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  1. Cocooned FF anal vore, sadistic predator, by Anima
  3. I smirked as Sandy went down, the stupid bitch bruised and crying, her tail ragged from the bits I'd ripped out.
  5. "There. Now you see who's alpha bitch around here." I put both hands on my wide mutt hips, gloating over my rival.
  7. "Yeah. I'll leave," she whimpered, the stupid toy breed trying to get to her feet.
  9. I planted one foot in her stomach, knocking the wind from her and keeping her down. "Too bad you had to push so hard. Yesterday I might have just let you crawl out of here. But I'm not satisfied."
  11. The dawning look of horror on her face was delicious, but I didn't waste any time savoring it. Instead I turned around, and big plush ass hovering over the sprawled dog. "Now you're gonna get it," I crooned, hugging the big fat-padded mound of my gut. The bloated coils of my guts groaned behind all that blubber, and my big greasy anus flexed.
  13. She squealed and tried to squirm away, but I just stepped on her ankle, pinning it to the grass. She couldn't writhe away as my pink rosebud spread over a fat glistening log, the foul mass oozing through my ring for over a foot before falling right atop the stupid bitch's stomach. She tried at once to knock it off her furred belly, but as her paw struck it, it stuck to the hot mass. This always puzzles them, and they bring in the other paw, nicely trapping it as well. She barely had time to panic though, because the second log was squeezing out now. This one hit and tipped over, wedging between her modest tits. I let a few smaller snakes of shit drape over her hips, thighs, and evilly, right over her cunt before I got serious about it.
  15. "NO! You can NOT do this to ME!" She squealed, snarling and snapping her teeth at the torturer my ass had become.
  17. I just moaned in response, loving the feel of my waste sliding free of me...but loving more what was to come. I pressed in harder on my belly, and with a rude wet gurgle, the soft-serve shit came pouring out. It's unreal watching me in action, because you could swear there isn't enough room in me for the foul sludge I was pumping out between my fat ass cheeks.
  19. I waddled back to cover the bitch's face first with the fat drooping coils, dozens of pounds of glistening brown burying her head entirely. I waddled lazily back down, covering her from head to toe in my waste. It cuddled in around her actively now, cocooning her, making the bitch look like one extraordinarily huge turd. My belly was slimmer, but far from 'slim' when I finished.
  20. It grumbled and complained, forcing me to stroke my gut. "Hush girl, I'm getting her. Just hang on."
  22. My pussy was dripping warm slime now, and had been since I started shitting on the whiny bitch. I straddled the enormous, gently squirming turd to drape a few ropes of my pussy's drool over it, then walked to its tip and plopped down. I eased nearly over onto my back, ass hiked up into the air...then dug my heels into the shit-cocoon to help drag her in against me. My messily-caked asshole gaped for its treat, and I stuffed it good with the girl's fudge-covered head.
  24. Then my muscles took over, and it was all I could do to remember to breathe. God, it feels SO good, you can't imagine. You feel full, deliciously full under your tail, and then more full...and MORE full, and it just keeps getting better! My cunt was a waterfall, and I frigged my clit hard as my ass squelched, slurped, and gulped at its treat.
  26. "Rrrrrr, if only you'd been a nice fat stupid bitch instead of a skinny rodent," I growled, insulting her even as I took her from this world.
  28. Her poop-swaddled self squirmed as much as she could manage, and it didn't help a bit. When her well-hidden hips had vanished, I shakily got to my feet, to better cradle my gut as it swelled with my meal.
  30. "'ll add a nice hundred pounds or so to my shit trap, sweetums. You'll help me suck up the next stupid bitch who tries to muscle in on me."
  32. I shuddered, sweating and shaking as the more slender bit containing her legs slithered up and in...and then she was gone, my nastily slathered anus winking shut, sealing her in. I braced one palm against a nearby fence post, cumming hard, coating my legs with slick girlcum as I enjoyed the feel of that huge shit-package coasting through my intestines...and finally finding a home in my stomach.
  34. "I'll shit you out later just for fun, roll around in you, then suck it all back up my ass," I coo, kneading my enormously swollen gut.
  35. The struggles insides were so muffled, even I could barely feel them... and their cessation went unnoticed.
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