what was happening! Everpony will be here soon! I ordered cake and icecream too!"
  60. "Every....pony?"
  61. >"Well, not EVERY pony but anyone in SugarCubeCorner when I found out the good news!"
  62. >My wings and jaw dropped
  63. >Pinkie Pie is having ANOTHER party here??
  64. >She just had one last night!
  65. >Anon isn't going to be happy about this...
  66. "Pinkie, I...I don't think, Anon..."
  67. >"Oh don't be silly, your boyfriend won't mind! He puts up a grumpymcgrumpypants face but he's a total softie on the inside!"
  68. >I grab my tail and fidget, looking away
  69. >My face felt warm
  70. "He is, isn't he?"
  71. >"Yup!"
  72. >Pinkie stopped bouncing and hopped off the bed
  73. >"You two are so cute together! He's all cool and you're all clicking and blushyface...yes like that!"
  74. >Pinkie pointed to my face and I looked away
  75. >I felt my cheeks burning and the all too familiar sound of my claws touching each other
  76. >But she was talking about something I really couldn't talk to anyone else about
  77. "You really...think he feels that way about me? I..really like--"
  78. >"You LOOOOOVE him!"
  79. >The tip of my tail is getting numb I'm squeezing it so hard
  80. "N-no! I don't...I mean...maybe but...what if he...what if he doesn't and...and I....then we can't be bros anymore and--"
  81. >Anon would later tell me it must have been a cold day in Tartarus because this was the first time he ever heard of Pinkie putting her hoof in someone else's mouth
  82. >"Fizzle. Stop being a worrywart! Just tell him how you feel! He's not gonna be mad. Didn't he slurp your frosting pipe in the hottub? I think he at least likes you!"
  83. >I nearly cough up blue fire when she mentions the hottub
  84. "H-h-ow long were you w-w-w-watching"
  85. >Pinkie giggled and shook her head
  86. >"Nevermind that silly-billy! You need to promise me you'll tell him before midnight tonight, or I will!"
  87. >I swallowed hard
  88. >On one hand I'm scared but Pinkie wouldn't tell Anon right
  89. >She'd throw confetti in his face and dance around and that isn't me
  90. >But on the other then I have to tell him and...I'm still a little worried that...
  91. >No, come on Fizzle, Pinkie is right
  92. >Even if Anon didn't....he wouldn't be mad
  93. >He'd find a way to say things so you don't even feel bad
  94. >It's not like it would be the end of the world
  95. >My tail is getting numb again....
  96. "OK...I promise!"
  97. >"Pinkie Promise???"
  98. "Y-yea, sure!"
  99. >She made you do some ritual where you poked yourself in the eye
  100. >Ow
  101. >She was super serious about it so...
  102. >I glanced at the clock
  103. >11 hours left before midnight
  104. >"Now don't mess it up Fizz-butt! Remember, Anon likes to drink cider when we come over so don't let him have too much!"
  105. >Right, of course, if Anon was drunk and forgot I'd have to tell him TWICE!
  106. >I don't think I could--
  107. >There was a crash from the kitchen!
  108. >I ran in there and found a grey pegasus trying to put a jar of sugar back together
  109. >"My bad!"
  110. >Why was she trying to
  111. >"My oven is broken and Anon's wasn't so i figured I could bake here!"
  112. >She smiled and her eyes went cross
  113. >Why did she come HERE to cook?
  114. "Umm...maybe you could bake somewhere else?"
  115. >"Naw, it's ok! Anon isn't using his oven, right?"
  116. "Yea but--"
  117. >"So no harm done!"
  118. >She made about as much sense as Lyra did
  119. >I think I understand why Anon locks the door...
  120. >Speaking of it opened again
  121. >Three little ponies came in
  122. >I mean they're all little but these three were even little-er
  123. >They ran into Anon's room and ran back out with a pair of his pants
  124. >Cutie mark....crusading...hemming?
  125. >I'm so confused!
  126. >I think I'm going to go in the hot tub and calm down
  127. >Yea, good thinking, Fizzle!
  128. >Lay in the hot tub, get super relaxed and think about how you're going to tell Anon how you feel!
  129. >Perfect pla.....oh man...
  130. >I'm outside
  131. >The hot tub has ponies in it and all around it
  132. >A bunch of them set up a picnic table and chairs and two are sunbathing
  133. >What the heck is going on!?
  134. >"Hi Fizzle!"
  135. >Rainbow Dash waves from the hottub
  136. >She has shades on and is floating on her back in an innertube
  137. >With her is a black pony with a blue mohawk, I think that's Thunderlane
  138. >...and somehow Pinkie got outside before you
  139. >She waves again and points to a watch she drew on her hoof
  140. >At the picnic table is a white pony with crazy blue hair and a brown one with straight black hair
  141. >They're chatting and giggling, then they see you and say Hi together all high pitched and cute
  142. >I smile and wave back
  143. >"Come on, Fizzle! Jump in its nice and hot!"
  144. >Sure beats the cold air outside!
  145. >Climb into the hottub's not nearly hot enough but the ponies like it this way
  146. >Maybe when Anon gets home he can turn the heat up
  147. >He never showed me how
  148. >"Pinkie was telling us, hear you're going to tell Anon some news tonight!"
  149. >She told them!?!?
  151. * * *
  153. >Be Anon
  154. >Chilling at your booth in the market
  155. >Not much work today
  156. >Thinking of closing up early and going home
  157. >Especially because four ponies have told you that you were missing the party there
  158. >You warned Fizzle about leaving the door unlocked
  159. >You chuckled and shook your head, enjoying the afternoon sun
  160. >You kept thinking about Fizzle back at the house dealing with ponies everywhere
  161. >It's going to be an adorable, even if you're not looking forward to herding the ponies out
  162. >They can be tough to get rid of, especially when they're having a good time
  163. >You scratch your left arm a little by the shoulder
  164. >You feel your fingers bump the armband that keeps Fizzle from vaporizing you
  165. >These days you don't even take it off
  166. >Fizzle is too eager to hug and pounce you and you've really taken a liking to making out with him when he breathes fire
  167. >It feels incredible, even better than the magma pool
  168. >Maybe you'll do that when you get back
  169. >Well, after the ponies leave, Fizzle is still afraid to be touchy in public
  170. >He'll probably be like that for the rest of his life
  171. >Rest of his life?
  172. >Since when did you think long term like that?
  173. >Sure he's nice and you like living with him but...
  174. >He's on the verge of saying something that's going to change things
  175. >He's been scared so its bought you a lot of time but
  176. >He won't just be your 'best bro' or any other smokescreen name
  177. >He wants more than that
  178. >Especially a certain part of you, something he kept grabbing...
  179. >The real problem was, did you feel the same way?
  180. >What if you didn't?
  181. >Could you look him in those pink eyes and tell him you didn't see him that way?
  182. >You snort and sit up, grumbling under your breath
  183. >"What's wrong, partner? Slow day?"
  184. >Applejack must have heard you swearing under your breath
  185. >She was the pony who helped you get your name out there when you wanted to move on from just farm work
  186. >So naturally you set your little stand up next to hers
  187. >You tell her a little bit, but not too much, just that you're having relationship troubles
  188. >"Ah shucks, with that dragon?"
  189. >You'd do a spittake if you had been drinking something
  190. >You settle for nearly toppling out of your chair
  191. >"Come on now, Anon. Everypony knows. Pinkie Pie practically has the 'they're a couple' cake ready"
  192. >You rub the back of your head and blush
  193. >Then scratch your arm again
  194. >Sheesh your skin was dry
  195. >All those dips in magma and hot tub, you wager
  196. >But no time to think about that, you had to think about this more
  197. >No work, the heck with it
  198. >You tell Applejack you're closing up early and pull your jacket on
  199. >"Yup, you go get him, partner!"
  200. >You nod and head off
  201. >You really didn't want to go home just yet
  202. >You went for a long walk instead
  203. >All around Ponyville, at the edge of Everfree, by the train
  204. >Then you passed the bowling alley and thought about your white dragon more
  205. >It felt like yesterday you two went bowling
  206. >Pinkie threw him down the lane, it was pretty silly
  207. >You dug your hands into your pockets
  208. >Fizzle grabbed your ass that night too, that was more unexpected
  209. >You blush at the thought, remembering his clawed fingers gripping your rear and...
  210. >Suddenly your pants are tightening
  211. >Shit
  212. >You hurry along, trying to think of other things
  213. >Ice cream, milkshakes
  214. >Dragon cu-
  215. >Dammit
  216. >Now you're nervous and horny
  217. >Wonderful combination right before coming home to a party
  218. >Enough stalling
  219. >You head home, the more brisk pace allowing your loins to cool off a little
  220. >You spot your house in the distance and there are ponies outside playing tailgate
  221. >No sign of Fizzle
  222. >They see you though and they begin to wave and yell hello's
  223. >You take a deep breath and ready yourself for the onslaught of cute
  224. >As you get closer, the door to your house opens
  225. >Pinkie Pie, the ring leader herself
  226. >She sees you, gasps, and calls for all the other ponies to run inside
  227. >What?
  228. >They obey the Pink one's commands and pile through the door
  229. >Only for Pinkie to shove a wet Fizzle out of it and slam it closed
  230. >He immediately begins to shiver, Pinkie must have yanked him from the hot tub
  231. >How does she toss around a 5 foot tall dragon?
  232. >You see the curtains in both windows start to shuffle and move around
  233. >Great, the ponies are going to be watching
  234. >"H-h-h-h-h-h-hey, Anon!"
  235. >He smiles and rubs his shoulders as you reach him
  236. >You don't even say hello, just put your jacket around him
  237. >"Th-th-thanks! B-b-b-buddy!"
  238. >You smile and tell him not to worry about it
  239. >He gives you a goofy grin and the two of you hug
  240. >You makes sure to squeeze and rub him all over to try and warm up your dragon
  241. >The sounds of 'awww's coming from the window confirm your suspicion that whatever is about to happen is going to have an audience
  242. >When you two break away, he looks to the window where the sounds originated from and blushes
  243. >"S-s-so, how was work?"
  244. >You tell him how things went, the slow day, your little walk down Fizzle-memory lane
  245. >Leave out the part about suddenly craving his dragon milk
  246. >Ask him about the party he's throwing
  247. >"Wh-what? No, Anon, I'm not throwing a party, I just...left the door open and unlocked like you said and ponies kept coming in and...and..."
  248. >You point out there aren't any ponies around and ask if the party ended
  249. >"Yes! I mean, no! Wait but...I think..."
  250. >He clicks his claws and looks away
  251. >His tail is thrashing about too making his hips wiggle every so...
  252. >Keep eye-contact, Anon, this is important!
  253. >"...I think they're all....waiting for something..."
  254. >You ask what, even though you know
  255. >Heck, you might think this is mean of you but really, you're a little worried yourself
  256. >What if when he says it you don't...
  257. >"Anon....we've been living together for awhile right? Do it?"
  258. >You nod and pet his cheek
  259. >He closes his eyes and shivers from something other than the cold
  260. >"...and and I are...we....umm..."
  261. >You scratch right where his jaw meets his face
  262. >".....mmmmm...Anon...I can't...think~"
  263. >He coos and leans against you
  264. >You squeeze him a second time, kissing the top of his forehead
  265. >You whisper he can tell you anything, no matter what
  266. >He nods his head against your chest, his claws beginning to tighten around you
  267. >"They're....all watching us...aren't they?"
  268. >The sound of ponies bickering over who gets to look out the window starts getting louder
  269. >Followed by a chair falling over
  270. >You tell him the truth and nod
  271. >"They're....really cute, aren't they? The ponies?"
  272. >You agree and compare them to you two
  273. >Fizzle nods into your chest
  274. >"Yea...Pinkie Pie said....well...she said...that...that..."
  275. >He looks up to you, eyes full of tears
  276. >You feel your own vision getting a little blurry and you give his back a squeeze
  277. >"She said I...I....really need to tell you that...that I...."
  278. >Here it comes
  279. >"I....Ireallyneedtoaskwhatflavorofcustardyoulikefortheparty!"
  280. >Fizzle smiled an extremely forced toothy dragon smile
  281. >You frowned
  282. >Pinkie's muffled yell from inside followed
  283. >Fizzle's ears drooped and he pulled your jacket on tighter
  284. >"So...we that and..."
  285. >You put your hand on the door before he reaches for the knob
  286. >You tell him that you're not going to dance around this all night
  287. >"Dance around...wh-what are you--"
  288. >You plant your lips square on his and back him into the door
  289. >His body goes limp, the suddenness of the kiss and your aggressiveness making him turn to putty
  290. >You feel him tremble in your grasp and you slip your tongue between his scaly lips
  291. >It isn't long before wisps of blue fire slip between the seal between your mouths
  292. >You have to pull away, your body already reacting to his flames, craving more
  293. >"Anon...I...I...."
  294. >He slowly opens his eyes, those pink little orbs moist and full of need
  295. >"I.....loveyou, Anon!"
  296. >It's been on the tip of his tongue for weeks
  297. >You should have been ready for it but even now you feel your own chest tighten
  298. >His ears are already beginning to droop, somehow anticipating that you weren't going to reciprocate
  299. >The clicking sound of his claws quickly follows as he looks to the ground
  300. >"'s ok if you don't feel that way I..I...I know it's kinda g-g-gay and--"
  301. >You clamp his maw closed with your hand and lean right to his ear
  302. >Pulling him even closer with your other hand, you whisper softly to the cutest dragon you've ever met
  303. >You weren't sure how this happened, you and Fizzle
  304. >A lot of things have happened in Equestria you couldn't explain
  305. >But deep down you knew how you felt for this silly dragon and it was time for him to finally hear it
  306. >With a finally squeeze of his back, you say how you feel, and put his poor little heart at ease
  307. "I love you too, Fizzle"
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