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  1. An absorption story by Alex Paw.. Untitled
  3. A rather small husky girl glances around the locker room. The cheerleading squad was in the shower, having just finished practice. Kodi somewhat smiled to herself, still nervous but excited. Thinking she might very well get away with this. She was not part of the cheerleading squad, in fact, she hated them. She was a freshman, trying to make a name for herself, and after being laughed off by the exclusive group of vixens she'd decided to take matters into her own hands. She gently pulls out the potion she'd spent several nights preparing, slowly padding her way towards the locker of the team captain and "head bitch", Alyssa. She holds her breath and prays none of the fox girls would walk out and spot her. The girls on the squad were also some of the most powerful witches at the school, and they used their magic frequently to put "lesser thans" in their place. Step.. Step.. Her soft pads lightly touching the concrete floor. She finds it... Glancing towards the showers where the team's conversation and giggles emanated. She pulls the cork on the bottle and pours it through the top grating. Letting it sink down onto Alyssa's clothes. Quickly trying to murmur the incantation for the drying charm she'd learned the week before, leaving the vixen's clothing enchanted with the spell.
  5. The husky girl smiles as she puts the cork back on the bottle and turns to leave, but right as she does something stops her, a hand. Alyssa's hand.. Shit. Kodi tries to pull away, tries to run, nothing. Quickly realizing the fox girl had petrified her from the neck down as soon as she touched her. Kodi struggles for a few moments before Alyssa chuckles, tapping Kodi on the back tauntingly. "..What were you doing to my stuff, freshman?" she chides, walking around to where Kodi was facing. Alyssa was a rather feminine, blue-furred fox girl with dark green eyes, and she was currently naked, having just stepped out of the shower. Those green eyes practically boring into Kodi's sky blue ones. Kodi struggling before folding her ears back and growling lightly at her nemesis. Trying to hide how helpless she was feeling. Alyssa continues, pacing around the husky girl in a circle, blue tail waving behind her sensually as she drifted from one edge of Kodi's vision to the other. "People are always trying to mess with me and my things... Who'd have thought a nobody like you would be one of those?.. Hm..." she snaps her fingers as the spell lifts from Kodi, but the other girls are quick to grab her and keep her restrained. Alyssa steps towards her locker almost seductively, swaying her rear for Kodi to see... Opening the locker and pulling out her bra, holding it up and examining it. "Hm... This looks about your size, perhaps a little big.. But.. Should be enough to see what your plans for me were.." turning to the struggling husky girl as a mischievous grin crosses her muzzle, taking steps towards her as Kodi's eyes widen. Struggling more, making the vixens holding her in place tighten their grip. Kodi growls and snarls, but it's all in vain as Alyssa has her way, wrapping the bra around her to activate the potion Kodi had laced it with. Kodi winces, already feeling the magic course through her as Alyssa eagerly watches. Tail waving behind her....
  7. The two girls loosen their grip, but not for any particular reason other than it was harder to hold onto the rapidly shrinking girl. Kodi felt her world spin as everything seemed to grow larger and larger around her, the bra falling in front of her as it slipped from her body, as he arms slipped out... As Alyssa was now a foot... Two feet... Three feet... Four... Taller than Kodi and growing! Kodi knew what was happening, she had laced it with a shrinking potion, and a rather nasty one at that! And now it was being used against her! She whimpers internally as the crowd of girls around her become gigantic, their eager faces staring down at her as she shrunk more and more and more... Down and down... Until she looked forward and saw Alyssa's bra there.. Looming, massive, next to her! Behind it was Alyssa's paw, Kodi was only a little taller than the vixens toe now! Her fearful eyes looking up Alyssa's paw... To her leg... Her crotch... stomach.. breasts... And finally her massive face. Which begins to laugh down at her, and soon  the rest of girls join her. "Oh look! It seems we have a  bug in the locker room!" Alyssa's voice booms down at her. "Vixens... I think we know what we do with bugs..." they all grin as Alyssa lifts her paw, Kodi stares up at it, completely wide eyed and frozen as the massive paw pads start to block the light above her.
  9. It's a moment too late that Kodi decides to run. The paw pushing down fast as Alyssa follows the tiny husky girl and pins her to the ground with her toes. Kodi is instantly trapped underneath Alyssa's paw, right between the pads. The leathery surface of them rubbing against her body, pressing in on all sides, things became hot very quickly, as Alyssa continued to press and put her weight down. Kodi, trapped, utterly trapped underneath her paw and completely at the vixens mercy. Struggling and screaming for release, Alyssa wouldn't kill her, would she?! Kodi screaming against the pressure, heat, and sweat all around her. Suddenly feeling a tingle in her body... Magic! Alyssa was doing something! She has little time to process before Alyssa begins to twist her paw! Grinding poor Kodi into the floor as her body started to melt into the sweat and liquid all around her. Kodi's vision blurring and fading as Alyssa grinds and grinds her paw.... Slowly melting the poor girl away underneath, all Kodi could feel was pressure, no pain... Only pressure and intense haziness as her senses slowly disappear, as pleasure floods her, as... Everything goes dark. Alyssa lifts her paw, there was nothing there... The other girls stare at the spot.. Now a bit concerned Alyssa had destroyed someone. The head fox girl just giggles. "Relax, I've merged the little bug with my paw pad, she can stay there until I decide to let the little dumb bitch out, once she's learned a bit of respect." dropping the paw back down and laughing, as the other girls start to smile again as well. Alyssa doesn't bother to show them, but on her normally black paw pad was a white spot, the color of Kodi's fur, that's all Kodi was now... Just a piece of Alyssa's paw. Hopelessly trapped, feeling Alyssa's weight with every step the girl took...
  12. Kodi could see nothing, only feel, and if she was lucky, she could occasionally hear what Alyssa was hearing. She heard the vixen's explanation, she wanted to scream, to complain, to break free, but she couldn't. All she was was a bit of pawfat on the bottom of Alyssa's foot. Alyssa was barely aware of her. And that's all she would be until Alyssa had the mercy to let her out. That is, as long as she remembered Kodi was there... The head cheerleader had so many other things to worry about than the sanity of some freshman who had the gall to cross her... Kodi would have to say goodbye to her life for now, and get used to being pawfat...
  14. The End
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