[FR BIO] Trace

Apr 21st, 2019
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  1. [columns][img][/img]
  2. [nextcol][center][font=scurlock][size=7][size=6]Trace[/size][/size][/font]
  3. [font=always][size=6]Christer Haugan, Delta[/size]
  4. [i]"Everything leaves a trail, and every trail leads to a source."[/i]
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  6. [columns][color=transparent]xxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. [nextcol]-----
  8. [columns][font=arial][color=#D46D16][b]Name
  10. Age
  12. Gender
  14. Orientation[/b]
  15. [nextcol][font=arial][color=#909090]Christer Haugan
  17. 35
  19. Male
  21. Pansexual
  22. [nextcol][font=arial][color=#D46D16][b]Organisation
  24. Position
  26. Birthplace
  28. Date of Birth[/b]
  29. [nextcol][font=arial][color=#909090]Delta (Norway)
  31. Defender
  33. Bergen, Norway
  35. March 6
  37. [/columns]
  38. -----
  39. [center][font=arial][color=#909090]Specialist Christer "Trace" Haugan is a Norwegian Special Forces soldier serving with the Norwegian Emergency Response Unit, otherwise known as Delta. He joined the Crisis Response Team in Operation Blitz Avalanche alongside Seeker.
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  43. [columns][color=transparent]xx
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  46. [columns][font=arial][color=#D46D16][b]Bullet Tracer[/b]
  47. [color=#909090]Trace is equipped with a visor that can scan any bullets embedded in walls and floors, revealing the path the bullet travelled and back to the exact location it was fired from. This allows him to know the location of enemies, even behind cover.
  49. [i]"Of course Six would ask me to review Specialist Haugan's visor. Ours are very similar, designed to track things. Specialist Haugan's visor is designed to track the travel paths of bullets, which eventually leads to a source. While one could argue that bullet trails can be seen with the naked eye, I'd argue that in the heat of battle we'd miss this detail more often than not.[/i]
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  53. [font=arial][color=#909090][i]The Bullet Tracer appears to be an modified version of a rather familiar gadget - Team Rainbow Specialist Ramírez's Eyenox Model III. To use it, Specialist Haugan focuses on a specific bullet, and presses a button on the visor's frame that activates the scan on the focused bullet. The visor then reveals the path the bullet travelled and pings the source location at the end of the scan time.
  55. It's an efficient gadget for revealing enemy positions in a way that is less direct, but also risky. Specialist Haugan has to be close to the bullet to look at it and if an enemy is still lurking, him getting out of cover to scan it could result in his death. However, he's a smart guy - I don't think he'd fall for that. If he scans old bullets, it wouldn't show the recent position of an enemy either. But I'm sure he can use this in the most advantageous way possible."
  57. [right][font=arial][color=#909090]- Specialist Lola "Sear" Wai[/right][/i]
  59. ------
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  61. [columns][img][/img]
  62. [item=battered shields]
  63. [nextcol][item=book of urban legends]
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  67. [font=arial][color=#D46D16][b]Psychological Profile[/b][/color]
  69. [color=#909090][i]"Specialist Christer "Trace" Haugan was an obvious choice for the Crisis Response Team and is very reminiscent of someone else I have recruited at an earlier time - Specialist Hatem "Anubis" Sarraf. Specialist Haugan came from a family who was never well-to-do and had five other siblings. He was a bit of a middle child, so he had to do a lot to prove himself. Instead of getting himself into trouble to get the attention of his parents, Haugan instead proved himself by trying to help the family out as much as possible.
  70. [/columns]
  71. [font=arial][color=#909090][i]As soon as he was done with high school Specialist Haugan enlisted into the army, as he saw it as the one place with a stable income that accepted anyone as long as they were willing to learn, and Haugan was willing to do anything to help ease the financial burden off his mother once his father passed on. This drove Specialist Haugan to work exceptionally hard, as it took his mind off his grief and the rewards he reaped for his hard work were substantial.
  73. After serving for about ten years, he took a break to return home and look after his mother as his siblings grew up and moved away, leaving his mother alone. She fell ill shortly after and Haugan stayed to take care of her until she passed away, just days before his 30th birthday. His brothers in arms were there for him during this time of grief, and shortly after the funeral, he returned to the military and used it to take his mind off his grief once more.
  75. His hard work payed off at 31 when he was eligible for the Norwegian Emergency Response Unit, and gladly accepted. During this time he was deployed once more on a major operation, and worked with several of Team Rainbow's Operators including tracking Specialist Ryad "Jackal" Ramírez Al-Hassar, and took an interest in Specialist Haugan's prototype bullet tracer. With Specialist Ramírez's help, the Bullet Tracer was developed and this got my attention from the reports.
  77. Specialist Haugan does his best to keep an optimistic outlook on life, which is commendable given the amount of grief he has experienced through his life with the loss of his parents. I do believe that giving him constant amounts of work to do and hard training will keep his mind off his grief and only push him to do better."[/i]
  79. [right][font=arial][color=#909090]- Dr. Harishva "Six" Pandey[/right]
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  83. [center][size=2][font=arial][color=#909090]Code by Rexcaliburr
  84. Flight Icon by TheMythril
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